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2009-07-26 Ekeberg Camping.JPG
An area where people can camp overnight using tents, camper vans or caravans. Edit or translate this description.
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A campsite or campground is an area, usually divided into a number of pitches, where people can camp overnight using tents or camper vans or caravans. There may be various amenities associated with it such as electricity, drinking water, toilets, beach for swimming, etc.

There are different types of campsites with this tag:

  • a dedicated area with improvements, various facilities and a varying level of services and management
  • an impromptu area (as one might decide to stop while backpacking or hiking)


A tourism=camp_site can be tagged as either an area or a node, but ideally as an area if the perimeter is known. There is a proposal for a better method of tagging campsites with all the attributes and amenities relating to it by using the site relation.

The table lists tags which can be added to the campsite. Ideally amenities (showers, drinking water, etc) are mapped at their physical locations but otherwise add them to this object so at least people know it exists somewhere around the site.

Key Value Comment
Name of this campsite
fee yes/no If a fee is payable for this campsite
opening_hours Specify the opening hours/seasons for this campsite.
maxtents number Maximum number of tents
capacity number Maximum number of visitors (often limited on backcountry sites)
tents yes/no Whether camping in tents is allowed (often limited on backcountry sites)
caravans yes/no Whether camping in vehicles is allowed
cabins yes/no Whether the site has cabins for rent
static_caravans yes/no Whether the site has static caravans
swimming_pool yes/no Whether camping site has a swimming pool
bbq yes/no Whether a bbq (grill) is available
openfire yes/no Whether an open-fire is permitted or not
backcountry yes/no Backcountry camping without facilities. The access is usually restricted to foot, bicycle, canoe or ski.
motor_vehicle yes/no Whether motor vehicles (motorcycles, cars, trucks, caravans) are allowed or not. Some "primitive" sites are restricted to hikers (and/or bicyclists, horse-riders, etc) and do not allow motor vehicles at all.
scout yes/no Is it a scoutcamp?
group_only yes/no Is it only usable for a group, eg. Church Groups, Schools, Clubs, Family Groups, Conferences?
impromptu yes/no Whether the site is situated in an impromptu area or not? Prompted by the occasion rather than being planned in advance.
internet_access wlan Provision of access to the internet, typically via WiFi.
sanitary_dump_station yes/no/customers Place to dump RV holding tanks.
washing_machine yes/no If there's a washing machine available within the showers or another building
camp_site basic/standard/serviced/deluxe A classification scheme.
stars 1 - 5 A classification scheme additional or alternatively to the camp_site-classification. The 5-star-system is widely used in France
drinking_water yes/no/unknown Availability of water to drink. 'No' is a clear statement however, 'Yes' might be better replaced by one of the amenity tags at most camping facilities. See Additional Features below.
booking yes/no/recommended/required first come, first serve only?
power supply yes/no Whether the site has electricity (e.g. for caravans)

Additional Features

Where these additional features are present they can be mapped, preferably as separate nodes or areas at the appropriate location:

Key Value Comment
camp Site reception Proposed feature. Reception/check in.
camp Site camp Pitch Proposed feature. Would show individual site in a campground. Can number/label it using ref=*, although it isn't currently rendered by mapnik.
amenity toilets
amenity kitchen
amenity showers
amenity BBQ
amenity bench
amenity Waste Disposal
amenity recycling
amenity Sanitary Dump Station
amenity Boat Rental
amenity Boat Storage Where the boats are stored if they offer rentals or if you bring your own.
amenity parking
amenity Drinking Water Only water source with rendered icon. Could combine with water_tap or water_point?
amenity Water Point For large amounts of water eg to fill water tanks
amenity Watering Place Watering place for animals
Man Made Water Tap Could be connected to a caravan.
leisure firepit Firepit or fireplace.
leisure Picnic table
leisure Swimming pool
shop laundry
shop fuel Shop selling firewood
vending Ice Cubes Where they sell ice for keeping food cool.
Power Supply Power connection point. May be connected to a caravan.
natural tree A single tree, good for shade.
natural Tree Row A line of trees. More shade.
highway service For most minor camp roads
dog yes/no/leashed/etc Proposed feature. Would be good for explicitly showing dog beaches, etc.

Rendering (proposal)

Camp-one.png Camp-two.png Camp-three.png Campsite.png

I think we should have different kinds of icons for the differend kinds of campsites. (See above). Green (only tents), green with a little campfire (backcountry, no services, campfires allowed), blue (caravans - rv allowed), red (large campsites, lots of services, long term or semi-permanent residents) and so on.


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