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Roads for agricultural use, gravel roads in the forest etc. Edit or translate this description.
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This tag represents roads for mostly agricultural use, forest tracks etc.; usually unpaved (unsealed) but may occasionally apply to paved tracks as well, that are suitable for two-track vehicles, such as tractors or jeeps.

트랙 태그는 주로 농도(農道)나 임도(林道) 등을 나타낸다; 일반적으로 비포장이지만 때때로 포장된 길에도 적용 할 수있다. 트랙터 또는 지프 처럼 2차선의 길.

If the way is not wide enough for a two-track vehicle, it should be tagged as highway=path.

길이 2차선 차량용 만큼 넓지 아닌 경우, 그것은 highway=path 라고 태그되어야 한다.

Do not use tracks to represent public unpaved roads in built-up areas [1], that would be considered tagging for the renderer. In this situation, classify them as usual according to the conventions in your country, and also provide a surface=* tag.

비포장 도로를 표현하기 위해 트랙이란 용어를 사용하지 마십시오.

How to map


To map track ways nothing else than a simple way is required. Add the highway=track tag to it and a name=* if appropriate. To specify the surface of the way the tracktype=<grade1-grade5> key can be used.

tracktype=grade1 or highway=unclassified

See: highway=unclassified

Race Tracks

If you came here looking for information about tagging race tracks for running competitions, etc, see leisure=track. For motorized racing, see highway=raceway.

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