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Доступные языки — Mailing lists
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Канонический список рассылки доступен по адресу:

Пожалуйста, обратите внимание, что даже если списки модерируются, вы должны стать участником, чтобы отправить письмо!

The OpenStreetMap mailing lists live on

Topic Lists

Info Description Admins Moderators Archive
accessibility For discussion about accessibility: OSM for disabled users and mappers (Blind, wheelchair, deaf etc.). Lulu-Ann Bahnpirat archive
announce A moderated announcement list. OSMers should subscribe to this list for all the important announcements (low traffic) Mike Collinson
Jonathan Bennett
design This is a place to discuss design related issue in OpenStreetMap. The topics include things such as user interface, user experience and general aesthetics. Kate Chapman archive
dev For developer discussion. Mikel Maron
Mike Collinson
Andy Robinson
archive Nabble
geocoding For discussion of geocoding. Tom Hughes archive
historic Historic mapping (time dimension) Mikel Maron archive
HOT For Humanitarian OSM Team discussion and response. Mikel Maron archive Nabble
HOT-francophone For Humanitarian OSM Team discussion and response (discussion in French). sev_osm
augustind archive
imports For discussion of data imports. Ian Dees archive
imports-us For discussion of data imports impacting the United States. archive
diversity-talk For discussion of diversity initiatives in OpenStreetMap archive
josm-dev For JOSM developer discussion. Frederik Ramm archive Nabble
legal-talk For discussion of specific legal issues relating to the current and proposed license including use of OSM data and compatibility of other data sources. Richard Fairhurst archive Nabble
legal-general General discussions about alternative OSM licensing scenarios. Mike Collinson
Frederik Ramm
local-chapters Simon Poole archive
lorodux-dev LoroDux developers Lulu-Ann
Daniel Haenssgen
mapcss For MapCSS implementers and stylesheet authors. Richard Fairhurst archive
merkaartor For Merkaartor OpenStreetMap editor for Unix/Windows/Mac discussion. Christian Browet archive Nabble
newbies Created for benefit of new users. Here they can ask all questions they have without being overwhelmed by tons of emails on talk list. Long term OSM users are encouraged to also subscribe to this list, in order to be able to answer questions. Richard Fairhurst archive Nabble
osm-professional OSM Professional. A general discussion forum for professional (commercial, government, non-profit , NGO, ...) users of OpenStreetMap geodata. Kate Chapman archive
osm2world Discussion about OSM2World, the 3D renderer Tobias Knerr archive
osmf-announce OpenStreetMap Foundation member announcements (low volume), Foundation members only. Mike Collinson archive
osmf-talk Talk about the OpenStreetMap Foundation, closed list for Foundation members. Mike Collinson
Frederik Ramm
Simone Cortesi
osmosis-dev For Osmosis developer discussion. Brett Henderson archive Nabble
outdoor-natural Outdoor sports, wilderness and natural features mapping. Everything from scuba diving to paragliding, from undersea volcanoes to Mount Everest, related software and talk. All languages welcome. User:RicoZ archive
Overpass dev Overpass API development / system administration list User:Sletuffe archive
party For discussion and organisation of mapping parties. Richard Fairhurst archive
photos For discussion and organisation of the use of photos in mapping. John McKerrell archive
potlatch-dev For Potlatch developer discussion. Richard Fairhurst archive Nabble
rails-dev Discussion of rails port (web site) development Tom Hughes archive
rebuild Temporary forum for technical discussion of process, tools and functionality for rebuilding the OSM database ready for ODbL change-over Mike Collinson archive
routing For discussion about routing with vector data. Jörg Ostertag archive Nabble
science Discuss anything science related in the OpenStreetMap ecosystem Joost Schouppe archive
strategic Fundraising, planning and strategy for OSMF Mikel Maron Richard Weait archive
tagging For tag discussion, strategy and related tools. - High traffic! Richard Fairhurst archive Nabble
tagging-fr For tag discussion, strategy and related tools (discussion in French). sev_osm archive
taginfo-dev For developers of Taginfo, users of the Taginfo API and people running their own Taginfo instance. Jochen Topf archive
talk For general OpenStreetMap user discussion. Mikel Maron
Mike Collinson
Andy Robinson
archive Nabble
talk-transit For discussion about public transport. Peter Miller
Frankie Roberto
Stefan Bethke
tile-serving For discussion about OSM tile serving infrastructure. archive

Country-Specific Lists

Info Description Admins Moderators Archive
talk-af Afghanistan specific topics and discussion Kate Chapman archive
talk-africa Mikel Maron archive
talk-alps European Alps specific topics and discussion. Discussion in Italian, French, German, Slovenian, Romanche and English welcome. Simone Cortesi archive
talk-ar Argentina specific topics and discussion Guillermo Sansovic archive
talk-at Austria specific topics and discussion Wolfgang Silbermayr
Norbert Wenzel
Wolfgang Wasserburger
Andreas Labres
Nabble Account: Markus Mayr
archive Nabble
talk-au Australia specific topics and discussion Richard Weait archive Nabble
talk-bd Bangladesh specific topics and discussion Larry O'Neill
Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed
talk-be Belgium specific topics and discussion. English used as compromise between French and Dutch. But regional topics can be in another language. Johan Huysmans
Mark Van den Borre
talk-bf Burkina Faso specific topics and discussion Helge Fahrnberger archive
talk-bj Benin specific topics and discussion Benedikt archive
talk-bo Bolivia specific topics and discussion Alex Infantes
Marco Antonio Frias
talk-br Brazil specific topics and discussion (Brazilian Portuguese) Vitor George archive
talk-ca Canada specific topics and discussion Richard Weait archive
talk-ch Switzerland specific topics and discussion Jiuka archive
talk-cl Chile specific topics and discussion Julio Costa archive
talk-cn China specific topics and discussion Sun Ning archive
talk-co Colombia specific topics and discussion Fredy Rivera archive Nabble
talk-cr Costa Rica-specific topics and discussion Ben Konrath
Jorge R
talk-cu Cuba specific topics and discussion Elpbatista
Mike Collinson
talk-cz Czech discussion Dan Barta archive
talk-de German discussion Frederik Ramm archive Nabble
Germany Regional lists Due to the high traffic on talk-de, separate lists for regions in Germany are available on Infos on requesting regional lists: Deutsche Mailinglisten
talk-dk Danish discussion archive
talk-ee Estonia-specific topics and discussion archive
talk-es Spain discussion Francisco Santos
Iván Sánchez Ortega
archive Nabble
talk-et Ethiopia-specific topics and discussion archive
talk-fi Finland-specific topics and discussion archive
talk-fr French speaking discussion archive Nabble
transport French public transport discussion archive
dev-fr Technical topics in French archive lists Mailing lists hosted by (CA, CA privé, contact, international, tech)
talk-fr-bzh Mapping, mapping parties and localisation in the Bretagne / Breizh / Brittany region of France. archive
nantes French speaking discussion around Nantes. archive
abul French speaking discussion around Bordeaux and Aquitaine. archive
talk-gb UK-specific topics, such as UK mapping parties and meetups Matthew Newton archive Nabble
talk-gb-midanglia Mapping in the UK area loosely based around Cambridge David Earl archive
talk-gb-london Mapping in the UK London area Mike Collinson archive
talk-gb-oxoncotswolds Mapping and development in the UK area of ["Oxfordshire"], the Cotswolds and nearby. Richard Fairhurst archive
talk-gb-thenorth Mapping in the North of England, UK Simon Ward
Tim Waters
talk-gb-westmidlands Mapping in the UK West Midlands (Birmingham) area Andy Robinson archive
talk-hr Croatia-specific topics, discussion, Google Groups archive
talk-ht Haiti-specific topics, in English and French Jaakko Helleranta archive
google-groups/openstreetmap-hungary Hungarian discussion archive
talk-id Indonesia-specific topics, in Bahasa Indonesian archive
talk-ie Ireland-specific topics, such as Irish mapping parties and meetups Gareth Eason archive
talk-in India-specific topics, such as Indian mapping parties and meetups archive
talk-ir Iran-specific topics and discussion. archive
talk-is Iceland-specific topics, such as the OSM data in Iceland and Icelandic mapping parties. Discussions in Icelandic or English archive
talk-it Italian discussion - but english is welcome Simone Cortesi archive Nabble
talk-it-bici Italian bicycle discussion - but english is welcome Luca Delucchi archive
talk-it-fvg Italian region Friuli Venezia Giulia discussion - but english is welcome archive
talk-it-lazio Italian region Lazio discussion - but english is welcome Martin Koppenhöfer archive
talk-it-liguria Italian region Liguria discussion - but english is welcome Luca Delucchi archive
talk-it-marche Italian region Marche discussion - but english is welcome Lorenzo Mastrogiacomi archive
talk-it-piemonte Italian region Piemonte discussion - but english is welcome archive
talk-it-sardinia Italian region Sardegna discussion - but english is welcome archive
talk-it-sicilia Italian region Sicilia discussion - but english is welcome archive
talk-it-southtyrol Italian regional South Tyrol discussion - Lista regionale dell' Alto Adige - Regionale Mailingliste für Südtirol - (Italian, German and English welcome) Martin Raifer archive
talk-it-trentino Italian region Trentino discussion - but english is welcome Luca Delucchi archive
talk-it-veneto Italian region Veneto discussion - but english is welcome archive
talk-il Israel discussion - preferred language: Hebrew. This is being phased out in favour of Israel-Forum archive
talk-ja Japanese discussion. archive
talk-ke Kenya specific topics and discussion. Daniel Westergren
Mikel Maron
talk-kg Kyrgyzstan discussion. archive
talk-ko Korean discussion. Korean and English language. archive
talk-kosovo Kosovo specific topics and discussion. Discussion in English and Albanian. archive
talk-latam Latin America - Postings in Spanish, Portuguese and Englisch are welcome. archive
talk-lb Lebanon specific topics and discussion. Discussion in Arabic, English, French. archive
talk-lk SriLanka specific topics and discussions. Vivien Deparday archive
talk-lu Luxembourg specific topics and discussion. Discussion usually in English, but French, German or Luxembourgish are ok too. archive
talk-lv Latvia specific topics and discussion. archive
talk-lt Lithuania specific topics and discussion. archive
talk-md Moldova specific topics and discussion. This is a Google group.
talk-mg Madagascar specific topics and discussion. archive
talk-mm Myanmar specific topics and discussion. archive
talk-mn Mongolia specific topics and discussion. archive
talk-mx Mexico specific topics and discussion. archive
talk-my Malaysia specific topics and discussion archive
talk-ne Niger specific topics and discussion. Discussion usually in French, but English is welcome. Orsolya Jenei archive
talk-ng Nigeria specific topics and discussion Rafael Ávila Coya archive
talk-ni Nicaragua specific topics and discussion xamanu archive
talk-nl Dutch discussion Henk Hoff
Martijn van Exel
archive Nabble
talk-np Nepal specific topics and discussion PrabhasP archive
kart Norwegian discussion. Norway archive
talk-nz New Zealand specific topics and discussion ( host email list. Jan 2018 - ) Eliot Blennerhassett archive
nzopengis New Zealand specific topics and discussion (Google group) nzopengis archive
talk-pe Peru specific topics and discussion archive
talk-ph Philippines specific topics and discussion, archive
talk-pl Poland specific topics and discussion, Zbigniew Czernik archive
talk-ps Palestine specific topics and discussion.
talk-pr Puerto Rico specific topics and discussion. Víctor Ramírez
Agustín Graterole
talk-pt Portuguese specific topics and discussion. ViriatoLusitano archive
talk-ro Romania specific topics and discussion. archive Nabble
talk-rs Serbia specific topics and discussion. archive
talk-ru Russia specific topics and discussion. archive
talk-scotland Scotland specific topics and discussion archive
talk-sk Slovak discussion archive
talk-se Swedish discussion (Feel free to discuss Swedish issues in English though). Sweden archive
talk-si Slovenian discussion archive
talk-sy Syria specific topics and discussion. Discussion in Arabic, English and French Crataegus archive
talk-tn Tunisia specific topics and discussion Chedli Ghedira archive
talk-tr Turkish discussion archive
talk-tw Taiwan specific topics and discussion in Chinese. archive
talk-ug Uganda sample topics and discussion. Douglas Ssebaggala
talk-us USA-specific topics, such as US mapping parties and meetups; see also imports-us in Topic Lists table Dave Hansen archive Nabble
talk-us-newyork New York-specific topics Richard Welty archive
talk-us-pugetsound Topics specific to the Puget Sound region, Washington State archive
talk-uy Uruguay specific topics and discussion in Spanish archive
talk-ve Venezuela specific topics and discussion archive
talk-vi Vietnam specific topics and discussion archive
talk-za South Africa specific topics and discussion Grant Slater archive Nabble

Запросы на новые списки

Если вы хотите новый список для вашей страны или языка, Отправить личное сообщение для Майкла Коллинсона (Michael Collinson), Michael собачка osmfoundation точка Org

Старые списки рассылки

Внешние списки рассылки

Список внешних списков рассылки, имеющих отношение к проекту OpenStreetMap.

Info Description Archive
maps-l Обсуждение и развитие координации интеграции OpenStreetMap и других открытых источников карту в проектах Wikimedia. archive
mkgmap-dev General development list for mkgmap. archive

Чтение списков рассылки через интерфейс групп новостей

Вы можете прочитать и принять участие в списке рассылки используя NNTP-совместимый клиент. Преимуществом является то, что программное обеспечение показывает обсуждение в виде потоков . Это упрощает отслеживание нескольких обсуждений в списках рассылки .

Thunderbird имеет встроенную поддержку групп новостей. Для добавления посетите, сервер, который объединяет рассылки OSM и вот что вам нужно сделать:

  1. Выберите Tools -> Accounts...
  2. Нажмите кнопку 'Add account'
  3. Для типа аккаунта выберите Newsgroup-аккаунт
  4. Введите имя, которое должно появиться при отправке почты в список в поле "Имя" и адрес электронной почты во втором поле.
  5. Адрес NNTP сервера
  6. Введите описательное имя учетной записи для Thunderbird и нажмите 'Finish'
  7. Теперь щелкните правой кнопкой мыши на новый пункт в папке обзора Thunderbird и выберите 'Subscribe...'
  8. Введите OpenStreetMap в поле фильтра и подпишитесь на (региональные) OSM списки рассылки по своему вкусу.

Поиск списков рассылки

Пока список архивов не имеет своего собственного поиска можно использовать поиск Google или Почтовый архив.

Обсуждение списка

Тут дискуссия о роли, цели и поведении пользователей: Mailing lists/Talk discussion.