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Public-images-osm logo.svg amenity = school
Gym Bachgasse.jpg
A primary or secondary school (pupils typically aged 6 to 18) Edit or translate this description.
Group: Education features
Used on these elements
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Useful combination
Status: de facto

Use amenity=school to identify a place where pupils, normally between the ages of about 6 and 18 are taught under the supervision of teachers. This includes primary and secondary schools. See amenity=kindergarten, amenity=college, amenity=university for other educational establishments.

How to map

Mark the boundary of the school using an area Area or place a Node node in the middle of the site if you are in a hurry (or don't have access to information about the boundary and it is not obvious from aerial imagery).

This area should envelop the full grounds of the school including all the buildings, sports facilities and grounds. For schools with multiple sites the multipolygon relation can be used. Tag the element with amenity=school and name=* for the name of school. Suggested additional tags include:

  • operator=* - Name of operator, often the local education authority.
  • addr=* - Address details
  • capacity=*, for the number of pupils taught at the school
  • isced:level=*, for the educational level according to the ISCED scale
  • grades=* - Which grades the school provides, can be used in conjunction with isced:level=*
  • fee=yes if the school makes a direct charge for core services.
  • religion=*, if the school is associated with a particular religion (also denomination=*)
  • wikipedia=*, for a link to a Wikipedia article about the school
  • wikidata=*, ID of the Wikidata item about the school
  • ref=*, if schools are numbered
  • contact=*, for contact details including the schools website, email and phone number
Tagging entrances to a school

School buildings should be tagged with building=school where they are used generally, and optional also with details of use with appropriate additional tags, for example amenity=swimming_pool.

Consider adding entrance=* and if appropriate barrier=gate to the points where roads, paths or other access routes into the school grounds cross the boundary of the school (which is tagged with amenity=school.

Building entrances can be mapped with a node on the building outline, with one of the following tags:

  • entrance=main for the main entrance
  • entrance=yes for secondary entries
  • entrance=emergency for one-way out of the building in case of emergency
  • entrance=service used only by employees or for delivering.

Individual sports pitches can be tagged with leisure=pitch and where an individual sport can be identified it can be tagged with sport=* and surface=grass/asphalt/.... Areas of grass, possibly covering multiple pitches or used for other purposes can tagged with landuse=grass.

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Tagging an area with amenity=school is the established way to tag the campus. Thus a landuse tag is typically not needed. There are some landuse=school tags in the database, please make sure they also carry the amenity tag.