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運動設施 (sport)


關鍵字(key) 值 (value) 幾何 (element) 描述 (desc) 地圖標註 (render) 照片 (photo)
sport 9pin node area 九根球瓶的保齡球,主要流行於歐洲,德文稱為kegeln

常用組合: amenity=*leisure=bowling_alley
另見: sport=10pin;bowls;horseshoes

sport 10pin node area 十根球瓶的保齡球,美加英澳等地通常稱為Bowling

常用組合: amenity=*leisure=bowling_alley
另見: sport=9pin;bowls;horseshoes

Bowling pictogram.svg
Bowling - albury.jpg
sport american_football node area 美式足球。

常用組合: leisure=pitch;stadium;sports_centre
另見: sport=rugby_league;rugby_union;soccer sport=australian_football;canadian_football
The ambiguous sport=football tag is sometimes confused with this one.

American football pictogram.svg
Larry Fitzgerald catches TD at 2009 Pro Bowl.jpg
sport aikido node area 合氣道是一種根源於日本大東流合氣柔術的近代武術,主要特點是在「以柔克剛」(以軟剋硬)、「借勁使力」、「不主動攻擊」。維基百科:合氣道

常用組合: amenity=dojo
另見: sport=judo;taekwondo

Aikido pictogram.svg
sport archery node way area 射箭。可使用type=*標註比賽類型。
Archery pictogram.svg
Archery competition.jpg
sport athletics node way area 田徑。賽跑改用sport=running
Athletics pictogram.svg
Daichi Sawano retouche.jpg
sport australian_football node area 澳式足球。
Australian Football 2008 International Cup.jpg
sport badminton node area 羽球。
Badminton pictogram.svg
Badminton competition.jpg
sport bandy node area 班迪球。維基百科:班迪球

Useful combination: leisure=pitch;stadium;sports_centresurface=*
See Also: sport= sport=ice_hockey;soccer;field_hockey

Bandy pictogram.png
800px-Bandy players.jpg
sport base node way area 高空彈跳。
BASE Jumping from Sapphire Tower in Istanbul.jpg
sport baseball node area 棒球。
Baseball pictogram.svg
Baseball swing.jpg
sport basketball node area 籃球。
Basketball pictogram.svg
Kenyon Martin over Dirk Nowitzki.jpg
sport beachvolleyball node area 沙灘排球。
Volleyball (beach) pictogram.svg
Beach Volleyball Classic 2007 (1444261388).jpg
sport billiards node area 撞球。

常用組合: leisure=bowling_alleyamenity=bar;pub;restaurant
另見: sport=darts;10pin;horseshoes

Billiards pictogram.svg
Billiards Rack.JPG
sport bmx node way area 越野腳踏車。
Cycling (BMX) pictogram.svg
BMX racing action photo.jpg
sport bobsleigh node way area 有舵雪橇。維基百科:有舵雪橇

常用組合: leisure=track;sports_centre, surface=*
另見: sport=toboggan, Piste Maps, OpenPisteMap, Winter sports

Bobsleigh pictogram.svg
Luge pictogram.svg
USA I in heat 1 of 2 man bobsleigh at 2010 Winter Olympics 2010-02-20.jpg
sport boules node area 擲鉛球。
Boules sports pictogram.svg
Toulon Playing Boules.jpg
sport bowls node area 草地滾球。
Lawn bowls pictogram.svg
Lawn Bowling.jpg
sport boxing node area 拳擊。
Boxing pictogram.svg
George Feeney boxing.jpg
sport bullfighting node area [W] Bullfighting, both on foot and on horseback, is a physical contest in which bulls are fought by humans.
Useful combination: leisure=stadium;pitch
Rafael Cañada à la cape.jpg
sport canadian_football node area 加拿大式足球。
American football pictogram.svg
sport canoe node way area 泛舟。
Canoeing (slalom) pictogram.svg
Whitewater kayaking Isere.jpg
sport chess node area 位於開放戶外的大型棋盤。
Chess pictogram.svg
sport cliff_diving node 適合非競技跳水的地點。非競技跳水

常用組合: natural=cliff, height=*, depth=*, tidal=*, surface=*, note=*
'另見: sport=climbing;swimming

Diving pictogram.svg
sport climbing node area 攀岩。
Climbing pictogram.svg
Dscf0658 600.jpg
sport climbing_adventure node area [W] Climbing Adventure often called "Adventure Park", "Ropes Courses", "Climbing Adventure", "Zip-line", or "Treetop Adventure", can be used for the recreational sport when people get mountain hiking accessories and try to climb, walk or otherwise move on prebuilt wires and other objects high above on the trees using continuous safety measures. These are usually open for everyone including kids and do not require special abilities apart from good physical condition.
Useful combination: landuse=recreation_ground, leisure=sports_centre
See Also: sport=climbing
Seilpark Gantrisch - 03.jpg
sport cockfighting node area [W] 鬥雞
常見組合: 正式鬥雞場使用leisure=pitch
sport cricket node area 板球。
Cricket pictogram.svg
Cricket pic.jpg
sport cricket_nets 板球練習場。
Nets - geograph.org.uk - 493814.jpg
sport croquet node area 槌球。
Croquet pictogram.svg
Modern croquet equipment.JPG
sport curling node area 冰球/冰壺[W] Curling is a sport in which players slide stones on a sheet of ice towards a target area which is segmented into four concentric rings. It is related to bowls, boules and shuffleboard. Indicating that curling is the sport the facility is intended for.
Useful combination: leisure=pitch;stadium;sports_centre
See Also: sport=ice_stock;bowls;boules, surface=*
Curling pictogram.svg
Brier 045.jpg
sport cycling node way area 自行車賽
Cycling (road) pictogram.svg
sport darts node area [W] Darts is a form of throwing game in which small missiles are thrown at a circular target (dartboard) fixed to a wall.
Useful combination: amenity=bar;pub;restaurant, leisure=bowling_alley
See Also: sport=billiards;10pin;horseshoes
Darts pictogram.svg
Darts in a dartboard.jpg
sport diving 跳水
sport dog_racing node way area 賽狗
Greyhound Racing 2 amk.jpg
sport equestrian node way area 馬術。賽馬改用sport=horse_racing。.
Equestrian pictogram.svg
Evie Gullis Jumping Her Horse.JPG
sport fencing node area 西洋劍
Fencing pictogram.svg
0408 USA Olympic fencing.jpg
sport field_hockey node area [W] Field hockey is a team sport of the hockey family. Players use sticks made out of wood or fiber glass to hit a round, hard, rubber like ball. The game can be played on a grass field or a turf field as well as an indoor board surface.
Useful combination: leisure=pitch;sports_centre;stadium
See Also: sport=ice_hockey;ice_skating
Field hockey pictogram.svg
Dutch Women Hockey - Shielding the ball.jpg
sport football 請勿使用。因為football意義太過含糊。
sport free_flying node area 自由飛行
Hang Gliding pictogram.svg
Paragliding pictogram.svg
Pente ecole parapente.jpg
sport gaelic_games node area 用來標註像是 Hurling、Gaelic Football、Camogie 等愛爾蘭特有的運動。
Hurling sport - Taking a swing.jpg
sport golf node way area 高爾夫球。
Golf pictogram.svg
sport gymnastics node area 體操。
Gymnastics (acrobatic) pictogram.svg
sport handball node area 手球。
Handball pictogram.svg
Mara Friton Handball.jpg
sport hapkido node area 合氣道(韓國)
sport hockey node area 曲棍球或冰上曲棍球
Eishockey Eisbaeren gegen Capitals.jpg
Field hockey.jpg
Argentin player during 2007 rink hockey world championship.jpg
Organized Dek Hockey League.jpg
sport horseshoes node area 投擲馬蹄鐵。
Horseshoes Modern.jpg
sport horse_racing node way area 賽馬
Flat racing clipart.svg
Racing at Ruidoso Downs.jpg
sport ice_hockey node area [W] Ice Hockey is a team sport played on ice in which two teams of skaters use sticks to shoot a hard rubber hockey puck into their opponent's net to score points.
Useful combination: leisure=ice_rink;stadium;sports_centre
See Also: sport=field_hockey;ice_skating
Ice hockey pictogram.svg
Ice Hockey sharks ducks.jpg
sport ice_skating node area [W] Ice skating is a sport or pastime by moving on ice while using ice skates.
Useful combination: leisure=ice_rink;sports_centre;pitch
See Also: sport=ice_hockey;roller_skating
The disambiguous sport=skating tag is sometimes confused with this one.
Skating pictogram.PNG
Figure skating pictogram.svg
Kose sports park Ice Arena indoor skating rink.JPG
sport ice_stock node area Ice Stock Sport
sport judo node area 柔道。
Judo pictogram.svg
sport karting node way area 卡丁車比賽。當與 highway=raceway 合用時,請同時加入 area=no ,否則賽道無法顯示。
Map marker icon – Nicolas Mollet – Kart racing – Sports – Simple.png
Kart Racing 1.jpg
sport kitesurfing node area [W] Kitesurfing
Map marker icon – Nicolas Mollet – Kitesurfing – Sports – Simple.png
Kitesurfing teneriffa.jpg
sport korfball node area 合球
Korfball pictogram.svg
sport martial_arts node area [W] Martial arts are codified systems and traditions of combat
Steven Ho Martial Arts Kick.jpg
sport model_aerodrome node area 遙控飛機
Model aircraft landing strip - geograph.org.uk - 54942.jpg
sport motocross node way area 場地越野摩托車。舉辦於封閉越野賽道的摩托車賽事。
延伸閱讀 sport=motor;karting
MotoX racing03 edit.jpg
sport motor node way area 動力運動(賽車)
sport multi node way area 綜合使用
Sport balls.svg
sport netball node area Netball is a sport played by two teams on a rectangular court.
Netball pictogram.svg
sport obstacle_course node way area [W] Obstacle course. A series of challenging physical obstacles an individual or team must navigate usually while being timed.
sport orienteering node way area 定向越野
Orienteering pictogram.svg
sport paddle_tennis node area 板網球
Paddle tennis.jpg
sport parachuting node area [W] Parachuting or skydiving take-off or landing site
Skydiving over Cushing.jpg
sport paragliding node area 跳傘
Paragliding pictogram.svg
Paramotoring pictogram.svg
Virage à la sellette.jpg
sport pelota node area 在西班牙語中,用來泛稱球類運動。
Basque pelota pictogram.svg
Valencian pelota pictogram.jpg
Ustaritz Fronton Pala.jpg
sport racquet node way area 泛稱使用網拍的運動
Racquets pictogram.svg
sport rc_car node way area 遙控車。
Map marker icon – Nicolas Mollet – Radio Control Model Car – Sports – Simple.png
RC Cars @ RC Club Euregio Enschede (9475280451).jpg
sport roller_skating node way area 遙控車。
Inline speed skating pictogram.svg
Artistic roller skating pictogram.svg
Roller skaters group.jpg
sport rowing node way area 划船或賽龍舟。
Rowing pictogram.svg
Daniel Lyons and Robert Espeseth of the US Olympic rowing team.JPEG
sport rugby_league node area 聯盟式橄欖球。
Rugby league pictogram.svg
Lance hohaia running into the defence (rugby league).jpg
sport rugby_union node area 聯合式橄欖球。
Rugby union pictogram.svg
Boston College Rugby Running With Ball.jpg
sport running node area 賽跑。
Athletics pictogram.svg
800m at 2011 German Athletics Championships.jpg
sport safety_training node area Safety Training. To ensure that people are aware of their surrounding hazards and can respond appropriately in an emergency. The definition of this tag is unclear (self defense training? workplace health and safety training? vehicle driving training?,...) and the classification as 'sport' is questionable. See also this poll.
NT ASB Safety Training (5509758798).jpg
sport sailing node way area [W] Sailing
Sailing pictogram.svg
VOR0506-Pirates of the Caribbean.jpg
sport scuba_diving node way area 水肺潛水。
Scuba diving pictogram.svg
Diving - scubadiver.JPG
sport shooting node way area 射擊。
Shooting pictogram.svg
050607 M 5900L 044.jpg
sport skating 溜冰
sport skateboard node way area 滑板
sport skiing node way area 滑雪
Alpine skiing pictogram.svg
sport soccer node area 足球
Beach soccer pictogram.svg
Billiken soccer.jpg
sport sumo node area 相撲。日本的傳統武藝之一。
sport surfing node way area 衝浪
Surfing pictogram.svg
sport swimming node way area 游泳
Swimming pictogram.svg
KingdomGames07 02.jpg
sport table_tennis node area 桌球、兵乓球
Table tennis pictogram.svg
Pingpong equip.jpg
sport table_soccer node area [W] Table Soccer or Table Football, also known as Foosball, Fussball, Kicker, or Tecball, is a table-top game and sport based off association football (soccer).
Useful combination: amenity=pub;bar;restaurant
See Also: sport=soccer;table_tennis;billiards, leisure=amusement_arcade;adult_gaming_centre, club=table_soccer
Table football in new york.jpg
sport taekwondo node area 跆拳道。
Taekwondo pictogram.svg
Taekwondo Fight 01.jpg
sport tennis node area 網球
Tennis pictogram.svg
Yes NCTU tennis 2.JPG
sport toboggan node way area 雪橇
sport trampoline node area Trampoline sport is a sport that is carried on large trampolines indoor or outdoors
House of Air The Matrix.jpg
sport volleyball node area 排球。
Volleyball (indoor) pictogram.svg
Volleyball game.jpg
sport water_polo node area [W] Water polo. It can happen in a leisure=swimming_pool or in a multi-purpose water body (s.a. a canal).
sport water_ski node way area 滑水,通常由水上摩托車牽引。
Water skiing 0757.jpg
sport weightlifting node area 舉重。
Weightlifting pictogram.svg
sport wrestling node area 角力或相撲。
Wrestling pictogram.svg
Wrestling dsc03566.jpg
sport yoga node area 瑜珈。
Project Yoga Richmond 1.jpg
sport 使用者自訂 node area Taginfo查詢常用標籤值

This table is a wiki template with a default description in English. Editable here. 此表格由模版自動生成,協助改善中譯版本請按此