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Main article: Potential Datasources
In addition to the "general" data sources on first page Potential Datasources, this page lists "local" data sources by country.
Due to its length, the main page was split into two on January 29, 2022.

The following is a list of potential datasources. Some of these are already in use, or have been imported fully. Others are under investigation, and some have been rejected (details of rejections are on here too). There are basically two criteria:

  • Licenses - We are only interested in 'free' data. In fact we must be able to release their data with our OpenStreetMap License. This means it's OK to use Public Domain data; for other sources, please check license compatibility. (Overview: Category:Data Licenses)
  • Accuracy/Quality - All GIS data is limited in terms of accuracy and coverage of features. Some datasources are very basic. Because of our wiki style map building approach, this isn't necessarily a problem. We could import it anyway, and improve it later. However there are limits to this reasoning, it does for example require active OSM community members for the area affected. Also in areas where we already have superior coverage through other means, we will not be interested in importing lower quality data. For example a low accuracy map of the main roads of London, is actually useless to us, whereas similar coverage of an unmapped city would be useful.

With these criteria in mind, look at the following, see if there are license issues and if they are useful to us or we can collaborate, and mail the Mailing lists with results.

Listing datasources here is only the first stage in a careful investigation/planning process for imports. If you're interested in performing imports please be aware:

exclamation mark

Imports and automated edits should only be carried out by those with experience and understanding of the way the OpenStreetMap community creates maps, and only with careful planning and consultation with the local community.
See Import/Guidelines and Automated Edits code of conduct for more information. Imports/automated edits which do not follow these guidelines might be reverted!

Datasources which we have imported should also go on the Import/Catalogue. We also have a list of Related Projects

Local data


IDERA (Spatial Data Infrastructure of the Argentinian Republic)


IGN (National Geographic Institute)

MAPEAR (Unfree)

Nothing in the project MAPEAR should be used since their license is not compatible. Although their maps are free as in beer they are not free as in speech.



geoland.at is an effort to bundle GIS data from the Bundesländer (federal states). They state [2] that usage of graphics/information within the scope of publications / websites is only permitted provided that the "© Geoland" and the source reference www.geoland.at are given.


geoimage.at provides a free WMS for whole Austria since October 2010 in 1m resolution (for the time being, they will provide it for the duration of 2 years). Details of the legal situation are still to be worked out, but employees of geoimage.at said, that they definitely are willing to cooperate with OpenStreetMap. Please note, that the WMS is in a special Lambert-projection and (until now) cannot be directly used in any editor without having changed some settings. See WikiProject_Austria/geoimage.at for details.


Upper Austria

Linz Open Data


The local government of Styria provides GIS data on their website [3]. According to the website the data available for download is freely usable "frei verwendbar" (free as in speech) provided their copyright notice "Quelle: GIS-Steiermark" (which would translate to: "Source: GIS-Styria") is preserved. The data covers roads, rivers, cities and political territories. It is available in EsriShape format. Maybe the government of Styria would be willing to relicense their data under CC terms.


OpenAddresses.at was a crowd-based effort to collect geo-referenced address data in Austria. It seems to no longer exist but was originally a database available for download under an open license. An oa2osm script was created to convert the data for import.


see also Australian Data Imports and Australian Data Catalogue

ACT - GDA94/AHD) (Unfree)

This only covers the ACT (Australian Capital Territory), which is only a few 100km sq.


Currency: 2005.

Coordinates: Geographical.

Datum: Geocentric Datum of Australia (GDA94), Australian Height Datum (AHD).

Format: ESRI Personal Geodatabase Version 8.3, ESRI Shapefile, MapInfo mid/mif and ER Mapper Compressed Wavelet (ECW) Raster.

Medium: Online Download (free) or Packaged CD-ROM ($99).


See WikiProject Belgium/Mapping resources.



Data under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL), although it requires citing the source (which can be done as source=geo.gob.bo).

Bosnia and Herzegovina

The United States Geological Survey has made 1:50000 topographical maps of Balkan peninsula countries. These maps are US Federal Government works and are in the public domain in the USA (see copyright statement here: [4]) and probably in most other countries of the world. The maps are provided as PDF-files from The University of Texas Libraries here. Not all maps have been scanned so far, but at least significant parts of the Former Yugoslavian countries, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia are available (coverage: [5]).

The WikiProject Croatia (osm-hr) project have converted the PDF-files in the slippy map format such that the maps can easily be used as backgrounds in JOSM or Potlatch 2. Be careful since some parts of the maps are old and might also have a significant wrong offset.

JOSM: Go to Edit, Preferences, WMS TMS. Add a TMS-source and specify the URL: http://tms.osm-hr.org/1.0.0/all_ustopo/{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png

Potlatch 2: Go to Background, Edit and insert the line: http://tms.osm-hr.org/1.0.0/all_ustopo/$z/$x/$y.png

Thanks to Janko for posting this information ([6]), to dodobas for geocoding the PDFs, to hbogner at the Faculty of Geodesy in Zagreb and of course to the US Federal government for creating the maps!


Suitable sources

  • IBGE Stated to be public domain data [7], although it requires citing the source (which can be done as source=IBGE)
  • Projeto Geominas (dead link) Public domain data (citation needed) on Minas Gerais state. Created by the state government, includes geographical, administrative and climatic data.

Uncertain sources

  • Other public and governmental sources - Much of the geographical and statistical data from Federal, state and municipal sources is believed to be under public domain, although no law affirms that (see Wikipédia). One possibility is to proceed on a case-by-case basis: to contact any potential sources, inform about OSM, and ask directly for a statement as to whether the data is free/open/PD.
  • Any other map or source available under unknown licensing terms.

Unsuitable sources

  • Any other map or source available under restrictive licenses.


Federal (Open Government)

Canadian Open Government Licence has been approved as compatible with ODbL by the Licence Working Group (LWG). The different products offered under prior licences (GeoBase, CanVec, GeoGratis, Statistic Canada, …) are now available under the new licence. All available products can be obtained from the Open Government Portal. Numerous datasets are available but searching for them is very messy. The location of these products (http ...) changes regularly. Therefore, the portal is still the best place to go. Search parameters to use in their Portalare identified below for some interesting datasets.

Building Footprints

Select Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Search for: Building Footprints

Select Organization: Statistic Canada
Search for: Building Footprints
See The_Open_Database_of_Buildings wiki page.

Road Network

Select Organization: Statistics Canada
Search for: National Road Network

Rail Network

Select Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Search for: National Rail Network

Hydrographic Network

Select Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Search for: National Hydro Network - NHN - GeoBase Series

Topographic maps

Select Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Search for: Topographic Data of Canada - CanVec Series

The original CanVec datasets are still available in OSM format. See the canvec wiki page for further details.


GeoBC Data Delivery Service

GeoBC Home Page Data Download Tool

Land Information Ontario

40 datasets are available see Land Information Ontario


Region of Peel, ON
  • http://openregina.cloudapp.net/ Open Government data for the City of Regina
  • One user has already uploaded bus stops & routes
  • Other published data includes addresses (nodes), communities, subdivisions, rail and pathways
  • City is confirming ownership of building shape data and will make it available if permitted.
Montreal QC

The city of Montreal (Quebec) has a dedicated website for open data sources provided by its departments, the data is licensed under the Creative Commons CC-BY 4.0 and has an explicit permission for OSM import.

Vancouver BC

The City of Vancouver has data available. See Canada Import Status

OGL-BC 2.0-equivilent sources

Each of these cities and regional districts have made data available under their own license. All of these licenses are based on the Open Government License - British Columbia 2.0, which is an approved license.However, each of these licenses would need to be approved as compatible. (more info)

Sunshine Coast Regional District

The Sunshine Coast Regional District has an open data portal under it own license which has been confirmed compatible. It has addresses, bridges, fire hydrants, parcels, lakes, land use, parks, trails, roads, and streams for the area.

Halifax Regional Municipality

Halifax Regional Municipality Open Data Catalogue has a bunch of map data sets, released under a non-OSM compatible license.

  • Active Travelways
  • Building Footprints
  • Building Types
  • Catchbasins
  • Civic Adresses
  • Dry Hydrants
  • Fire Hydrant
  • HRM Park Recreation Features
  • Intersection Points
  • Parks
  • Street Centre Lines
  • Trails
Winnipeg MB

See also Winnipeg#Open data

Airdrie AB

The City of Airdrie GIS Department has a number of datasets available under an Open Data Licence

Calgary AB

Calgary has an Open Data Portal with an Open Government Licence

Central Africa

WRI Forest Atlases

World Resources Institute has liberated data from its Forest Atlas for

  • Cameroon,
  • Central African Republic,
  • Democratic Republic of Congo,
  • Equatorial Guinea,
  • Gabon and
  • Republic of Congo

covering Conservation, Exploitation, Forest Allocation, Forest Infrastructure, Administrative Units, Habitat, Agriculture, Hydrography, Mining, Vegetation under ODbL license



Institut National de Cartographie:

Raster data for North and Far North of Cameroon has been liberated under ODbL license. (Comment: Is there a source for that? No website of INC available)

The National Advanced School of Public Works (NASPW)

Has made available some data in the project GeoCameroun. Data produced by students from 2010 to 2012 on Yaoundé.

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Congo (Dem. Rep.)RGC

Référentiel Géographique Commun (http://rgc.cd/):

les données du RGC sont libres d'utilisation mais nous vous demandons de citer les sources : « Ces données géographiques proviennent du Référentiel Géographique Commun (www.rgc.cd) ».

see here what is done and what not: Congo-Kinshasa#RGC

China (People's Republic of)


Colombia passed an Open Data law in 2014, and since then some cities have made some really useful stuff available. Some of that is CC-By-SA, though, so we'll have to get permission to use it under the ODBL.

European Union

TMC LocationTables

The national LocationCodeLists of the TMC (Traffic Message System = traffic-jam warning via radio) -system contain a highly simplified road-network of all the major roads and many important points in the country. The location-codes themself are also highly useful to have in OSM for Routing -software that can receive TMC-messages and thus avoid traffic jams and other obstructions.

These lists are sometimes free to use, sometimes closed but due to the fact that they are widely distributed with all commercial navigation-systems, there may be little resistance in getting a permission to tag existing OSM-objects with their location-code or use the list to check for missing ways in our map.

European Environment Agency (EEA)

European Environment Agency offers data for commercial reuse. Here are potential GIS vector data to be imported:

Nationally designated areas (CDDA)

This is about nature conservation - protected areas:

  • national parks
  • nature parks
  • etc.

A shapefile is provided with latest data of 2011: CDDA_v9_polygons.zip

Via Alpina dataset on accommodation in the Alps

See https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/File:Authorisation_ViaAlpina_OSM_accomodation.png

638 accommodation places, many attributes. Dataset in 5 languages. Example: http://www.via-alpina.org/point/1598

The origin (licence) and accuracy of the location is uncertain, so better to use the attributes only. Part of the data is already outdated, so it is advised to check first (maybe by calling). In Italy at least, the '0' (zero) after +39 is missing in the online phone numbers (but GSM lines do not have zeroes).

(Do not hesitate to contact me or the Via Alpina international secretary for more details Mayeul 18:03, 31 May 2012 (BST))



The National Land Survey of Finland (NLS) has recently (1 May 2012) opened some of its dataset under an attribution only -licence. The amount of data available is enormous, and the local community is discussing the details.


The Finnish Road Administration (Tiehallinto) maintains a database called digiroad covering all roads and streets in Finland which would contain all information OpenStreetMap needs about roads for Finland. (Shorelines, parks, amenities, boundaries, placenames, etc would still have to be collected using traditional OSM procedures.) The database is available for licensing relatively cheap, a few hundred euro. Unfortunately, as far as I can see, it is not currently licensed under terms suitable for OpenStreetMap. The English summary document says that "Data from Digiroad will be free-of-charge for public organisations for internal use and for free public services" but I couldn't find anything as promising in the more recent Finnish documentation.

However, my (naïve?) hope is that it will eventually be possible to convince them to "open up" the data enough for OpenStreetMap. Clearly digiroad is not maintained and sold for profit, there aren't even any royalty fees collected from commercial users of the data.

I mailed the project coordinator asking for more information. The coordinator had changed from that mentioned on their webpage to another person though, though, but I did eventually get a reply from her. Basically it was quite positive, but they need time to consider this. They also interpret current regulations as allowing them to sell (for the very reasonable amount) the material only to companies and institutions, not to individuals. Also the data should be used to benefit "services for transport and logistics" (badly translated from the vague term "liikkumisen palvelut"), but on the other hand, what else could it be used for? (Maybe the intent of this restriction is to prevent production of pure maps from the data. That would then indeed seriously prevent importing it into OSM, I think.)

I sent more mail asking for clarifications, pointing out that the price as such is not the issue here, surely it would be possible to collect for instance 20 euros per person from a group of interested individuals, or even ask some company to "sponsor" freeing this data. The licensing issues are the main concern. No further replies yet.

I hacked together some code to convert the sample data available from the website [11] (sorry, documentation in Finnish and Swedish only) into OSM format. See here: [12]. Plain C. Needs shapelib and iconv(), otherwise no external dependencies. Screenshot of part of sample data loaded into JOSM here: [13].

--Tml 09:33, 24 September 2007 (BST)

The Finnish page says that the licensing conditions are formed to match client requirements so it should be possible to get a good license. Then the only problem would be their fee (about €380) which mandated by law. --LH 15:11, 9 September 2007 (BST)

No fee anymore for Digiroad, and data is available currently from FTP server (need to request access still, though), and should be available from some "downloading service" by the end of this year. --Vessep (talk) 09:25, 16 September 2014 (UTC)
Download service now open here, in Finnish only --Vessep (talk) 06:44, 29 September 2014 (UTC)

Reading the contract details, the licence gives you the right to use the data for a certain purpose for a maximum of 5 years. After the 5 year period the copy must be returned or destroyed. I recommend reading the example contract.


The Finnish Rail Administration possibly has exact geodata for all of the state-owned rail network. With rail deregulation being implemented and all, they seem to be quite open, and publish lots of information on the web, including a very detailled "Network Statement". Alas, this document doesn't include coordinates of stations etc, only the distance (down to one metre resolution) along the rails from the designated point of origin. (Trivia: this point of origin is the previous Helsinki station, 159m south of the present Helsinki Central station, and not actually accessible by rail.) I mailed then asking if the network geodata (and useful other information, like number of tracks and electrification) could be made available in some suitable format and could be donated to OSM. They didn't promise anything except that maybe in the next "Network Statement" they will include actual coordinates. So probably it doesn't make sense to wait for something that might not happen, but continue mapping rail lines as before.

They have an interactive web service that contains information for all level crossings in Finland. For many of the crossings coordinates are included (in the Finnish national KKJ grid, not WGS84, but conversion formulae are well-known) . From this service one could semi-mechanically generate an at least partially quite accurate (for those lines that have plenty of level crossings) map of the rail network. This might be interesting especially for freight-only lines where actual GPS mapping of course is hard to do (without actually trekking along the line). Data for one level crossing here: [14]. Their reply to my mail was a bit vague but I got the impression that it should be OK to import the level crossing locations. The location of an individual crossing is obviously not a copyrightable work, but as a collection it is covered by copyright for databases and collections.

--Tml 08:28, 25 October 2007 (BST)

City of Tampere

The City of Tampere has published a number of datasets (and plans to publish more) under an attribution-only license which might be compatible with our license. If it's not, they just might relicense the data for us under ODbL if we ask nicely.

Data that might be relevant here includes bus routes, bus stop locations, hiking paths, pier locations, statistical data and zoning area boundaries.

Addendum: This license is very similar to the MML (NLS) open data license, except instead of a share-alike provision, there is only an attribution provision - which may mean (disclaimer: IANAL) the data can be relicensed under ODbL. —Joemppe 00:11, 28 December 2012 (UTC)

City of Turku

Turku has opened quite a bit of data as CC-By 4.0 with an OSM waiver. Since OSM is otherwise reasonably good around here, but lacks lot of building address data, the address dataset is particularly interesting. --Ilmaisin (talk) 22:43, 15 December 2019 (UTC)

ODA Self care and digital value services

The Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) maintains a registry for all public and private social and health care providers. The registry includes various information about the providers, such as their name and address. Interesting is also the type of the provider, indicating if the provider is a social services or health services provider, or both.

From this information one can using geocoding create a set of locations for the registered providers, including their type. Geocoding can be done using the Digitransit service that maintains data on OSM as well.

The registry is available on the Code Service licensed under CC BY 4.0. Written permission to use the data has been obtained. THL requires an attribution on the copyright page.

Public transport (GTFS) data sources

There are several public transport authorities in Finland providing stop, route and timetable information as open data, usually licensed CC-BY 4.0 and in GTFS format.


France has its own page: Potential Datasources/France.


Germany has its own wiki page


Geodata is the official governmental site that provides open geospatial data and services for Greece, serving as a national open data catalogue, an INSPIRE-conformant Spatial Data Infrastructure, as well as a powerful foundation for enabling value added services from open data.

Athens Urban Transport Organisation (AUTO) has released useful information under Creative Commons License (CC BY v.3.0) at http://geodata.gov.gr/en/dataset/oasa . Data is almost up to date, but it is clearly stated in the context that data is subject to change without any warning or liability of OASA (AUTO), OSY (Road Transportation) or STASY (Railway Transportation). Moreover "the data accuracy is limited, because digitalization hasn't been based on descriptive data". Be aware that real bus stop positions may vary between ±20m. in urban areas and more that 50m. in suburban areas.

The files available as downloads on this site are in .XML, .shp, .gml & .KML formats. No CSV files are available, you'll have to convert them yourself. The site is in Greek (language) so you'll have to use a translator service to make "lat & long" of the site. Easy enough to navigate if you know what you're looking for, otherwise not a particularly user friendly site. Amendment: OSM requirements are met.

Another valuable resource site hosting various databases for Greece is http://datahub.io/group/country-gr?page=1. A wide range of data-sets are available. Sources are varied, thus the available database file formats differ from set to set. File formats include .CSV, .KML, .XML, .shp, .gml & .ods. Each database has its own license, therefore no comment can be made about OSM requirements. The site is in English (language) & provides an efficient filter for various attributes. A downloading feature is available as is a preview of the relevant file. The original links are available which in most instances are hosted by Greek Government site mentioned earlier.

A site providing info regarding postcodes in Greece is http://www.elta.gr/en-us/findapostcode.aspx . The interface is not very helpful, because it is mainly an address name search engine, but if you are interested for a particular known address, it can precisely give you the corresponding postcode. The English version above accepts transliterated data (Greeklish). However, a native language version is also available at http://www.elta.gr/el-gr/εύρεσηταχκώδικα.aspx


Administrative boundaries for Honduras are available at www.sinit.hn/index.php. This data is public domain.


Indian Village Boundaries http://projects.datameet.org/indian_village_boundaries/ (All our work will be under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). )


More information in the Italian page.

Agenzia del territorio

Lists containing street-names for all of the italian municipalities, grouped by province, are available for download. For each street-name, the pertaining municipality is identified by its cadastral code (vecchio codice catastale). Check the list of italian cadastral codes for interpretation.

License need to be clarified. Helpful for quality assurance checks. Data might be partly outdated.


Italian Statistical Institute (ISTAT) has granted to OSM the use of the following data:

  • Administrative Borders: the shapefile provided contain the so called generalized borders, which are a simplified version of the official borders. The version dated 2001 has already been fully imported (more information on a dedicated page). Currently a new version dated 2008/12/31 is available.
  • A list of geographical coordinates of Italian localities. Files and related information are made available by GFOSS from a dedicated page.

A list of Italian municipalities is also available for download.

Portale Cartografico Nazionale

For the whole of Italy there is a WMS server. In 2010 use of 2 WMS-layers for OSM was explicitly permitted (orthographic photos from 2006 for the whole of Italy and from 2008 covering only the regions Lazio and Umbria) (see authorization letter from the PCN). The rest of the information on the PCN is not free to use for OSM as of May 2010. For more information and instructions how to use the aerial imagery, please visit WikiProject_Italy/PCN in Italian language. These photos offer (almost) complete coverage and are much better aligned than Bing aerial, but Bing has higher resolution and is more up to date so if you want to use aerial imagery for mapping in Italy you should probably use both sources.


A list of Italian postal codes is provided by the Free Software Foundation Europe. It includes the list of street-names for major cities.

Regione Autonoma Friuli-Venezia-Giulia

All of the data created and maintained by the Regional Administration

Regione Lombardia

Regione Lombardia has its own wiki page

Regione Piemonte

The Regione Piemonte has put data from their stock online at [15] These include a detailed DEM and the CTRN for the whole of Piemonte down to 1:10000 resolution. Some of the data are quite old, but potentially still extremely useful (e.g. for streams, toponyms). The data are under various CC licenses. No permission to use the data in OSM has yet been requested or given.

Regione Toscana

Over 150 layers are available through a public WMS service named Geoscopio. More details here: Toscana#GEOscopio_WMS.


Kadena Air Base


National-Land Information Office, a section of National and Regional Planning Bureau(NRPB), Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport(MLIT), Japan, provides some geo data. http://nlftp.mlit.go.jp/ksj/

LicensesIMPORTANT: KSJ IS PROHIBITED TO USE AFTER 2015 DUE TO THEIR LICENSE CHANGE Their terms of use is written in Japanese; a summary in English is as follows.

  • 2-3. If you reproduce the National-Land Information or create derivative works, you must do a citation of the source (e.g., "「国土数値情報(○○データ) 国土交通省」", a literal translation, National-Land Numerical Information (XX Data), MLIT Japan).
  • 3-1. You may use the National-Land Information free of charge.
  • 4. Disclaimer. MLIT Japan makes no warranty on your use of the National-Land Information.

Accuracy/Quality – Almost National-Land Numerical Information is based on "Map 25000" and "Map 50000" by Geographical Survey Institute (GSI) Japan. Files are in KSJ original format and datum is Japanese Geodetic Datum 2000 (JGD2000) which is based on ITRF94 and GRS80.

This is the old data of KSJ2 and it have some type of data which KSJ2 doesn't have, e.g. road, submarine cable and power line, cultural properties, etc.


Their license prohibit to use as business, so we cannot import KSJ2 data source.


National-Land Information Office, a section of National and Regional Planning Bureau(NRPB), Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport(MLIT), Japan, provides some geo data. See KSJ2 page.


National-Land Information Office, a section of NRPB, MLIT Japan, provides place reference information in city block level for many (not all) municipalities. http://nlftp.mlit.go.jp/isj/

Licenses – Their terms of use is written in Japanese; a summary in English is as follows.

  • 2-3. If you reproduce the place reference information or create derivative works, you must do a citation of the source (e.g., "「街区レベル位置参照情報 国土交通省」", a literal translation, City Block Level Place Reference Information, MLIT Japan).
  • 3-1. You may use the place reference information free of charge.
  • 4. Disclaimer. MLIT Japan makes no warranty on your use of the place reference information.

Accuracy/Quality – Place reference information is based on "Numerical Map 2500" by Geographical Survey Institute (GSI) Japan. Files are in CSV(Comma Separated Values) format, SHIFT-JIS encoding and datum is Japanese Geodetic Datum 2000 (JGD2000) which is based on ITRF94 and GRS80.

I guess we can use this data like CC-BY/CC-BY-SA data as imported before. -- Tatata 10:52, 25 February 2008 (UTC)

Orthophoto (MLIT Japan)

National-Land Information Office, a section of NRPB, MLIT Japan, provides aerial photography for old survey with WMS. Web (Japanese only)

Licenses – Their terms of use is written in Japanese; a summary in English is as follows.

  • 2. Notices
    • 3. If you republish the data or create derivative works, you must do a citation of the source (e.g., "「国土画像情報(オルソ化空中写真) 国土交通省」", a literal translation, National Land Imaginary Information (Orthophoto), MLIT Japan). Recode information of the photograph's taken date, digitized date and the file name, and editors' names as long as possible.
  • 3. availability
    1. Anyone is allowed to use national land information by free for charge, except fees for communication, etc.
    2. Read well this term of use. You needed to agree this term of use before you use it.
    3. If you use this information, you are regarded to agree the term of use.
  • 4. Disclaimer
    • MLIT Japan makes no warranty on your use of the place reference information.
  • 5. Notes
    • This term of use could be changed without any notices.

User:ikiya confirmed to the office that we can use the aerial photography to draw our map with the following annotations [16]:

  • source:ja=国土画像情報(オルソ化空中写真)国土交通省
  • source=MLIT Japan

The URL of WMS:


We have got another confirmation for the first and the second derivative works form the orthophotos.[17] OpenStreetMap data directly generated from the orthophotos must show "国土画像情報(オルソ化空中写真)国土交通省" in the data browser of www.openstreetmap.org. The source tag is useful for it. Then, for the second derivative works, which means works derived form OpenStreetMap data, must show "(C) OpenStreetMap" and make a web link to https://www.openstreetmap.org/ . That is the same with Our License.


Data provided by Lawson, Japan

Open Data Catalog Shizuoka


It is called "Fuji-no-kuni Open Data Catalog" which is a nickname. The site is operated by Shizuoka prefecture, and data provided Shizuoka prefecture or cities in Shizuoka prefecture.

Licenses - CC BY 2.1 JP

Individual data is indicated to another page, Open Data Catalog Shizuoka. (in Japanese)

GTFS data sets of bus

Following is the list of links and license information on GTFS datasets of bus operators in Japan.


Licenses - Public domain (CC0), CC-BY-2.1 JP, CC-BY-4.0, etc.


Maps 1:50000 (200x?) and 1:250000 (2020) from Latvian cartographic authority (LGIA)https://www.lgia.gov.lv/lv/kartes

License is CC0. Maps are really good, contain many different features, roads, buldings, natural stuff, etc. 1:50000 map is somewhat old, but still very valuable.

Data is in ArcGIS and geojson formats. OSM would benefit greatly from import of this data.

Planning for initial prototyping stages happens in official mailing list for Latvia - talk-lv@openstreetmap.org , coordinator is vlad@izvne.com

There is other data, too.


Other open data sources that can be used with some benefits (most are CC0).


Notably, there are LVM (Latvian Forestry) roads and LC (Latvian Roads Authority) official roads, and some others.


Luxembourgish Open Data Platform

Most data is licensed as CC0.


INEGI (Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía)

On september 2014 it was officially released the Normative for Open Data published by INEGI (Mexico’s Equivalent of USGS+US Census Bureau, or Brazil’s IBGE).

The release was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation, which is the main official government publication in Mexico. The importance of this is that the main rules and regulations of the three branches of the federal government are published on this Gazette. It’s a mandate that all official government rules and regulations to be published on it, and so only through this publication that compliance of any law in Mexico becomes mandatory. Once a law or regulation is published on this journal, ignorance of it is no longer a legal defense.

The terms of use for the information released by INEGI make that information open even for commercial use (with only the requirement of attribution, when technically feasible). This means anyone can use the geographic data released by this institute and import it to OpenStreetMap without incurring on any violation of a license, individuals and companies can use the information for any purpose as long as it follows the terms of use for open data issued by the Mexican government which means they should be released under the following terms:

Of the Open Data Attributes: I. Public.- Are made public in accordance with the Law of the System; II. Free.- can be obtained without giving any consideration in exchange; III. Nondiscriminatory.- The are accessible without access restriction to users; IV. Free use.- Shall cite the source as the only requirement to be used freely;


Publication of the National Open Data law (Spanish) [18]

Terms of use for open data published on INEGI’s website(Spanish) [19]

Official release statement(Spanish): [20]

Publication of the National Geographic Information data law in the Official Gazette of the Federation: (Spanish) [21] [22]


The project "Consultancy Services for Upscaling Nature-Based Flood Protection in Mozambique’s Cities" of the world bank, mapped about 5000 houses in the city bounderies of Quelimane, which aren't indexed/ mapped jet. The data is available as ESRI Shapefile and would need reviewing. The license will be discussed with the world bank in the next days.

The Netherlands

See Bestaande geodata hergebruiken (Dutch).

New Zealand

See New Zealand for more potential sources.

GW-Projects (unfree)

Apparently a lot of free data is available in New Zealand. It has been used to create a comprehensive set of Garmin maps.

Legal stuff is at the bottom of this page: http://gwprojects.orcon.net.nz/gps/TM/tmmaps.html


See Norwegian import sources.



TERYT is official government registry of administrative division of Poland. The public data contains names and identifiers for all voivodeships (provinces), powiats (counties), municipalities, places and even streets.

Licenses – public domain

Accuracy/Quality – This is the offical list of places, but it contains no geo location data. May be useful for quality assurance and updating is_in=* tags. More information (in Polish) at WikiProject Poland/Podział administracyjny


National Sources

Any data belonging to INE - Instituto Nacional de Estatistica and BGRI - Base Geográfica de Referenciação da Informação were contacted and are stated to be freely available for OpenStreetMap as per INSPIRE directives as stated in an email.

Good morning, my apologies for the late reply to your email. I confirm that the geographic data set (CGD) for the Geographic Information Base (BGRI) is open data and that INE will have every interest in integrating them into the OSM database. This CGD is harmonized with the INSPIRE directive and published in the ATOM service http://inspire.ine.pt/SU/atom/downloadservice.xml

Regional Sources

Lisboa Municipality

A page with guidelines to coordinate effords concerning imports from this source exists in this wiki.

Cascais Municipality
  • Cascais area SIG map Licence is confirmed with the town hall, there are no problems in using data from this site.

Rwanda (Republic of)

Ministry of the Interior and for Sports Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, has published a 1:300k raster map for whole Ruanda. The right to use the map for OSM was granted by Hanne Hall, Referatsleiterin, Entwicklungszusammenarbeit mit dem Partnerland Ruanda, MINISTERIUM DES INNERN, FÜR SPORT UND INFRASTRUKTUR, Schillerplatz 3-5, 55116 Mainz, Germany, on 20th July 2011.

20.07.2011 08:41
Betreff: AW: Ruandakarte und openstreetmap.org

Sehr geehrter Herr Keller,

vielen Dank für Ihre Anfrage. Ich habe Ihr Anliegen von der zuständigen Abteilung unseres Hauses klären lassen.
Danach spricht nichts gegen eine Verwendung unseres Kartenmaterials durch Open Street Map.

Sofern Sie dies also veranlassen möchten, steht dem nichts im Wege.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Im Auftrag

Hanne Hall
Entwicklungszusammenarbeit mit dem Partnerland Ruanda
Schillerplatz 3-5
55116 Mainz

Saudi Arabia

Administrative boundaries for Regions and Governorates

Provided by the Ministry of Health as a part of Covid response

This data can be obtained from these sources: Regions Governorates

Data is Licensed under Open Data License

Documentation and potential import here

South Africa

Chief Directorate: Surveys and Mapping of South Africa

Chief Directorate: Surveys and Mapping of South Africa has 1:50k raster maps available for the whole of South Africa, these maps are available using the South African Freedom of Information Act

The License Agreement is fairly restrictive from OSM's point of view. "No products may be copied or reproduced by any means, including digital, without prior permission."

"The Licensee shall not Commercialise the Data or any product or service derived from or incorporating the Data, unless it has first obtained the written consent of the CDSM. The CDSM may grant or refuse its consent in its absolute discretion and may grant its consent subject to any condition or conditions whatsoever."

Recently discussed here and here.

It is uncertain if the data is completely free/libré. Does the "Promotion of Access to Information Act" not grant this? Further investigation is needed.

Municipal Demarcation Board

Municipal Demarcation Board distributes shapefiles of South African provinces, districts and municipalities. Grant Slater has received permission to use the data in OpenStreetMap.

Census Boundaries

Census Data from 2011 is available as kml or shapefiles of South African provinces, districts and municipalities. The permission has to be checked for usage. Use cases are populated places as residential areas in OpenStreetMap which are not mapped. See request on github.

MadMappers (Data Dependent)

MadMappers seems to have a large amount of data covering the whole of Africa. It may be worth contacting them.


See Spain Potential Datasources for a more up-to-date information (in Spanish).


One branch of the local government has a GIS-like application for controlling the rural land use, with a lot of excellent ortophotos: http://sigpac.mapa.es/fega/visor/ (Flash required) This branch has been contacted, and they have said (quite literally):

[We] have no problem in the images of the SIGPAC being used in [the OpenStreetMap] project.


People from Madrid have already contacted the IGN ("Instituto Geográfico Nacional" or "National Geographic Institute"). They want to make data "more public", and so have agreed to let us import some of their data. Depending on the success and impact, we might be able to import lots of data and use the new aerial imagery (called "PNOA", covering the entire country at 50 cm/px).

Cadastrial data

Spanish Cadastre is publishing all cadastrial data as a WMS service [23]. They say:

La Dirección General del Catastro ofrece como servicio WMS la Cartografía Catastral de forma libre y gratuita.

"The general directorate of the cadastre offers the Cadastrial Cartography as a WMS service, free** and free*"

* as in "free beer"
** as in "freedom"

Cadastrial data can also be downloaded from the Official site as shapefiles (cartography) and *.CAT files (alphanumeric information). Terms of use are regulated by the Resolución de 23 de marzo de 2011, de la Dirección General del Catastro, por la que se aprueban los criterios de acceso, formatos de entrega y condiciones de la licencia-tipo para el acceso al servicio de descarga masiva de datos y cartografía, a través de la Sede Electrónica del Catastro. which states:

Se autoriza el uso público, incluido el comercial, de la información catastral que haya sido sometida a cualquier proceso previo de transformación...

Public use of cadastrial data is permitted, including commercial use, if such data have been previously transformed in any way...

According to the above statement, data from Spanish Cadastre can be imported into OSM once it has been transformed, for example from the original shapefiles->reproyected to EPSG:4326->converted to *.osm format.

Spanish Cadastre has a lot of information with very high accuracy, such as buildings (shape, use, height, number of floors, etc.), land use, most of streets and roads of the country, power station, trees... Many of this information is currently in OSM, mainly ways and roads, but a great part is missing, especially in low populated areas where a ground survey is less likely to be made. More information about this topic can be found in Catastro España. A long discussion has been held on Spanish mailing list, with general agreement on the usefulness of importing these data.


The IGN publishes a lot of (free as in "free beer") imaginery at [24]

Besides that, there is a list of available orthoimaginery sources at [25]


See import and other details at WikiProject Sweden/Open data


The official Swedish road map, terrain map and mountain map have been released under CC0.


The Swedish Election Authority. They provide zip files of GIS-data with shapes. Swedish description: Filerna är zippade och innehåller shape-filer som visar namn och id på respektive geografisk enhet. Du måste ha speciell GIS-programvara för att se dessa filer. Website: [26]


Nationell vägdatabas (National Road Database) coordinates road information in Sweden. Website: [27] or [28]

NVDB is a government assignment for Vägverket (Swedish Road Administration). NVDB contains a reference roadmap and additional data. It is used by governmental and private entities.

License: CC-0

Fordonsgas (CNG Natural Gas Fuel Stations)

Natural Gas fuel stations are published by Fordonsgas as GPS coordinates on their site

Örebro city map data

The city of Örebro offers some map data (as GML, JSON and WMS layers). License should be compatible, since it is CC-0. Website: http://www.orebro.se/8760.html

Note: You will need to change projection to make the WMS layer work with JOSM. I was only able to get EPSG:3009 to work.


Open data for Stockholm stad. License is unclear. I have only been able to find some mentions about conforming to opendefinition.org. Didn't say which specific license though. Website: http://open.stockholm.se/oppna-data/geodata/

Swedish County Administrative Boards

The Swedish County Administrative Boards offer some map data (as Shape files) and also some metadata related to the GIS data. Website: [29]

Havs och Vattenmyndigheten (Ocean and water authority)

Data on public outdoor baths. Water quality (which is probably not relevant for OSM) but also name, position and if it's checked by EU standards. "Free to use", no claim of copyright. Should equal CC0 according to conversation.



There is apparently some sort of competition for innovative uses of open data sources going on this year (2015), this site has a list (in Swedish) of various open data sources and their licenses: http://hackforsweden.se/data/

Not all of them have compatible licenses, and not all of them are geographical data, but there might be some useful data in there.


The Swiss-specific datasources are listed on their own Wiki-page.


See Taiwan.


Tajikistan is at the same time one of the most poorly mapped countries on OSM and a very prone-to-disasters country, thus the need to find good data sources and to improve the quality of the map. A dedicated Wiki-page page has been setup.

So far, I haven't found any national dataset that is for sure 100% free of copyrights. Some potential sources are listed below, with mention of the potential problem. Please feel free to contribute to this list:

  • Scanned Soviet maps: although not completely up-to-date, those maps are still widely used in the country (mainly because there's nothing better available). The legal status is unclear (namely: have the copyrights fallen into the public domain with the collapse of the USSR or have they been passed to the Russian Administration? The latter seems to be the opinion of Russian mappers). See on the mailing list: [30]
  • Digitized 1/200000 maps: a vectorized version of the Soviet maps widely circulates in Tajikistan but the license terms are unclear (as they are not distributed with the data itself). Has anyone a crystal-clear and unambiguous proof of the licensing status of this dataset?
  • Any other idea?

United Kingdom

Local authority street naming notifications

I wrote an email to my local authority when I found out that they notify interested parties on the council's decisions on naming and numbering new properties and streets. For areas that have already been densely surveyed and mapped (90%+), it would be an invaluable list of places that might need re-surveying or other editing.

I got an answer back - the council do make the information freely available on their web site, but it's in the form of a PDF file per decision, in a human readable format only, and the whole list is not easily searchable. The information contains no geographic information other than relative references, eg.

That a new development of a house being built on the site adjacent to 47 Belmont Avenue, Barnet, Herts, EN4 shall be postally addressed:


Occasionally, whole new streets get notified.

That the access road beginning at the junction with Page Street, London, NW7 serving Copthall Leisure Centre and the surrounding properties shall be named:


That the access road that starts at Champions Way and ends at the Great North Way, London, NW4 serving Copthall Stadium shall be named:


These lists are not in a standard format among local authorities, and each local authority needs to be handled differently. I plan on writing a web scraping script to attempt to identify the changes, and by searching the nearby street names, pinpoint them on the map, so I would have a list of streets that need editing / surveying. Welshie 15:59, 13 November 2006 (UTC)

Land Registry Price Paid Data

Various facets of address-related data can be gleaned from the Land Registry Price Paid Data. Derek Jones provides example code of an approach that can be taken to extract approximate house number positions.

Local authority data sources


Roads database Contains information like

Alburne Park (K8)  	 Glenrothes  	 Jct Woodside Way (C125) to Jct Prestonhall Drive (K8) / K9  	 Adopted  	K8
B969 (Part 01 Of 07) 	Glenrothes 	Southfield R/bout (B921) to 50 Mph Signs North Of Southfield R/bout 	Adopted 	B969

As well as lots of other data, including for example a list of public toilets - for example a toilet in anstruther.

Also they offer a way to search for local facilities - http://www.fife.gov.uk/yourtown/index.cfm by postcode. This data could easily be extracted automatically, but the licences mentioned on the website are unsuitable (it's also unclear that this data is covered) and derivation from OS issues are also unclear.

I have not contacted them.


The National Public Transport Access Nodes (NaPTAN) dataset contains details of some 350,000 public transport access points in Great Britain including bus stops, railway stations, tram stops and ferry terminals. See NaPTAN for more details.

Natural England

Natural England have datasets containing boundaries of Open Access Land (Crow Act 2000), National Parks, SSSIs, National Nature Reserves, Marine Conservation Zones, and many other protected areas. It also has data on National Trails. On April 1st 2012 Natural England started releasing data under the Open Government Licence (OGL) therefore making it available for mapping in OpenStreetMap. Read more, or view the wiki entry.


The Food Standards Agency produces machine readable versions of the Food Hygiene Rating System data. This ranks restaurants and businesses that sell or serve food or drink with a rating from 1 to 5. See UK Food Hygiene Rating System for details.

Open Addresses UK

Open Addresses UK is a UK government funded project by the Open Data institute to create an addresses dataset which is open licensed (free of the license complications of PAF and other royal mail/O.S. mess)

Transport Scotland

High Loads Grid is a potential source of route relations - no explicit licence, so needs someone to contact.

Passenger Technology Group

Passenger Technology Group is a service provider for public transport networks, they release data under the network's brand, and licence it as Open Government License Version 3.0. OGL requires attribution, so please ensure the data provider is mentioned in Contributors.

Blackpool Transport

Open Data includes bus stop names, and locations (linked to Key:naptan:AtcoCode), stop times and routes.


Open Data includes bus stop names, and locations (linked to Key:naptan:AtcoCode), stop times and routes.

Borders Bus

Open Data includes bus stop names, and locations (linked to Key:naptan:AtcoCode), stop times and routes.

Brighton and Hove Bus

Open Data includes bus stop names, and locations (linked to Key:naptan:AtcoCode), stop times and routes.

Cardiff Bus

Open Data includes bus stop names, and locations (linked to Key:naptan:AtcoCode), stop times and routes.

Courtney Buses

Open Data includes bus stop names, and locations (linked to Key:naptan:AtcoCode), stop times and routes.


Open Data includes bus stop names, and locations (linked to Key:naptan:AtcoCode), stop times and routes.

Nottingham City Transport

Open Data includes bus stop names, and locations (linked to Key:naptan:AtcoCode), stop times and routes.

Reading Buses

Open Data includes bus stop names, and locations (linked to Key:naptan:AtcoCode), stop times and routes.

Southern Vectis

Open Data includes bus stop names, and locations (linked to Key:naptan:AtcoCode), stop times and routes.

Swindon's Bus Company

Open Data includes bus stop names, and locations (linked to Key:naptan:AtcoCode), stop times and routes.


Open Data includes bus stop names, and locations (linked to Key:naptan:AtcoCode), stop times and routes.


Data includes bus stop names, and locations (linked to Key:naptan:AtcoCode), stop times and routes.

Yellow Buses

Open Data includes bus stop names, and locations (linked to Key:naptan:AtcoCode), stop times and routes.


The municipality of Montevideo approved a rule [31] making all the data of that municipality (except the one that has privacy or security issues) public and free of copyright. In particular GIS data from the municipality of Montevideo is now available from its site[32]. For the rest of the countrie orthophotos are avaible from 2019 [33] and are licenced under the open data licence of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay [34]. The orthophotos can also be used in the iD by using WMS and adding the this link [35] as a custom background.


Check out the United States/Resources page for further information as well.

Check metadata for each shape file obtained from government sources, and search for "Use_Constraints:" or similar to help determine usability of data with OpenStreetMap. Many will list this as "None" and should be fine to use, but others from the same page will have varying constraints. When there is any doubt, ask the contact listed in the metadata for permision, and check with the Legal Talk mailing list. --Dalep 04:36, 2 September 2008 (UTC)



More detail on the TIGER page

The Tiger road data is imported.

The U.S. Census Bureau's TIGER geographic database covers the United States (including Puerto Rico). The data is available from the Census Bureau as TIGER/Line files in ASCII text format - http://www.census.gov/geo/www/tiger/. ESRI shapefiles of the TIGER data is available at http://www.esri.com/data/download/census2000_tigerline/index.html .

The TIGER data are in the public domain - http://www.census.gov/cgi-bin/geo/tigerfaq?Q11 .

US Fish and Wildlife Service

USFWS is a bureau of the federal government operated by the US Department of the Interior. USFWS makes cadastral data available at the USFWS Geospatial Services site. Refuges are accessible to the public for activities such as boating, hiking, hunting and fishing, so they are very relevant to OSM. The National Wetlands Inventory is hosted by the USFWS also and has high quality (1m) resolution mapped wetland areas delineated in feature classes, available for download from The Wetlands Mapper or the Data Download site.

US Forest Service

Many national forests have GIS data available for download. A statement from region 6 (Pacific NW) http://www.fs.fed.us/r6/data-library/gis/disclaimers.shtml says that the data are public domain. Unfortunately each forest seems have their own index of data and data organization. There are some files very relevant to OSM (trails; recreation points listing campsites, docks etc) and some not so useful to the normal OSM reader (owl and fish habitats).

US National Park Service

The National Park Service has a data clearinghouse often with trails (some historic paths) rivers, roads and often with very high resolution orthophotos.


The USGS has a centralized database ( http://seamless.usgs.gov ) that contains many data sets, several that would be of use to OSM, including very detailed surface water data sets (rivers, streams, lakes, tiny ponds), dams, federal lands . The data are in the public domain ( http://seamless.usgs.gov/faq/general_faq.php#six ). However, they do request attribution of data to USGS, so it may require a followup to use in OSM.

National Hydrography Dataset

Part of the USGS Data, the National Hydrography Dataset contains detailed information on nearly all waterways and bodies in the United States

The GAP Analysis Program

Also a project of the USGS, the The GAP Analysis Program was conducted state by state initially and most recently on a regional basis. Relevant data includes landuse/landcover and stewardship/conservation lands, which includes military and DOD lands, and state/federal/local lands preserved for conservation purposes.

Department of Transportation links

DOT homepage links for all 50 states. Check each for the GIS department, and statewide downloadable data.

National Address Database (NAD) that is assembled by the U.S. DOT from various state and local government sources provided under a public domain license.

U.S. Energy Information Administration

Contains lots of data on US infrastructure. All data is public domain. (Shapefiles)

FAA Digital Obstacle File (DOF)

The FAA Digital Obstacle File contains coordinates and elevations, as well as some meta data for aviation obstacles in the united states. It is distributed from the DAICD. I believe that the data is public domain but the CD is sold as a subscription; someone like myself who has the CD could theoretically import the data into OSM without violating copyright. (TODO: double-check IP status.) Update: As of April 2015, the file is available online at [36].

The DOF would be a useful way to populate the map with aviation-chart-related items, particularly ones that can also serve as landmarks: smoke stacks, antennas, etc.

FAA National Flight Data Center (NFDC)

Much aviation data is maintained at nfdc.faa.gov.

CLUI - Centre for landuse interpretation

http://www.clui.org/clui_4_1/index.html Information identifying weird landuses spotted in aerial imagery throughout the U.S. Non-profit organisation. No copyright information on their website. Didn't contact them (yet). Maps (approx landuse pinpointing) on the site uses google maps. May be use-able for vague identification purposes.

National Agricultural Imaging Project


Decent aerial imagery. List of WMS servers

Natural Resources Conservation Service

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) hosts the Web Soil Survey Application, containing soil map unit data which can be downloaded at county, state, or custom extents. This is a continuous dataset of soil map units that distinguish water areas and often have equivalent interpretation as wetland, riparian, or urban features. This data has been collected from on-the-ground survey and extrapolation by topographic and aerial photo interpretation, with high relative accuracy.


Adding the list of mines and quarries in the USA from here:

Note, I have started the process to import this data, but I accidently overwrote the names with josm. Now I am working on modifying the names. https://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/changeset/3345627

Keywords: EPA, Brownfields, Assessment Grant, Hazardous Substance, Property Redevelopment, public health, environment, federal data download, regulated sites, hazardous, contaminated, polluted, federal datasets, Land Revitalization, land redevelopment, land reuse, real property, hazardous substance, kmz, xml, Shapefile

Next Generation Radar (NEXRAD) Locations

http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/nexradinv/ Next Generation Radar (NEXRAD) Locations http://www.data.gov/details/4

This geospatial rendering of weather radar sites gives access to an historical archive of Terminal Doppler Weather Radar data and is used primarily for research purposes. The archived data includes base data and derived products of the National Weather Service (NWS) Weather Surveillance Radar 88 Doppler (WSR-88D) next generation (NEXRAD) weather radar. Weather radar detects the three meteorological base data quantities: reflectivity, mean radial velocity, and spectrum width. From these quantities, computer processing generates numerous meteorological analysis products for forecasts, archiving and dissemination. There are 159 operational NEXRAD radar systems deployed throughout the United States and at selected overseas locations. At the Radar Operations Center (ROC) in Norman OK, personnel from the NWS, Air Force, Navy, and FAA use this distributed weather radar system to collect the data needed to warn of impending severe weather and possible flash floods; support air traffic safety and assist in the management of air traffic flow control; facilitate resource protection at military bases; and optimize the management of water, agriculture, forest, and snow removal. This data set is jointly owned by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Federal Aviation Administration, and Department of Defense

Processing :

Unzip. Replace wsr with Placemark. gps babel.

Added these tags:

man_made = beacon


EPA Geospatial Data Download: Facility and Site Information

Contains information about facilities or sites subject to environmental regulation, including key facility information along with associated environmental interests for use in mapping and reporting applications.

Keywords : FRS, EPA, CERCLIS, NEPT, NPDES, PCS, RCRA, RCRAInfo, Superfund, NPL, TRI, regulated sites, toxic release, major discharges, brownfields, federal data download, national priorities list, public health, environment, federal datasets, kmz, xml, shapefile, sites, facilities


See here for the full record : EPAGeospatial

National Atlas Raw Data Download Site

This site contains a huge amount of data possibly useful to OSM. Place names, political boundaries, hydrology, etc. Most data is USGS collected and is public domain, however the site "Web Policies" page states that copyright must be inspected for each data set.


Note: Many of the shapefiles on nationalatlas.gov, particularly fedlanp020.shp and its derivatives, are horribly inaccurate (the resolution is low). Please avoid importing any more of it onto OSM! Users have found boundaries as much as a mile off from their true location. See this diary post.


Wilderness.net gathers US Designated Wilderness area definitions from the US Forest Service, Fish and Game, National Park Service and Bureau of Land Management into a single data set available for free download as Shapefile or KML.


Wilderness.net webmaster Lisa Eidson has been contacted and confirmed that all Wilderness data available on Wilderness.net is public domain.

National Transportation Atlas Database

The NTAD maintains various datasets associated with transportation in the US.


The FHWA provides the ARNOLD (All Roads Network Of Linear referenced Data) data under the HPMS (Highway Performance Monitoring System); see here.

NOAA ENC wreck and AWOIS database

The NOAA Office of Coast Survey maintains a database of wrecks and underwater obstructions. [37] The data itself is useful for a nautical chart like in the OpenSeaMap project. After confirming with NOAA via email, the data is indeed in the public domain and therefore can be imported into OSM.

Microsoft Building Footprints with Heights

Microsoft has footprint data for 9.8 million buildings in 44 states, concentrating on metropolitan areas. The data is released with an ODbL license https://opendatacommons.org/licenses/odbl/. The Microsoft Building Imports page has more details. Microsoft Building Footprint Data

North Country Trail
US Postal Service

The USPS provides a database of post boxes (or "collection boxes" in their lexicon). The data includes coordinates. There is an online database and the data is also available in GitHub. The data is also available as an Excel spreadsheet from the USPS on request and this other github site has one such data set.

The number and location of collection boxes is changing over time and so this might be a good target for a periodic import.

US Department of Energy Alternative Fueling Stations

Offers seemingly high-quality data about electric vehicle charging stations and other alternative fuels such as hydrogen or natural gas vehicle filling stations.

According to the USDOE the data is verified at least biennially, by survey if necessary.


Mobile, Al.

City of Mobile All layers


Alaska DOT downloads.

Alaska Geospatioal clearinghouse Has limited availability by time of day.


City of Flagstaff

Flagstaff has an open data website that includes building footprints and address points. The data is open and the City has given explicit permission to use in OSM.

Yavapai County

Yavapai County has shared open data via the Esri Community Maps program and its new option for data sharing. The data is now available in ArcGIS Online under a CC BY license with explicit waiver to incorporate in OSM.


Situs Address Points on Geostor The Situs Address Points have been confirmed by AGIO to be public domain data.


CalFire has a set of landcover layers that can be imported. The website says they may be distributed in any manner but a credit must be given. See California_Land_Cover.

http://gis.ca.gov/BrowseCatalog.epl has state park info and more

California has a master list of all parks on all levels - federal, state, county and city http://www.calands.org. OSM does not need permission from GreenInfo to import these data; CPAD data are freely available for OSM to use, see California/Using_CPAD_data. An attribution is requested but not required.

To see the counties that have granted OSM permission to use their data, go to California/Import.

County of Los Angeles

Los Angeles County provides countywide building outlines in public domain; data was collected from 2006-2008. More recent data exists, but has not been publicly released.

County of Sonoma

Sonoma County provides parcels and building outlines as well as many other GIS datasets presumably in public domain but still getting confirmation.

City of San Jose

San Jose provides a wide variety of datasets which includes building footprints, parcels, address points, streets, sanitary and storm systems among others.

City of Berkeley

Berkeley provides a citywide dataset of building roof prints. This data was collected in 2006.

City of Fremont

Fremont has open dataset of building footprints that covers the entire city area.

Orange County

Orange County publishes various open datasets, including building footprints with addresses, which are available to download from ArcGIS Open Data site. The data is provided under a CC0 1.0 Public Domain Dedication.

City of Redlands

Redlands has an open data website that includes building footprints and address points. The data is open and the City has given explicit permission to use in OSM.

City of Riverside

Riverside has created and shared a building footprints with addresses data set based on Microsoft Buildings and buildings data from the City, which has been shared with the Esri Community Maps Program and published in ArcGIS Online. The data is provided under the Open Database License (ODbL).

San Diego County

SanGIS publishes various open datasets on the SanGIS Regional Data Warehouse site, including building footprint and address points, which are available to download. The data is provided under a custom, open data license, but SanGIS has given written permission to use in OSM.


This section have been moved to the OSM Colorado wiki page.


Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) has numerous data sets available at its GIS DATA portal. Of particular interest is its database of DEEP property, which includes the state forests, the state parks, and numerous other categories of public-access land.

District of Columbia

DC GIS Main page. The GIS Data Clearinghouse/Catalog link contains hundreds of data layers.

Permission: DC_Buildings_&_Addresses_Import/Permission

See: DC_Buildings_&_Addresses_Import


Florida Department of Transportation GIS data in shape format. Web site, and direct FTP Everything provided by the FDOT GIS is in public domain, this has been verified by e-mail.

Aerial photography is also available upon request from FDOT's Surveying & Mapping Office. The images, provided in MrSID format, are much higher quality than Yahoo's aerials and are released in the public domain, verified by email. The entire state is covered, with most counties photographed as recently as 2008, but check their coverage map to find out for specific counties. Unfortunately, the common OSM editing tools don't support MrSID, but with some effort, the files can be converted and served through a standard WMS.

A site for tracking down other sources of data in Florida is FindGIS, a blog/site that is pursuing Florida government agencies to release their GIS data as required. As well as list where that data can be found. Not all is free, or released as Public Domain. See each site individually.

NOTE about http://www.cfgis.org/ Careful reading suggests they are claiming copyright (and limiting distribution) on behalf of the data sources they have in the Clearinghouse even for sources that are/should be public domain. Further inquires should be made before using anything downloaded from here, or check the original source.

Counties listed below for more detailed information layers, better accuracy and up to date roads. Just be careful of the datum for the county data.

Bay County, Florida

Bay County has shared open data via the Esri Community Maps program and its new option for data sharing. The data is now available in ArcGIS Online under a CC BY license with explicit waiver to incorporate in OSM.

Broward County

Broward County GIS Data

Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

City of Fort Lauderdale GIS downloads

Lee County, Florida

Lee County has shared open data via the Esri Community Maps program and its new option for data sharing. The data is now available in ArcGIS Online under a CC BY license with explicit waiver to incorporate in OSM.

Leon County

[38] GIS downloads with shapefiles at [39] Nothing restrictive about license listed on the website except, "In respect for the privacy of property owners entitled to confidentiality, user will refresh all data obtained from this database on a monthly basis." This could prove to be rather problematic.

Orange County

Orange County GIS Should be in public domain, but not verified yet.

Seminole County

Seminole county GIS Lots of Shape layers, and even aerial data 1940-present, but not all geotagged. Should be in public domain, but not verified yet.

City of Tampa

Tampa publishes various open datasets, including building footprints with addresses, which are available to download from ArcGIS Open Data site. The data is provided under a CC0 1.0 Public Domain Dedication.

Volusia County

Volusia County GIS Should be in public domain, but not verified yet.


Georgia GIS Clearinghouse

Some potential data sources are listed on the Georgia page and the Atlanta page. Info that has been imported include:

Specifically in the city of Athens, GA the Athens-Clarke County Government has data on many different features through their Open Data portal. This includes data related to:

  • County Government (related to everyday government activites)
  • Environment (natural environment data in Athens)
  • Historic (historic site and area data in Athens)
  • Transportation (transportation data in Athens)
  • Zoning and Boundaries
  • And More
City of Johns Creek

Johns Creek publishes various open datasets, including building structures and address points, which are available to download from Johns Creek Open Data Hub. The data is provided under a CC BY license, but the City GIS team has expressed a desire to see the data added to OpenStreetMap and will likely be happy to share with explicit permission for use in OSM.


Hawaii Statewide GIS Program

The Hawaii GIS Program has a very large collection of GIS data. No license information is mentioned on the website, but the GIS data is all in the public domain, as verified in a personal conversation with a manager in the GIS department.

The road data is probably not particularly relevant, since TIGER road data has already been imported. But this source includes data that would be very difficult or impossible to get any other way, such as streams and coral reefs.



The City of Boise has a website dedicated to open data. Notably, it contains addresses for the entire city as well as fire hydrants. The fire hydrants could be imported with little issue as there are no existing fire hydrant nodes to check against. There are 9,237 hydrants in the dataset, meaning it could be uploaded in one changeset. As for the addresses, this would require much more manual review, but it would add a significant amount of useful data. The front page specifies that the data are Open, Public, and Free to Use.


Illinois DOT

Statewide LiDAR Data

Illinois Geospatial Data Clearinghouse - Illinois Height Modernization (ILHMP): LiDAR Data Per email received from the Remote Sensing Data Manager of the Illinois State Geological Survey:

After much research I have found that you are granted permissions to use the LiDAR data to make derivatives such as building footprints and similar derived products.  As long as you follow the guidelines mentioned in the metadata to cite ISGS as the source using the proper metadata for the LiDAR this would be fine.


CDOT The Chicago Department of Transportation.

[40] Provides Bikway/parking/shop public data in the chicago area.

Lake County

Lake County has shared open data via the Esri Community Maps program and its new option for data sharing. The data is now available in ArcGIS Online under a CC BY license with explicit waiver to incorporate in OSM.

McHenry County

McHenry County GIS Map

Map Data Sources

McLean County

McLean County GIS Consortium: the datasets are under CC-BY 4.0 but one could ask them if they would be willing to waive the incompatible terms or dual license them under ODbL. link.


Indiana Map Statewide Orthophotography (2005) The IndianaMap project has produced this imagery "public domain and provided with no restrictions on data distribution. Please provide credit for these data to the IndianaMap Framework Data."

Local Datasets (Counties, various dates) these datasets are public domain without use constraints

City of Indianapolis

IndyGIS publishes various open datasets, including buildings with addresses, which are available to download from OpenIndy Data Portal. The data is provided under a custom, open data license, but the IndyGIS team has expressed a desire to see the data added to OpenStreetMap and has given Esri explicit permission to use in OSM.

Madison County, Indiana

Madison County has shared open data via the Esri Community Maps program and its new option for data sharing. The data is now available in ArcGIS Online under a CC BY license with explicit waiver to incorporate in OSM.


Iowa DNR "The NRGIS Library is public information, and offered freely to encourage the wise utilization of Iowa's natural resources." from the about page.

Iowa DOT Maps "The mission of Transportation Data is to gather, maintain, analyze, and distribute transportation related information. This information includes roadway, structure, and rail-crossing data, traffic statistics, and intelligent map products that support the economic, environmental, and social vitality of Iowa." I contacted the Iowa DOT and they said, "The Iowa Transportation Map has copyright restrictions. The city and county maps are in the public domain." --Carl Simonson 15:16, 6 December 2012 (UTC)

Johnson County, Iowa

Johnson County has shared open data via the Esri Community Maps program and its new option for data sharing. The data is now available in ArcGIS Online under a CC BY license with explicit waiver to incorporate in OSM.

Polk County

Polk County GIS Data

Pottawattamie County, Iowa

Pottawattamie County has shared open data via the Esri Community Maps program and its new option for data sharing. The data is now available in ArcGIS Online under a CC BY license with explicit waiver to incorporate in OSM.


The Kentucky Geoportal - Licensing seems open but vague [41] - GIS data available for download


Open Data Portal - Terms of use here [42] - All county GIS data online in bulk


Open Data Portal - Has some of the county's GIS data, more coming - Open Data Policy [43] - "Data available through Louisville’s Open Data Portal is offered free and without restriction."

Madison County

Madison County publishes various open datasets, including address points, which are available to download from ArcGIS Open Data site. The data is provided under the Open Database License (ODbL).


City of Baton Rouge

City of Baton Rouge has shared open data via the Esri Community Maps program and its new option for data sharing. The data is now available in ArcGIS Online under a CC BY license with explicit waiver to incorporate in OSM.

City of New Orleans

data.nola.gov has a number of shapefiles available which are explicitly licensed as CC0.


The MEGIS Data Catalog includes shapefiles for a variety of datasets relevant to Maine.

Maine GeoLibrary has additional datasets that are relevant to Maine.

Governing copyright laws:


City of Salisbury, Maryland

Wicomico County City of Salisbury The joint City of Salisbury/Wicomico County GIS group maintains detailed and accurate GIS data that is, through personal conversation with both City and County GIS coordinators, public domain. Efforts are being made to make this data publicly available through venues such as Open Street Map and internally hosted public web maps. Uploaded data includes the most recent, up-to-date City administrative boundary, building footprints, and more extensive coverage of hydrology data for the majority of the Wicomico County/City of Salisbury metrocore area.

Prince George's County, Maryland

Prince George's County maintains an OpenData portal for GIS which launched July 1, 2015 which contains 200+ datasets including: building shapefiles, points of interest by category type, hydro structures, contour lines, and other features for the entire county in Maryland.

Use Constraints: Creative Commons Attribution https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/. You can copy, modify, distribute, and perform analysis on the data, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission, but please provide attribution to the Prince George's County Planning Department. The Planning Department makes no warranties about the data, and disclaims liability for all uses of the data, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.

  • Attribution required: Data retrieved from Planning Department GIS Open Data http://www.pgplanning.org


MassGIS main download page. The import Catalog lists this as imported with a massgis_import_* tag. Which layers were imported? See MassGIS for the trail of breadcrumbs. Several layers imported, including roads, points of interest, building outines in Boston, and OpenSpace (2009-01-04), by CRSchmidt.

Long distance trails and Bike Trails Are these already imported with the above?
massDOT Office of Planning has quite a bit of data related to roads. See massDOT for more.
MassGIS Level 3 Assessors’ Parcel Mapping has address information for buildings.
City of Boston

Boston publishes various open datasets, including addresss points, which are available to download from ArcGIS Open Data site. The data is provided under ODC Public Domain Dedication and License (PDDL).


  • MDOT All Roads consists of all roads from the Michigan Geographic Framework (MGF) base map.
  • MDOT Bridge Connections provides information about the bridge connection layer which is an inventory of the bridge signs installed on MDOT bridges, railroad bridges and local bridges within Michigan Department of Transportation’s jurisdiction.
  • MDOT Five Year Transportation Program provides an annual document listing roads and bridge projects planned for the next five years. After being presented to the State Transportation Commission’s and gets its approval, the document is posted on MDOT’s Web site.
  • MDOT Lane Mile Inventory consists of a GPS assisted windshield survey data collection of the number of lanes on any given segment of Michigan state highway.
  • MDOT Mile Markers has information about mile marker location along Michigan’s highways. The dataset includes descriptive information such as latitude and longitude, route name, region, TSC, county, control section number, physical reference(PR), number, PR mile point and mile number.
  • Pavement Condition : SEMCOG (Southeast Michigan Council of Governments) open data provides road condition data which is collected annually from late Spring to late Fall using RoadSoft. They also provide a dataset with roads extracted from version 16 of the Michigan Geographic Framework. The data can be downloaded from this page.
  • Michgian DNR : The Michigan Department of Natural Resources maintains an open data portal at MI DNR Open Data. It contains a variety of points including camping sites, trails, DNR stations and addresses, among other datasets.
Detroit, Michigan

Traffic Signals is a dataset with the location of all traffic signals in Detroit.

The page contains the location of all traffic signs in Detroit.


Minnesota Basemap WMS Services

MnGEO offers WMS services that are useful for basemap layers. The services include state-wide and metro imagery with resolutions of a meter or less. The services are available in geographic or UTM Zone15N spatial reference systems. More info at: http://www.mngeo.state.mn.us/chouse/wms/wms_image_server_description.html

Minnesota DOT GIS Data

The Minnesota Department of Transportation releases 1:24000 scale GIS data files. From the site: "The data set includes information about transportation features (roads, railroads and navigable waters), as well as boundary information (State, County, and Municipal Boundaries, Mn/DOT District Boundaries, Civil, and Congressional Townships, State Forests and Parks, Military Reservations, Indian Reservation Lands, National Forests and Parks), and stream and lake locations." The files are "free of charge" from the MNDOT website: http://www.dot.state.mn.us/maps/gisbase/html/datafiles.html but no mention of them being explicitly public domain/copyright free. It's probably worth contacting them though. --BenFranske 08:22, 18 June 2008 (UTC)


The Metropolitan Council publishes data in shapefile format here. The Metropolitan Council recently changed their metadata distribution language with the intention to be more accessible to uses such as importing into OpenStreetMap.

Minnesota DNR Data Deli (GIS data)

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has a lot of Minnesota related GIS data. The information is accessible at the Minnesota Department of Resources Data Deli website: http://deli.dnr.state.mn.us/index.html It is typically provided in the form of shape files which can be converted to OSM or GPX files. This includes such data as:

  1. Lakes, stream, rivers, wetlands
  2. Roads, streets, forestry roads
  3. Water access points, boat landings
  4. State Snowmobile trails
  5. State forests, parks, and WMA boundaries
  6. State trails
  7. State park trails
  8. BWCA (Boundary Waters Canoe Area) boundary
  9. State, federal, and county owned land
  10. State forestry service administered land (different from official state forests)
  11. Plus lot more and can be found here on the data download page: http://deli.dnr.state.mn.us/data_search.html

This page: http://deli.dnr.state.mn.us/about.html contains general information about using the MN DNR data deli, contact information for the site, its data, and general questions. Also it has the official license, the Minnesota DNR GIS Data License Agreement, for this data which my reading would suggest that it could be added to OSM.

According to my reading, Sections 1 and 6 of the DNR GIS Data License Agreement indicate that the data can not be added to OSM under either the CC-SA-BY or the draft ODbL license. - I have attached a copy of the MN DNR's GIS data license to the Talk page --DiverCTH 00:08, 22 December 2009 (UTC)
Part 1 of the agreement says that if there is a dataset-specific license agreement distributed with the data, then that more specific agreement holds. Many of the datasets I've downloaded from the site have "None" for both "Access Constraints" and "Use Constraints". It seems like at least some of the data from the DNR Data Deli could be added to OSM. --Stucki1 31 December 2009
Minnesota Geospatial Commons

Different free and open data sets from counties in Minnesota (https://gisdata.mn.gov/). Data sets have different licenses that might or might not be compatible with OSM's ODbL License. Check before usage.



Mississippi Automated Resource Information System (MARIS) Technical Center website, providing access to Mississippi's statewide geographic information system (GIS). Through this site we offer you access to a range of resources, including:

  • search and retrieval of data descriptions (metadata)
  • retrieval of Mississippi data sets
  • posting of news related to GIS developments
  • announcements of upcoming meetings and events
  • mapping of data sets
  • access and retrieval to aerial photography covering Mississippi

The Mississippi Geospatial Clearinghouse (MGC) provides access to a comprehensive spatial information warehouse of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) resources of Mississippi for use by government, academia, and the private sector.

The Mississippi Geospatial Clearinghouse and MARIS are two separate entities. The Mississippi Geospatial Clearinghouse is assigned the responsibility of getting data to the public. Most of the data is government data that is considered "best available" data. MARIS provides MGC some data that MGC exposes on their behalf.

Data in MGC has been confirmed public domain. (contact Eladner for details)


Missouri Spatial Data Information Service

MSDIS is the public domain repository for the state of Missouri, housed by the University of Missouri at Columbia. Data layers cover a wide range of resources compiled by state agencies, including natural resources, health services, and transportation networks. ArcIMS web services are provided at http://msdismapper.col.missouri.edu, including public domain leaf-off 2' pixel resolution aerial photography from 2007-2008.

St Louis County

St Louis County Planning Department's Data CD1 contains shapefiles as of July 2009 for political jurisdictions, service areas, schools, fire stations, landmarks, light rail lines and stations, street centerlines, and addressing. Missouri Law requires a county ordinance to place licensing and fee restrictions, which St Louis County does not have in place.


Montana Cadastral Data

MAPP is the site for Montana's Cadastral Data.

Terms: This data is a cooperative effort between the Montana Department of Administration, (DOA) and the Montana Department of Revenue (DOR) other state agencies, local, governments, USDI BLM and private enterprise. The DOA provides mapped cadastral data, Web development, deployment, and enhancements. The DOR provides maintenance as well as CAMA data relating to the mapped cadastral data. Neither the DOA nor any associated partner, nor their employees, makes any warranty, expressed or implied, including the fitness for a particular purpose, or assumes any legal liability responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product, or process disclosed, or represents that its use would not infringe privately owned rights.

In layman's terms: the data not constitute a legal survey; inaccuracies exist with both the mapped data and the CAMA data; when seeking the definitive description of real property, consult the deed recorded at the local county courthouse.

State law ( Montana Code Annotated 2-6-109 (1)(a) ) explicitly prohibits State agencies from selling or distributing a list of persons to be used as a mailing list without first securing the permission of those on the list. State law ( MCA 2-6-109 (1)(b) ) also explicitly prohibits anyone from using a list of persons prepared by a state agency as a mailing list without first securing the permission of those on the list. "A person violating the provisions of subsection (1)(b) is guilty of a misdemeanor."

Distribution Metadata


Sarpy County

Sarpy County publishes various open datasets on the Sarpy County GIS portal, including building footprints and address points which are available to download from ArcGIS Open Data site. The data is provided under a Public Domain license.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire DOT: GIS Data Catalog

It looks to be pretty comprehensive as far as transportation, with roads, bridges, rail. It also seems to include Town and County information as well as digital orthophotos.

Note: Check all applicable copyrights on data before including. http://www.nh.gov/dot/org/projectdevelopment/planning/gis/

New Jersey

Refer to the New Jersey project page for more information.

New Jersey 2007-2008 aerial photography are available online via WMS. There are no restrictions on its use. View metadata.

The New Jersey Geographic Information Network is the state's geospatial data clearinghouse. More GIS data freely available for download at NJDEP Bureau of GIS. Always check the metadata for use restrictions. GIS data maintained and published by a state or local government entity is subject to NJ's OPRA laws and considered public domain.

New Mexico

The Pueblo of Acoma has offered license-free data it created as part of the federal "rural-addressing" project, which is designed to make it easier for emergency personnel to locate rural addresses. The data consists of a shapefile of road center lines on the reservation and adjoining areas. The tribal Director of Water and Wastewater, and the Director of Planning and Engineering both put in writing that the data is license-free.

New York


Parks and Trails New York has data for multi-use trails and park areas across the state. Discussions are underway with them about permission and licensing.


NYS GIS Clearinghouse

The New York State GIS Clearinghouse is a big dataset that includes administrative boundaries, cadastral, parks, emergency response, address points, and other data for New York State.

New York City

New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DOITT) Map includes: building outlines, parks, green markets, schools, wifi hotspots, historic districts, landmarks, municipal boundaries, transportation details, and property info of all kinds.


There is a feedback form for the map that might be used to initiate a request to share the info.

North Carolina

Chapel Hill Open Data


Some data has already been imported. Most data uses ODbL v1.0.

Durham Open Data


Sister project to Chapel Hill Open Data; some data has already been imported. Data licenses may vary by dataset but most are compatible.

North Carolina DOT: GIS data including Bikeroutes

The NC Department of Transportation releases their bike routes as a GIS layer in ESRI. They may also have normal roads, but that's less of a point with TIGER available.

NCDOT GIS Digital Bicycle Maps & Route Information → http://www.ncdot.org/it/gis/DataDistribution/BikeMaps/
Google Cache (27 Feb 2010) →
Wayback Cache (28 April 2006 forward) → http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.ncdot.org/it/gis/DataDistribution/BikeMaps/

The NC OneMap ftp service description page provides a list of files which can be downloaded and used "by anyone without restriction". However, meta-data associated with each file should be consulted to determine any actual restrictions on use and any attribution requirements. An e-mail from David Giordano at ncmail.net (listed contact) confirms this. The data is broadly broken down into two categories: vector data and raster (imagery) data. A WMS service has been purportedly set up.

NCSU Library North Carolina County GIS Data


North Dakota

Richland County

Richland County publishes various open datasets, including address points, which are available to download from ArcGIS Open Data site. The data is provided under a CC0 1.0 Public Domain Dedication.


Main article: Ohio/Imports

Central Ohio Transit Authority has public data for the following (bus routes, stops, park and rides, ammenities) available in shapefile format. Requests can be made at [44]

OGRIP (Ohio Geographically Referenced Information Program) provides public data for road centerlines, aerial imagery, LIDAR, and much more. Mostly available in shapefile format and public domain. The main website [45] links to all of the data.

Ohio Metadata Explorer provides lots of public gis layers from different state and local departments. [46]

NEO CANDO, (Northeast Ohio Community and Neighborhood Data for Organizing) contains information on properties within the City of Cleveland. License status is currently unknown. [47]

Franklin County

Franklin County publishes various open datasets, including building footprints, which are available to download from ArcGIS Open Data site. The data is provided under a CC0 1.0 Public Domain Dedication.

Montgomery County

Montgomery County provides open and free access to GIS datasets. Per email correspondence with the lead for Montgomery County's GIS Department, the GIS data is:

"Our information is public, and available freely to use for whatever purpose you desire.  All we ask is that you adhere to our disclaimer, and make that information available to end users.


Oklahoma City

See import page

Murray County

See import page


Refer to the more detailed Oregon page.


Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Allegheny County has very nice, accurate GIS data available in both shapefiles and as WMS layers at PASDA. These are much more accurate then the TIGER lines, and include bike paths and pedestrian-only ways.

I've spoken to them on the phone (on 7-8-2008), and they consider this data to be in the Public Domain. I'm trying to figure out how to upload this data to OSM - if anyone had tips, I'd love to have them. --Morgan-pgh 16:39, 10 July 2008 (UTC)

Here are some old discussions on the topic of importing these data sets: [48] [49] Abbafei (talk) 05:10, 27 April 2014 (UTC)

And another, from someone at the department [50]. jleedev (talk) 01:05, 5 October 2017 (UTC)

GIS data is also abundant for Philly at PASDA. (click "Download Data" and search for keyword "Philadelphia".) Useful shapefiles include bike network, building footprints, parks, schools, fire stations, and railroads. Presumably the shapefiles that originate from the City of Philadelphia are in the public domain as it is a government entity.

Indego, a bike-sharing service run by the city, has granted permission to use their data. Station names, coordinates, and maximum capacities can be gathered from the GBFS feed at https://gbfs.bcycle.com/bcycle_indego/gbfs.json. From my personal experience using their application and online map, their data is accurate and up-to-date.


The City of Pittsburgh is currently adopting an open data program. They have lots of interesting data! Note that they have an OSM account. Abbafei (talk) 05:10, 27 April 2014 (UTC)

Rhode Island


The Rhode Island Geographic Information System (RIGIS) Consortium recently made their expansive data catalog openly available as of September 1st of 2014. All data is available in shapefiles, though some of the URLs to SHP versions are currently dead. The Data Distribution Policy states:

All data distributed by RIGIS are provided 'as is.' The producer(s) of these data, contributors to these data, the Rhode Island Geographic Information System (RIGIS) consortium, the State of Rhode Island, and the University of Rhode Island do not make any warranties of any kind for these data, and are not liable for any loss or damage however and whenever caused by any use of these data. Please acknowledge both RIGIS and the primary producer(s) of these data in any derived products. Versions of the RIGIS logo suitable for both printed and web-based products are available at http://www.edc.uri.edu/rigis/logos.

Therefore, all data from their catalogs needs to have source=RIGIS on it. Note that the metadata for the datasets still might include copies of the former license, even though it has been superseded; this is no cause for concern.

South Dakota

City of Sioux Falls

The City provides data to Esri through the Esri Community Maps program, including building footprints and address points, and has authorized Esri to share the data with OpenStreetMap under an open data license (i.e. CC-BY with Explicit Waiver for OSM) through the Community Maps Data Sharing option.



Texas provides some good data from the Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS) [51]. I can't tell if the data's completely PD, or how accurate it is yet, but I work with this data, and it seems pretty close for what I use it for.

Update: Just received email from TNRIS. Their data is public domain. From the email:"If you can credit us, that would be great."25or6to4 18:37, 8 July 2009 (UTC)

Texas Parks and Wildlife Statewide GIS data --Dalep 01:29, 1 September 2008 (UTC)

The City of Austin has an excellent set of GIS data available for download as shapefiles covering the city and its environs. Not only are there up-to-date layers for streets and arterials, but also water features, railroads, political boundaries, etc. There also is a comprehensive file of property parcels, and another file of points for discrete addresses. The data is stated as being in the public domain on the map request form: "GIS data sets are in the public domain and may be copied without permission, though citation of the source is appreciated." [52]

The City of Frisco has an excellent set of GIS data available for download as shapefiles [53] covering the city and its environs. There is Transportation, Points of Interest, Land Records, Municipal Boundaries, Zoning and Other Districts, and Monumentation. An *official from the GIS department sent this email to Martijn van Excel (Date: Mon, Feb 2, 2015 at 3:22 PM -0800): "We’d be happy for you to use our data in updating the Open Street Map database. We post our data as public information without a particular license, although we do include a readme file which includes a disclaimer with our data downloads. I don’t believe that any particular disclaimer or attribution would be required in OSM after using our data in order to update your database. Frisco GIS official: John Morley,GIS Coordinator,City of Frisco,972.292.5173,jmorley@friscotexas.gov

The City of Dallas has a number of GIS resources available for download [54], including building footprints, parks and trails, and hydrologic features. After contacting the City's GIS department about usage, I received the following response: "We provide the data without restriction or guarantees of fitness for any purposes. We don't have any authority to grant or recognize the use of the data for any particular purpose(s). We consider it to fall under the heading of "public information", so it is available to use as you see fit. Perhaps you might use the Texas Public Information Act for your citation. Once you download the data, it is yours and we assume no responsibility or liability. Per State Law, we fully disclaim its use for any and all purposes. Regards, Michael R Miller, GIS Technical Manager, Communications & Information Services, Innovation & Information Management Services, City GIS Services, Michael.Miller2@DallasCityHall.com, 214.670.0876" -Andrew Matheny (talk) 16:20, 29 December 2016 (UTC)

City of Abilene

City of Abilene, Texas has shared open data via the Esri Community Maps program and its new option for data sharing. The data is now available in ArcGIS Online under a CC BY license with explicit waiver to incorporate in OSM.

Williamson County

Williamson County has shared open data via the Esri Community Maps program and its new option for data sharing. The data is now available in ArcGIS Online under a CC BY license with explicit waiver to incorporate in OSM.


Utah GIS portal "The State Geographic Information Database (SGID) contains files and links to several different categories of data sets. Data presented for download on this site is considered to be in the public domain."

Some data sets have required disclaimers and attribution for printed and direct use.


Vermont Center for Geographic Information (VGCI) - The Warranty & Copyright notice mentions only that non-value added sale is prohibited:

"4.1 For all products, services, Internet Website, and data the direct, non-value added, reproduction of State of Vermont or VCGI’s products, services, Website, or data with intent to sell and without the written consent of VCGI."

In response to a request for clarification, the following statement was received from John E. Adams AICP, Director of the Vermont Center for Geographic Information. (Adamfranco (talk) 14:52, 21 September 2017 (UTC))

"The State of Vermont Center for Geographic Information has no objections to geodata derived in part from data-sets published by the Vermont Center for Geographic Information in the Vermont Open Geodata Portal being incorporated into the OpenStreetMap project geodata database and released under a free and open license."



See the Virginia page for resources.

City of Alexandria

Alexandria publishes various open datasets, including addresss points, which are available to download from ArcGIS Open Data site. The data is provided under a CC0 1.0 Public Domain Dedication.

Town of Blacksburg
Loudoun County

Loudoun County has shared open data via the Esri Community Maps program and its new option for data sharing. The data is now available in ArcGIS Online under a CC BY license with explicit waiver to incorporate in OSM.

Montgomery County
Prince William County

Washington State

Links to various Washington agencies (out dated)

Bellingham, Washington

Bellingham's GIS department has given consent for their data to be used in OSM and redistributed under the ODbL. A copy of correspondence with them can be found on Dericke's user page. Bellingham on OSM

Bothell, Washington

Bothell publishes GIS data on their website: Bothell GIS. The terms of use don't limit data usage, but state that data is "intended for internal purposes only".

Clallam County, Washington
Clark County, Washington

Clark County has granted permission to use their GIS data. It includes roads, addresses, building footprints, administrative boundaries, and a variety of other data.

Spokane, Washington

The city of Spokane, WA publishes free (gratis) GIS datasets for street centerlines, parks, waterways, city boundaries, etc. The centerlines seem to cover all of Spokane County.

Their data is of much better quality than the TIGER/Line data—though TIGER/Line does cover a few things that Spokane's data does not: roads in some trailer park in the Latah area (Club Dr., etc. around 47.63783,-117.44589); Centennial Trail (partial coverage).

I'm contacting them to see if we can include this in OSM. --Jpl 01:29, 15 March 2008 (UTC)

Tacoma, Washington

City of Tacoma, Washington has shared open data via the Esri Community Maps program and its new option for data sharing. The data is now available in ArcGIS Online under a CC BY license with explicit waiver to incorporate in OSM.

Whatcom County, Washington

Whatcom County GIS They need to be contacted regarding use

West Virgina

West Virginia GIS Data Clearinghouse


WisconsinView announced their aerial and satellite imagery is now available under CC0


While there is no official spatial data portal for Zimbabwean geographic data there are a number of institutions that collect data and can provide it upon request. Local municipalities such as the City of Harare and Kariba have digitized cadastral maps and points of interest. Non Governmental Organizations often collect data related to humanitarian work and can sometimes make this publicly available. There is a long way to go to have reliable and freely available spatial data for Zimbabwe.


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