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Man made

المفتاح القيمة العنصر وصف رسم / تصوير إيضاحي صورة
man_made adit Node Area From Wikipedia: An adit is a type of entrance to an underground mine which is horizontal or nearly horizontal.
man_made beacon Node Structures for signalling on land and sea.
Cuxhaven 07-2016 photo23 Kugelbake.jpg
man_made breakwater Way Area Protects a shore or harbour from the sea and waves.
man_made bridge Area Indicates the outline of a bridge and groups together all features for that bridge. Combine with layer=*.

Please also add bridge=* and layer=* to all ways running over the bridge.

man_made bunker_silo Node Area Open-sided structure to store something. It can be used with vehicles to fill and empty it.
Empty bunker silo in Nebraska.jpg
man_made campanile Way Area A freestanding bell tower, typically near a church.
See also man_made=tower with tower:type=bell_tower.
man_made chimney Node Large chimney for exhaustion. For attached mobile phone base stations see the communication:mobile_phone=yes.
Schwerin Wuestmark Heizkraftwerk Schwerin-Sued.JPG
man_made communications_tower Node Area Huge tower for transmitting radio applications
Sender Blauen-2.jpg
man_made crane Node Area A stationary, permanent crane, such as those at docks
Ladebruecke IMGP2656 osm.jpg
man_made cross Node Cross with little historical or religion value, e.g. summit cross.
Heimgarten Gipfelkreuz.jpg
man_made cutline Way Used to mark cut lines in forests.
Map cutline.jpg
man_made clearcut Node Area Area, where most or all trees are uniformly cut down. Used in combination with natural=scrub.
man_made dovecote Node Area A place where doves are farmed or stored.
man_made embankment Way A raised bank to carry a road, railway, or canal across a low-lying or wet area.
Railway embankment.jpg
man_made dyke Way Area A dyke is a an embankment built to restrict the flow of water or other liquids.
Whitgift, dyke and Ouse.jpg
man_made flagpole Node A long pole built to hold a flag.
Genova-Quarto dei Mille.JPG
man_made gasometer Way Area A gasometer is a large storage container for gas.
Gasometer in East London.jpg
man_made groyne Way Area A rigid hydraulic structure perpendicular to a coastline or a riverbank intended to interrupt longshore sediment transport. See also: man_made=breakwater.
man_made kiln Node Area A thermally insulated chamber in which temperature is controlled in order to change the state of the item placed inside, usually though the process of burning, baking, drying or smelting.
man_made lighthouse Node يبعث الضوء لتوجيه السفن
Chania lighthouse A.jpg
man_made mast Node Mast is a vertical structure built to hold for example antennas.
Mobile phone base station 2010 12 30 165211 PC304165.jpg
man_made mineshaft Node Area A vertical tunnel.
man_made monitoring_station Node Area A station that monitor something.
An Air Quality Monitoring Station above the M42 - geograph.org.uk - 210181.jpg
man_made obelisk Node Area Obelisk
Roma-obelisco in laterano.jpg
man_made observatory Node Area Observatory
PVSO Dome.jpg
man_made offshore_platform Node Area Offshore platform.
Oil platform.jpeg
man_made petroleum_well Node A boring through the earth's surface that is designed to find and produce petroleum oil.
West Texas Pumpjack.JPG
man_made pier Way Area A "bridge into the ocean", usually for recreation.
Rendering-area-man made-pier.png
Poland. Gmina Jedwabno. Narty Lake 001.JPG
man_made pipeline Way A pipe for carrying various fluids, such as water, gas, sewage.
man_made pumping_station Node Way Pumping station
Pumpwerk Landungsbrücken.JPG
man_made reservoir_covered Node Area A covered water reservoir.
Reservoir covered.jpg
man_made silo Node Area A silo is a storage container for bulk material, often grains such as corn or wheat.
man_made snow_fence Way A snow fence is a solid fence-like structure built across steep slopes to reduce risk and severity of (snow) avalanches. Usually made of steel, sloping outwards, and trussed underneath. Sometimes refered to as a snow shed.
Verbauung Tanngrindel.JPG
man_made snow_net Way A snow net netting fence built across steep slopes to reduce risk and severity of (snow) avalanches. They consist of a net made of steel cables, held up by posts. Sometimes refered to as an Avalanche net.
man_made storage_tank Node Area A tank used for storage of liquids or gases.
man_made street_cabinet Node Area All kind of cabinets hosting equipment to operate different sorts of facilities. They can be encountered not only in the street but everywhere
Street cabinet friendship.jpg
man_made surveillance Node Area To mark places and buildings monitored by public or private camera.
Three Surveillance cameras.jpg
man_made survey_point Node عمود لحساب و تحديد الإتجاه و أي معدات مثبتة يستعملها أخصائيو قيس الأراضي
man_made telescope Node Area Telescope
man_made tower Node Area برج.
man_made wastewater_plant Node Area Facilities used to treat wastewater (known as sewage in some countries).
Hall Lane Sewage Farm - geograph.org.uk - 69284.jpg
man_made watermill Node Area traditional Watermill, mostly ancient and out of order.
Belzig Springbachmuehle1.JPG
man_made water_tower Node Area برج لخزن المياه عادة ما يتواجد في المرتفعات قريبا للمدن.
Lanstroper Ei IMGP8117 osm.jpg
man_made water_well Node Area A water well is an excavation or structure created in the ground by digging, driving, boring or drilling to access groundwater in underground aquifers.
Water well.jpg
man_made water_tap Node Area A water tap is a man-made construction providing access to water and (usually) equipped with a valve.
Water tap in Frejus.jpg
man_made water_works Node Area A place where drinking water is found and applied to the local waterpipes network.
Water treatment - geograph.org.uk - 231374.jpg
man_made wildlife_crossing Way Area Wildlife crossing
man_made windmill Node Area طاحونة هوائية.
Willesbourgh Windmill, Ashford, Kent.jpg
man_made works Node Area مبنى صناعي.
man_made yes Node Way Area General tag for man-made (artificial) structures.
man_made user defined Node Way Area أنظر Taginfo لترى المزيد من القيمات المستعملة.

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