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Public-images-osm logo.svg highway = cycleway
For designated cycleways. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Bicycles
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Status: de facto

The highway=cycleway tag indicates a separate way for the use of cyclists.

How to map

To tag a cycleway just create the way way and tag it with highway=cycleway. If the cycleway has a name then add a name=* tag to it. To indicate that the cycleway is part of a cycle route, see Cycle routes for a full guide.

When not to use

Cycling infrastructure that is an inherent part of a road - particularly "cycle lanes" which are a part of the road - should usually not be tagged as a separate cycleway, but by adding the cycleway=* tag to an existing highway=* instead.

The Bicycle page provides more information about how to tag bicycle-related infrastructure in general.

Foot access on cycleways

Tagging a way with highway=cycleway implies that the route is designated for bicycles.

Different countries have their own rules as to whether foot access is allowed by default on cycleways. See default access restrictions. In countries where foot access is not allowed by default, use the foot=designated or foot=yes tag when foot access is allowed. In this case, you can add the segregated=* tag to indicate whether or not there is a separate pedestrian lane present.

Note that ways, mostly not marked as cycleway by signs, that are not restricted to cyclists only could be tagged as highway=path instead of highway=cycleway, but see Duck tagging as well.

Special situations

In the case you do not have a normal cycleway you should take a look on these tags:

  • cycleway=* - If the cycleway is on or next to a road.
  • oneway=yes - If cyclists are only allowed to ride in one direction on the cycleway.
  • bridge=yes - If the cycleway goes over a street or waterway.
  • tunnel=yes - If the cycleway goes below a street or waterway.


Description Picture Tags
Dedicated cycleway Cycle dutytouse.jpg highway=cycleway

(add access restriction tags like foot=yes or foot=no if access is different from the default access restrictions)

Combined cycle- and footway Cycle cycleandfootway.jpg highway=cycleway + foot=designated + segregated=no


highway=path + bicycle=designated + foot=designated + segregated=no

One-way cycleway One-way cycleway.jpg highway=cycleway + oneway=yes


Mapnik OSMAnd
Cycleway mapnik.png

Blue dotted lines

Cycleway osmand.png

Blue dashed lines

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