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A primary or secondary school (pupils typically aged 6 to 18). Edit or translate this description.
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Use amenity=school to identify a place where pupils, normally between the ages of about 6 and 18 are taught under the supervision of teachers. This includes, according to the ISCED:

  • primary schools (ISCED 1, tagged with isced:level=1) and
  • secondary schools (ISCED 2 and 3, tagged with isced:level=2;3), in some countries called high schools .

For other educational establishments, see

For school ground see the feature landuse=education.

How to map

There are several standard situations regarding schools. Each school should be mapped only once. Don't double them.

Schools can be further defined by the following tags::

  • operator=* – Name of operator, often the local education authority.
  • operator:type=* – type of operator, e.g. community / religious / private / government
  • Address and other contact details
  • capacity=*, the maximum number of pupils the school can accept
  • isced:level=*, for the educational level according to the ISCED scale
  • grades=* – Which grades the school provides, can be used in conjunction with isced:level=*
  • min_age=* and max_age=* to indicate age range of children that attend the school
  • fee=yes if the school requires a direct charge for core services.
  • religion=*, if the school is associated with a particular religion (also denomination=*)
  • ref=*, if school has a reference number

Single school on one site

If you have a single school on one ground, mark the boundary of the school using an Area area or place a Node node in the middle of the site if you are in a hurry (or don't have access to information about the boundary and it is not obvious from aerial imagery). If you use a Area area it is also optional to mark the area with landuse=education too, but it is not neccessary.

Example of usage at a single school

Multiple school on one site

When one ore more schools share their grounds use the following schema. This also applies when schools share a site with other amenity=*.

  • Mark the outer boundary of the shared school grounds/campus/area using an area area with the tag landuse=education. If this shared area has its own name, tag this as well.
  • For each school or other amenity tag a node node at an appropriate place within this area, or if the school has its own building for its exclusive use on the grounds, add the amenity-tag to the building outline area. Make sure that there is only one OSM-element for each school. Add the school's details to the relevant amenities.
Example of usage at a school complex with "shared ground"

School with multiple sites

Schools with multiple sites are more complicaded. So far, mainly Relation:multipolygon have been used there.

Because a school not every time is marked as areas, the Relation:site should rather be used. But here don't exist any consensus in the community.

Campus details

Several details can be added when drawing the complete school campus.

  • building=school is used for purpose-built school buildings (reused buildings keep their building type).
  • appropriate additional tags can be added to the building, for example amenity=swimming_pool.
  • entrance=* and if appropriate barrier=gate can be considered for the points where roads, paths or other access routes into the school grounds cross the boundary of the school. Building entrances can be mapped with a node on the building outline, with one of the following tags:
  • leisure=pitch is used for individual sports pitches. Where an individual sport can be identified, sport=* and surface=grass/asphalt/... can be added.
  • leisure=sports_hall is used for indoor sports facilities, if purpose-built with building=sports_hall.
  • landuse=grass is used for areas of grass, possibly covering multiple pitches or used for other purposes.
  • leisure=schoolyard is an open space in schools, specifically for recreation but usually without playground infrastructure.
  • leisure=playground is often found on primary school grounds with infrastructure such as playground=climbingframe etc.


Typical facilities outside the scope of amenity=school are:

Possible tagging mistakes

If you know places with this tag, verify if it could be tagged with another tag.
Automated edits are strongly discouraged unless you really know what you are doing!