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This page is a bit of a sandbox where we will hash out how we will match features for the LINZ data import. The full list is stored in the LINZ-2-OSM web app with JavaScript logic. When complete we will publish the data_dtd.xml file here.

  • See the LINZ OSM wiki page for more info about the import.
  • See the LINZ data sets page for a list of LINZ datasets. The LINZ online data dictionary which explains each layer in detail can be found here.

Further discussion needed

Many of these will eventually need to have a Proposal submitted. For now we just do our best.

  • natural=tundra [landuse= is for areas changed by man (such as a managed forest, a residential area), natural= for unchanged areas] [only in AKL Isl/Antarctica datasets?]
  • {landuse|man_made|farm} = {stockyard|corral|pen} animal enclosure
  • waterway= {soakhole|sinkhole|karst|dolite} ?
This is the end node of a stream where it disappears into a hole/cave, as you might find in limestone country. Presumably it pops back out somewhere else as a spring. Possible aka's: "soakhole", "sinkhole", "dolite", or "karst". Sinkholes (with or without water flowing into them) can be quite big, so can be both areas and nodes.
Why not use natural=cave_entrance? In combination with waterway=stream(e.G.) and tunnel=yes the objects could be described pretty exact imo. No need to invent too specific tags. -- Malenki 12:05, 25 April 2010 (UTC)
PS: I imply you mean it's the end of the waterway on layer=0, continuing on layer=-1, not really the end of the waterway at all.

this looks good myfanwy 01:32, 23 April 2010 (UTC)

I found a sinkhole (de:Schluckloch) last week in Germany (Sauerland) and while tagging it, I was confused: there are more than 4000 "soakhole" in the OSM database, 99% from the LINZ import. After researching the word "soakhole" for a while I found, that this word is in New Zealand often used for stormwater reservoirs (de:Regenwasserbehälter). After looking closer at the LINZ data it seems that they tagged the end of a stream with this tag where the stream disappears into the underground. I then tried to find the word "soakhole" in Google translator and, but none of them provided a German translation. Also the OSM wiki has no reference to "soakhole" except in conjunction with the LINZ import. Looking at the pictures provided by Google after searching for "soakhole" indicates, that a "soakhole" is a container for stormwater. Wikipedia does not provide any information regarding "soakhole", instead redirects to sinkhole.
On the other side there is quite some information around for the key "sinkhole" which indicates, that this key perfectly fits to the situation that a stream is disappearing in the underground. The OSM database contains approx. 500 "natural=sinkhole", some of them representing the end of a stream, some of them representing just a convex earth surface that exists may be because the cave below broke down or something similar.
I suggest, that the LINZ import "soakhole" tags should be renamed to "sinkhole". In addition I suggest, that a sinkhole that represents the end of a stream should be tagged as "waterway=sinkhole" whereas a sinkhole which has nothing to do with a stream should be tagged as "natural=sinkhole".--Markus59 (talk) 15:15, 29 December 2013 (UTC)
  • For the things where Proposed features/Mining is suggested I'd like to mention that the proposal is rejected regarding the page. Why not use man_made=works which most of the LINZ name implies already (gravel works, ironsand works, lime works...) -- Malenki 12:28, 25 April 2010 (UTC)
-- Mining may have been rejected, but there has been (IMO) been no appropriate/better replacement proposed or accepted since and it should be resubmitted with the same tag name but a better defined description. As for man_made=works, this is way too broad and like the mining tag(s) needs much refinement yet. (no pun intended) Happy to use "works" where appropriate though. --Hamish 09:15, 27 April 2010 (UTC)


Points representing buildings. The tricky bit is matching the building_use attribute to favoured OSM amenity/man_made/tourism/etc.=* value.

  • There is another similar layer called "building_poly" which this list will be reused for. Not necessarily - this would depend on the type. for example supermarket would become:
  • the building outline drawn as a poly, and tagged with
    • building=yes
  • a point at the rough centre of the building, tagged with
    • shop=supermarket
    • name=Foodtown Beach Road
    • operator=Foodtown

Are you sure? Why would we have a separate point when the whole building is used for that purpose? ammenity=, shop=, etc can be used on an area.

    • yes, i'm sure. a building and the shop in it are two separate items. there's a building in akl called 'Queen's Arcade', which contains a music shop called 'Marbeck's'. if we create a closed way, how do we tag it:
  • building=yes
  • amenity=music_shop
  • name=Marbeck's, or name=Queen's Arcade?

which is the name applying to, the building or the shop?

the building isn't called Marbeck's and the shop isn't called queen's Arcade, so tagging it in this way is wrong - the two need to be separate. there's nothing to stop the shop being a way rather than a point, but it needs to be a different way

  • it is assumed that these will all get building=yes
    • not all - some will have their own building=* tags already created, and some i think we should create
    • to clarify: generally, the 'building=' tag defines the form of *building itself*, the 'man_made/amenity/toursim/etc.=' tag defines what is done *in the building*. osm is not perfect or particularly consistent, so there will be exceptions to this

building_use attribute

  • The Finalised column is for the "LINZ Team" to check off what we have finalised as a first pass. We will debate these once we have them all cleared, and then sign-off on them before creating out mappings.
  • "LINZ Team" voting. If in conflict pls comma sep like "-,+".
    • -- veto
    • - not happy with it
    • + fine with me
    • * seconded (by someone else :)

If you change a tag's key or value, please remove any prior voting results for the tag as they will no longer be relevant.


LINZ name OSM key OSM value Source data count (Mainland/Chathams) Finalised OSM wiki ref, and/or comments
abattoir man_made
98/0 +* (slaughterhouse) shop=butcher? Maybe man_made=works product=meat(...) could match better, if there is no selling of the produced things.
boatshed building boathouse 0/0 +* req's proposal. perhaps building=boat_house ? - Glen -
camp tourism camp_site 411/1 +* tourism=camp_site
cement works man_made
8/0 +* product=cement
church amenity place_of_worship 634/3 +* amenity=place_of_worship
crematorium amenity crematorium 0/0 +* amenity=crematorium
dairy factory man_made
1/0 ++ product=dairy_products product=product seems redundant (Glen - Changed to product=dairy)
event centre amenity event_centre 1/0 +* ? amenity=public_hall ? No reason why we shouldn't make up event_centre. They are used for multiple purposes amenity=event_centre
factory man_made works 255/5 +,+ man_made=works
fertilizer works man_made
16/0 +,+ product=fertiliser (default in osm is en-gb! not en-us)
filtration plant man_made water_works 0/0 + man_made=water_works see Milberry's comments:
fire lookout man_made
15/0 +* man_made=tower + tower:type=observation. HB: ok, but it would be nice to mention fire
fire station amenity fire_station 0/1 +* amenity=fire_station
fish hatchery amenity fish_hatchery 0/0 + + product=fish; not to confuse with a fish farm, fish factory, or aquaculture site
forest headquarters amenity forest_office 21/0 +* A german user I know uses to use amenity=forest_office, I tend to use this too. A Proposal would be handy. ;) See also translation at LEO.
freezing works man_made
0/0 +,- product=frozen_food? product=frozen_meat? don't know? don't assume!
gas compound man_made gasometer 29/0 +* man_made=gasometer more to do with the actual tank?
golf driving range leisure
1/0 +,-,- leisure=golf_course
Note that we already have golf_crs_poly areas tagged as leisure=golf_course. Any way to distinguish the two?

in progress: Proposed_features/Golf_course (either we adopt these straight off, or complete them)
leisure=golf_course+amenity=driving_range: Proposed_features/Golf_course#Amenities
Golf driving ranges are either inside an existing golf course ( or stand alone driving range ( I think we should always tag amenity=driving_range for these. - Glen
how about with leisure=golf_course for _poly, and without for _pnt? drop l=golf_course, add sport=golf?
HB: I'd like to drop leisure=golf_course.RP: i'm happy with sport=golf, but not amenity=. owuld suggest using golf=driving range

greenhouse building glasshouse 358/0 +,+ aka glasshouse. see Proposed_features/building and "nursery" below, and Tagwatch/Descriptions/en.
landuse=greenhouse_horticulture seems for larger industrial sized installations.
gravel works man_made
0/0 +* Proposed features/Mining, resource=gravel
gun club sport
45/1 +,+ sport=shooting + ?
gun emplacement military
15/0 +* + bunker_type=pillbox, see Military


LINZ name OSM key OSM value Source data count (Mainland/Chathams) Finalised OSM wiki ref
hall amenity public_hall 799/0 +* amenity=public_hall [needs proposal] I don't think historic is really appropriate, these are more social town halls in small villages.
homestead building homestead 9659/9 +* Proposed_features/Homestead
hospital amenity hospital 517/1 +* amenity=hospital
hostel tourism hostel 0/0 +* tourism=hostel
hut tourism alpine_hut 1784/1 +* see Talk:Proposed_features/wilderness_mountain_buildings for further discussion
hydrology station man_made
0/0 +* + measurement=hydrology see Proposed_features/measurement_station
ironsand works man_made
2/0 +* Proposed features/Mining, resource=ironsand
lime works man_made
37/0 +* Proposed features/Mining, resource=lime
livestock building
0/0 + farm=? Added landuse=farmyard -- Glen
lodge tourism chalet 157/1 +* tourism=chalet if strictly private or tourism=alpine_hut if open to public.
Avoid overlap with huts. It would be needed to know what is understood by lodge. A lodge like the lodges in "club skifields" is definitely no chalet but an alpine_hut as they are run privately but open to everyone (though club members enjoy discounts, just like members of alpine clubs do in alpine_huts)

In the NZ sense I expect 'lodge' is meant to be a strictly private remote uberhut, usually as a base for hunting/fishing trips. e.g. Kisbee Lodge in Dusky Sound, and not anything to do with a ski lodge.

marae amenity marae 530/2 +* amenity=marae. amenity=place_of_worship + religion=Maori??
No, a Marae is more generally a fenced in town hall grounds containing a meeting house.
meteorological station man_made
0/1 +* Proposed_features/Observatory: man_made=observatory+observatory:type=meteorological ?, see also Is:Map_Features#Weather_survey_stations

Proposed features/measurement station + measurement=weather

methanol plant man_made
6/0 +* product=methanol Proposed_features/Industrial_Plant
microwave station man_made
0/0 +* see also the mast_pnt LINZ layer (man_made=tower, tower:type=communication, communications_transponder:service=microwave?) or better Proposed_features/Communications_tower
mill man_made mill 555/0 +* it depends what the mill does. is it for grinding crops? or generating electricity? perhaps historic=yes?
monastery amenity
5/0 - building=monastery? see also historic=monastery. religion=??? - This is New Zealand so I don't think we have historic monasteries in the same way as Europe. -- Glen RP: the access bit is not appropriate here - it's talking about a legal distinction. place of worship looks good. -- The monasteries are historic for New Zealand. The Wellington Monastery is over 100 years old now. Whilst not the same as (for example) the Monastery at Monte Cassino, it is still historic.
HB: just because one of them is historic doesn't mean they all are.
museum tourism museum 1/0 +* tourism=museum
natural gas plant man_made
35/0 +* Proposed features/Mining, resource=natural_gas. (it's not a mine it's a processing plant)
nursery building plant_nursey 0/0 +* Proposed_features/Plant_nursery
is landuse= appropriate for a building? it depends - landuse is endlessly abused, and used for all sorts where mappers won't put in effort to create useful tags.
observatory man_made observatory 5/0 +* Proposed_features/Observatory; landuse=observatory for building polygon, man_made= or building= for building point version?
outdoor pursuits centre tourism
0/0 - + sport=outdoor ?


LINZ name OSM key OSM value Source data count (Mainland/Chathams) Finalised OSM wiki ref
paliament building
New Zealand Parliament
1/0 typo for parliament? here or in the data? building=parliament; amenity=public_building?
park headquarters amenity ranger_station 0/0 +,- There are no tags that I can find that match...See other ranger buildings.
HB: perhaps more tourism=information?? It's more than the ranger's house. See also forest office layer tagging above.
police station amenity police 0/1 +* amenity=police
power generation power generator 93/0 +,+ power=generator
powerhouse power powerhouse 1/0 +,+ could this be a power=sub_station?
I think it is perhaps a historic power=generator, e.g. [1] [2]
We can have user defined tags as per the wiki
power station power generator 0/0 + power=generator
power switching station power sub_station 0/0 +* power=station vs. power=sub_station
prison amenity prison 213/0 +* amenity=prison
processing plant man_made
0/0 +* product=? Proposed_features/Industrial_Plant
pumphouse man_made pumping_station 0/0 +* could this be an amenity=drinking_water or a man_made=water_works (see also related)?
pumping station man_made pumping_station 0/0 +* Proposed features/Pumping Station
rain gauge man_made
0/0 +* + measurement=rain see Proposed_features/measurement_station
rangers house amenity ranger_station 0/0 +
ranger station amenity ranger_station 0/0 +
refinery man_made
0/0 +* + product=refined ? Proposed features/Industrial Plant :-)
refuse transfer station amenity waste_transfer_station 0/0 +* amenity=waste_transfer_station
repeater station man_made
0/0 +* man_made=tower + tower:type=communication + communications_transponder:service=repeater ?
research centre amenity research_institute 0/0 + Proposed features/research institution (proposal was rejected)
research station amenity research_institute 0/0 +
river gauge man_made
3/0 +* + measurement=water_level see Proposed_features/measurement_station. Note: in the data, 'River gauge' (case difference) also occurs.


LINZ name OSM key OSM value Source data count (Mainland/Chathams) Finalised OSM wiki ref
salt works landuse salt_pond 1/0 +* landuse=salt_pond
sawmill man_made
3/0 +* product=lumber ? Proposed_features/Industrial_Plant
school amenity school 7164/13 +* amenity=school
seismic station man_made
0/0 +* + measurement=seismic see Proposed_features/measurement_station
sewage treatment plant man_made wastewater_plant 0/0 +* man_made=wastewater_plant
shelter amenity shelter 73/0 +* bivouacs are maintained in another layer, so these are more than a bivvy but less than a hut? e.g. "The Divide" on the Milford Road at the start of the Routeburn/Greenstone tracks.


shingle works man_made
15/0 +* Proposed features/Mining, resource=shingle
silo man_made silo 302/1 +* Proposed_features/Silo
ski club leisure ski_resort 0/0 + see Ski, see also Sport. In new Zealand a ski club commonly refers to community run skifields on the Souther Island, like Broken River, Craigieburn or Temple Basin. If there is only a POI there is no reason for import. Al skiclubs in Nz are already in OSM (but often missing the rope-tows ....). :: IMO import then rm dupes-assume nothing! "All" ski clubs bulk import documented? They are not all there - This is for the ski club building remember so leisure=ski_club works. The rest of the field can be tagged as per the Ski tags.
stadium leisure stadium 0/0 +* leisure=stadium
stamping battery historic stamping_battery 30/0 +* historic, often watermill driven, mill which crushes rocks from a mine by mechanical stomping rather than circular grinding
substation power sub_station 357/1 +* power=sub_station
surf club emergency_service
24/0 +* as in volunteer surf lifesaving station? emergency=yes? I guess Sport can be helpful here. (this has nothing to do with the sport of surfing) amenity=surf_club? see Proposed_features/Emergency_service
Surf Lifesaving is a sport on its own right.
synthetic fuel plant man_made
25/0 +* product=synthetic_fuel/biofuel? Proposed_features/Industrial_Plant
timber mill man_made
0/0 +,- product=xxx Proposed_features/Industrial_Plant looks similar to sawmill? - Should be lumber to be consistent with the saw mill. ::: but timber mill and saw mill do not necessarily refer to the same thing. (saw: rough cuts of raw logs vs. timber: finished product planed from kiln dried rough cuts) ?
toll collection barrier toll_booth 0/0 +* barrier=toll_booth
town hall amenity townhall 0/0 +* amenity=townhall
transformer power transformer 0/0 +* power=station :: mmmmph would prefer power=transformer - I agree, I changed it and added you as a + ;-)
university amenity university 204/0 +* amenity=university
visitor centre tourism information 13/0 +* tourism=information
water gauge man_made
0/0 +* + measurement=water_level see Proposed_features/measurement_station
water treatment plant man_made wastewater_plant 35/0 + man_made=water_plant?, maybe see also man_made=wastewater_plant? Wastwater plant - That is what our common term meaning of water treatment plant is in NZ.
I'm just concerned that things like Waikato River water for Manakau City may fall under this label. Added to revisit list to check one/some by hand when we come across one.
waterworks man_made water_works 0/0 +* man_made=water_works
weather station man_made
0/0 +* + measurement=weather see Proposed_features/measurement_station
How's this different than a met stn (above)??
youth camp tourism
0/0 + tourism=camp_site + ? something to distinguish it from a regular camp

All layers =

[link to the attribution page on the wiki, with the required attribution page required by LINZ]
[link to the relevant page for this dataset, on the LINZ website]
  • LINZ:source_version= V16
[the version of the data set we have imported; currently V16 or 2012-06-06]
  • LINZ:dataset= snares_is
[the geographically grouped LINZ database this data came from; e.g. the mainland or offshore Snares Islands]
  • LINZ:layer= lake_poly
[the LINZ database layer name this data came from; e.g. lake polygons]

Some LINZ-specific tags were also created, to tie in with LINZ attributes which are not required by OSM, but which will enable the data to be updated or queried more easily:

  • LINZ:key=value


  • highway = road
[this is what is used in OSM when the type of highway is unknown]
  • surface = metalled|unmetalled|gravel
[the surface of the road - the LINZ data sepcifies one of three surface types; there are several more in OSM, so the closest three were chosen]
  • name = [name of the road, where applicable]
  • access = unknown
[this tag was only used for roads without a road_name_id tag; it was (wisely) assumed these roads may not be for public access]
  • LINZ:road_name_id
[a 13 digit unique number; one is given by LINZ to every road in NZ]