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This is a translation of the German original Schwerpunkt der Woche. The idea behind the 'weekly maping focuses' is to offer suggestions, especially - but not only - in the area of quality assurance. The idea for this came up in the German-speaking Telegram group.

Maping focuses

The table contains the current and past weekly mapping focuses. Changesets that are uploaded as part of these campaigns, the respective hashtag should be used - simply for better traceability (in the event of errors and in order to be able to enjoy the success). These are all just recommendations, of course - before and after the weeks, the contribution will be no less important.

No. Timespan Weekly task Hashtag Description Helpful queries and sources
37 November 28th to December 4th, 2020 Add / check charging stations #weeklycharging Charging station (amenity=charging_station) networks are growing quickly. New stations should be added to OSM to allow better navigation for electrically powered vehicles. Besides charging stations for cars, the topic also covers charging points for e-bikes etc. The correct tagging is well described and illustrated on the wiki page amenity=charging_station.

Existing stations should also be checked (keyword check_date=*). Charging was often free of charge in the early days of electromobility, but now, often a fee=* is also charged at older charging stations.

36 November 21st to 27th, 2020 Check/record public toilets #weeklytoilets When the going gets tough, it's good to know where the nearest public toilet is. Public toilets can be stand-alone amenity=toilets, or for freely accessibletoilets=yes. The “Nice Toilet” concept is also represented in 280 cities in Germany. Gastronomy companies allow the use of their toilets and receive a cost subsidy from the respective municipality. The site Die nette Toilette can be a helpful source. According to the agency marketing the concept, the authorship of the data lies with the municipalities, so that they may have to be requested.
35 November 14th to 20th, 2020 amenity=car_sharing #weeklycarsharing Car sharing is becoming an increasingly important part of the mobility mix. The providers with fixed stations change their position from time to time. Here it is necessary to enter missing stations with the number of parking spaces and to remove those that have been resolved. Queries, tools, sources and helpful links are still missing here.
OOjs UI icon edit-ltr.svg
34 November 8th to 13rd, 2020 Improve highway=primary-tagging #weeklyimproveprimary (OSMChA, Neis’ Changeset ResultMap) The quality of the highway=primary tagging is very different (this also applies to highway=secondary and below, but you could start "on the top" :-)). While many sections are practically completely covered, there are sections in the tags such as lanes=*, sidewalk=*, surface=* etc. are missing. Often the nodes in these areas are only tagged very rudimentary (without turn:lanes=*, missing structural separations, etc.). This focus can also be edited well via aerial photographs and with the help of Mapillary.
33 October 31st to November 6th, 2020 denomination=* Tagging Protestant churches (in Germany) correctly #weeklyimprovechurches (OSMChA, Neis’ Changeset ResultMap) In Germany a huge number of churches are tagged as denomination=evangelical. That's probably wrong in most cases: Protestant must be tagged as denomination=protestant - or even more precisely (lutheran/methodist). Evangelical is something completely different. (This wrong tagging happens because the most commonly used word for "protestant" is "evangelisch" in German)

On this occasion you can also add the often missing tags deanery=*, deanery=* and deanery=*.

32 October 24th to 30th, 2020 Landuse #weeklylanduse (OSMChA, Neis’ Changeset ResultMap) There are large areas, for example in Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony and Denmark, where no landuse is mapped. Queries, tools, sources and helpful links are still missing here.
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31 October 17th to 23rd, 2020 Capture of lanes=* #weeklyaddlanes (OSMChA, Neis’ Changeset ResultMap) Some route segments, even partly on higher-class or better-known* roads, are (still) without lanes in OSM. (* https://overpass-turbo.eu/s/YY4)
  • Overpass-Query, that shows route segments without lanes=* on primary, secondary and tertiary roads
30 October 10th to 16th, 2020 maxspeed=* #weeklymaxspeed (OSMChA, Neis’ Changeset ResultMap) In some cities many speed limits have been changed. Many of these changes have not yet been implemented in OSM, resulting in some bizarre speed recommendations, such as speed 30 in 100 km/h zones. There are also routes with different speed zones - only the maxspeed = * specified in OSM is not there. On my previous trips outside of the local urban area, I noticed that it looks similarly discrepant in other places, and that maxspeed may therefore need a little thought.
  • Maxspeed-Map
  • Cyclemap to visualize the currently registered maximum speeds. Here, inconsistencies can be quickly identified visually.
  • Mapillary and sign recognition can be other tools.
29 October 3rd to 9th, 2020 Check old forest and field paths #weeklyoldtracks (OSMChA, Neis’ Changeset ResultMap) Many online leisure maps are based on OpenStreetMap. Compared to roads, forest and field tracks (highway=track) and paths (highway=path) can change relatively quickly over the years. OpenStreetMap contains a large number of paths that have not been processed for many years, which is often an indication that they have not been monitored for just as long.

If possible, in addition to the route, tracktype=* and surface=* should also be checked. Paths that are no longer accessible can be identified with the lifecycle prefixes disused:*=* or abandoned:*=*. For routes that are still up-to-date, check_date=* can also be used to indicate to other mappers that the routes have been checked.

The following queries can provide information on areas in which the paths have probably not been controlled for a long time:
28 September 26th to October 2nd, 2020 amenity=bicycle_parking #weeklybicycleparking (OSMChA, Neis’ Changeset ResultMap) Bicycle parking spaces are an important infrastructure. Where can I safely park my bike without bending the spokes (bicycle_parking=*)? possibly even weatherproof (covered=*)?
27 September 19th to 25th, 2020 Street lighting #weeklylit In some areas street lights are mapped as highway=street_lamp, but the corresponding street is missing lit=*. Overpass-query with all lanterns and streets without lit=*
26 September 12nd to 18th, 2020 Complete religion tagging #weeklybeliefs At most places of worship (amenity=place_of_worship) the religion practiced there is recorded, but the denomination/subspecies/belief system (denomination=*) is often missing. Protestant churches in Germany, for example, using denomination=protestant. Only if the component "-lutherische-" appears explicitly in the name of the church, then with denomination=lutheran. When revising objects, abbreviations (Ev., Roman Catholic etc.) can also be written out. Overpass-Query for places of worship with religion but without denomination
25 September 5th to 11st, 2020 concretize highway=road #weeklyroad Even in Germany there are still numerous routes that are not properly categorized and are only tagged with (highway=road). This is partly due to the risk of confusion with tagging for roads outside of built-up areas (highway=unclassified). The correct categorization can be easily identified in some places using the surrounding streets, aerial photos or Mapillary/OpenStreetCam.
24 August 29th to September 4th, 2020 Addition/Review of AED's (emergency=defibrillator) #weeklyimproveaed An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a medical device for the treatment of shockable cardiac arrhythmias by delivering electric shocks. In contrast to defibrillators from the rescue service or clinics, AED's are particularly suitable for first aid by lay helpers due to their construction and function and are located in public spaces e.g. on subway/train platforms.
23 August 22nd to 28th, 2020 Large knots #weeklynodesaway Lakes, water reservoirs etc. can be drawn very well as an area with a path as an outline. Still, there is a lot to be found as knots. And that although many of them cannot be missed on aerial photos.

Example: https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/4843089942

22 August 15th to 21st, 2020 Describe flags in more detail #weeklyflagtypes In OpenStreetMap there are over 50,000 Flaggen entered, but these are only really interesting if you also specify what the flag is showing. In this exercise we want to add the tags flag:type=*, flag:name=* and flag:wikidata=* to flags.
21 August 8th to 14th, 2020 Improve amenity=shelter-Tagging #weeklyimproveshelter Shelters can be helpful, especially in less than ideal weather conditions. In some regions they also serve as (emergency) overnight accommodation.

A shelter can be a bus stop or a comfortable closed hut. Tagging without shelter_type=* is often not sufficiently meaningful.

20 July 26th to August 7th, 2020 Utilize current Mapillary images #weeklymapillary Utilize current (<3 months) pictures of Mapillary from your own city / region and enter or update all information that can be found there in OSM, e.g. surface, lit, max_speed, sidewalk, cycleway, destination, highway=crossing, 3D-Tags etc. Alternatively, OpenStreetCam can of course also be used. If there are too few current images: Record them yourself.
19 July 19th to 25th, 2020 Check extinguishing water withdrawal points #weeklyfixsuctionpoints emergency=suction_point describes extinguishing water extraction points (e.g. where you can stand with a pump / vehicle to pump water from an open body of water). In the past, emergency=suction_point was also used for extinguishing water wells and suction pipes.

Extinguishing water wells are now tagged as emergency=fire_hydrant, fire_hydrant:type=pipe, fire_hydrant:pressure=suction and withwater_source=* (e.g. water_source=groundwater for wells and water_source=pond for a suction pipe at a pond). emergency=suction_point with water_source=groundwater makes no sense and is most likely an extinguishing water well (tagging see above).

emergency=suction_point that is far from a lake, sea, pond or stream does not make sense and is most likely a fire fighting water well (tagging see above). emergency=suction_point with well in name=* or description=* is most likely an extinguishing water well (tagging see above). For emergency=suction_point, which is located on a body of water, emergency=suction_point (water_source=lake, water_source=river, water_source=pond etc) can be added.

Overpass-Query, that finds emergency=suction_point without water_source=* or with water_source=groundwater Tag:emergency=fire_hydrant

18 July 12nd to 18th, 2020 wikidata=* on OSM-objects #weeklyaddwikidata There are many data objects in Wikidata that are entered in OSM, but are not linked to Wikidata due to a lack of wikidata=*.
  • SPARQL-Query (Directlink Berlin) via Sophox and Wikidata Query Service (press the blue button on the left, under this you can also switch to a table view, red points on the map mean "in Wikidata, but not linked to anything in OSM")
  • osm.wikidata.link – Tool for matching Wikidata-Items to OSM-Objects
  • Ubiquitous Wikidata, shows which Wikidata data objects are not used as the value for wikidata=* - unfortunately there is still no filter option
17 July 5th to 11st, 2020 Record opening_hours=* #weeklyfixopeninghours Usually, website operators publish the opening times of their stores. In this weekly task, objects are to be processed that have a registered website=* but no opening_hours=*.
16 June 28th to July 4th, 2020 Incomplete and incorrect parking spaces #weeklyfixparking Many parking lots lack important information, e.g. B. access, fee (times, not just “yes”), parking and maxstay. If you are looking for a parking space, you want to know whether you can park there and perhaps would like to know whether it is chargeable and how long you can park. Some also don't like to drive into parking garages.
  • Overpass Turbo Parking spaces that are missing at least one of the specified tags.
15 June 21st to 27th, 2020 Check postcodes #weeklyfixpostcodes Every now and then it happens that in a hurry you capture something in the postcode tag that does not belong there. Since postcodes follow a machine-readable format by their nature, regular expressions can be used to check very easily whether or not the postcode follows the system applicable in a country. Schwerpunkt der Woche/Overpass Postcodes (German)
14 June 14th to 20th, 2020 One-way streets that aren't #weeklyfixoneway It is unlikely that one way streets in both directions will have lanes=*. so you can check such streets.
13 June 7th to 13rd, 2020 Missing cuisine=* #weeklyaddcuisine (Changeset ResultMap) The regional cuisine a restaurant has says a lot and offers great opportunities to narrow down searches. But you cannot search for something that is not registered.
12 May 31st to June 6th, 2020 Check "old" Notes for completion #weeklyfixoldnotes Notes that are more than a year old may no longer be relevant. If you close this, it is easier to observe and follow the relevant notes.
Antu bookmark-new-list.svg
May 30th to June 1st, 2020 Wikipedia language information on Pentecost #pentecostforwikipedia From wikipedia=* only with the article name one cannot simply derive the correct Wikipedia language version and thus not set any links to it. This is where the Pentecost special comes in.

Start: Saturday 10 am
Ende: Monday 12 pm

There is a task manager with a few hundred problems: osm.poppe.dev/wikipedia
11 May 24th to 30th, 2020 Details of buildings #weeklybuildingdetails Simple details that you can clearly see when passing, such as building=* (with values other than "yes"), building:levels=*, roof:shape=*, roof:levels=*, ...
10 May 17th to 23rd, 2020 To-do: Fixme #weeklyfixme With the help of fixme=*, a wide variety of errors and problems with different requirements for a mapper (from missing tags to unknown tagging schemes to inaccurate positions) can be recorded on objects; however, these error messages are less prominent than Notes and therefore tend to get dusty.
9 May 10th to 16th, 2020 Osmose-error fix #weeklyfixosmose I think everyone knows this: There are some errors and hints in Osmose about your own changes. Fixing these is usually very easy and it is often a matter of technical errors/inconsistencies that can also be worked on from home.
8 May 3rd to 9th, 2020 Incomplete and incorrect playgrounds #weeklyfixplayground Playground equipment on Playgrounds can be added with playground=*. However, they are rarely mapped to the outline or the nodes of the playground.
7 April 26th to May 2nd, 2020 Capture traffic signs #weeklyaddtrafficsigns The recording of Traffic_sign as a point with traffic_sign=* next to the street line and any subsequent control and subsequent entry of the resulting effects on the corresponding navigation lines.
6 April 19th to 25th, 2020 Complete parking lanes #weeklyparkinglanes With the help of high-resolution aerial photos and pictures at street level, you can add parking:lane:*=* to parking lanes in some places.
5 April 12nd to 18th, 2020 Routenrelation patch #weeklyfixrelation The relation of the type=route can contain some errors, such as missing sections of the route or sections of the route that do not fit into the route. There are some QA tools for this.
3–4 March 29th to April 11st, 2020 Unmapped Places in Germany #weeklyunmappedplace (OSMChA, Neis’ Changeset ResultMap) There are still places in Germany where aerial photographs show missing buildings and streets and some landuse=*.
2 March 22nd to 28th, 2020 Check and add health authorities #schwerpunktGesundheitsamt There are only a few health authorities (office=government and government=healthcare). Germany should have more than OpenStreetMap knows.
1 March 15th to 21st, 2020 Opening times of doctors and pharmacies #weeklytaskhealthcare Opening hours of doctors and pharmacies are important. This week is about verifying basic information or adding it. Is important for future actions check_date=*.

Topic in the forum

Focus idea depot

This section can be used to collect ideas for future focuses that will be proposed as candidates in the next votes. New ideas should be added to the German version or a similar English project should be created.

Task Suggested Hashtag Description Helpful queries and sources Voting results
Improve highway=trunk tagging #weeklyimprovetrunk The quality of the highway=trunk tagging varies widely. While many sections are practically completely covered, there are sections in the tags such as lanes=*, maxspeed=*, surface=* etc. missing. Often the junctions in these areas are only tagged very rudimentary (without turn:lanes=*, missing structural separations, etc.). This focus can also be edited well via aerial photos and with the help of Mapillary / OpenStreetCam. 01010% (#37), 0088% (#36), 01212% (#35), 0000% (#34), 0033% (#33), 01616% (#32), 0000% (#31), 0033% (#30), 0033% (#29), 0033% (#28), 0033% (#27), 01111% (#26), 0066% (#25), 0055% (#24), 0099% (#23), 01414% (#22), 0044% (#21), 0044% (#20), 0088% (#19), 0022% (#18), 0099% (#17), 01010% (#16), 01111% (#15), 0066% (#14), 0000% (#13)
Add bookbus stops #weeklymobilelibrary In Germany there is a mobile library in many places that regularly stop at fixed stops. Sometimes there are also signs on site (e.g. in Hamburg). amenity=mobile_library is only used 150 times worldwide. Karte von Fahrbibliotheken in Deutschland 01010% (#37), 0088% (#36), 01212% (#35), 0044% (#34), 01111% (#33), 0077% (#32), 0077% (#31), 0077% (#30), 0066% (#29), 0066% (#28), 01010% (#27), 01515% (#26), 02020% (#25), 01313% (#24), 02828% (#23), 01616% (#22), 02020% (#21), 01212% (#20), 01414% (#19), 01010% (#18), 0033% (#17), 0055% (#16)
Add professional chambers #weeklychamber To strengthen the key office=chamber, we want to capture the chambers of professions such as doctors, craftsmen, industry and many more. 0000% (#37), 0022% (#36), 0033% (#35), 0044% (#34), 0066% (#33), 0033% (#32), 0022% (#31), 0033% (#30), 0066% (#29), 0000% (#28), 0033% (#27), 0077% (#26)
Improve tourism=artwork tagging #weeklyimproveartwork Art shows the beautiful side of life, but everyone likes to look at something different. But how do you find your personal pearls in the wide world of tourism=artwork, if you don't know exactly what to expect. In addition to knowing whether it is "just" good graffiti or a picture of "van Gogh", all other known data about art could be tagged. 01616% (#37), 01515% (#36), 01212% (#35), 02121% (#34), 0088% (#33), 01313% (#32), 01010% (#31), 02121% (#30), 01313% (#29)
Improve diet=* tagging #weeklyimprovediet Whether you are gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant, vegetarian, vegan, halal Muslim or kosher Jew, the respective diet:*=* is important for all of them. But unfortunately there are currently far too few of them approx. 22,000 diet:vegetarian=* and only 1,500 diet:halal=* and approx. 450 diet:kosher=*. There are also some obsolete cuisine=* tags that should be converted into diet tags. 01616% (#37), 01111% (#36), 01515% (#35), 02121% (#34), 01313% (#33)
Check / create waterway relations #weeklywaterways Waterway relations (Relation:waterway) summarize all sections of a stream or river, so that general information such as ref=*, wikipedia=* and wikidata=* is centrally located the relation can be entered (and maintained) and not separately for each water section. Larger rivers are usually already recorded in relation to each other, but many small rivers and streams are often just a series of waterway=*-segments, which can only be identified by their names. A simple overpass search for the name of a waterway usually returns all waterway sections, which can then be loaded into JOSM and combined into a relation. 01313% (#37), 01515% (#36), 02323% (#35)