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Areas in the Standard tile layer denote various different things, from land usage to buildings to restricted access zones. A few areas may be drawn as a overlay. This means they can be combined with another background. For example, wetland can be combined with forest, grassland, etc.

Area Symbol Description Overlay? Wiki page


Base layer land.png (no symbol) Land (This is only shown when no more specific information is available) No
Base layer water.png (no symbol) Body of water (ocean, sea, pond, river) / swimming pool / artificial basin / artificial lake / water-covered area of a river / dock No natural=water / leisure=swimming_pool / landuse=basin / landuse=reservoir / waterway=riverbank / waterway=dock
Water intermittent.png (no symbol) Water body intermittent / Water body seasonal / Infiltration basin / Detention basin No natural=water + intermittent=* / natural=water + seasonal=* / landuse=basin + basin=infiltration / landuse=basin + basin=detention
Rendering-area-natural-wood.png (no symbol) Natural woodland which is mostly or not at all not used for timber production No natural=wood
Leaftype broadleaved.png (no symbol) Broadleaved woodland No natural=wood + leaf_type=broadleaved
Leaftype needleleaved.png (no symbol) Needleleaved woodland No natural=wood + leaf_type=needleleaved
Leaftype mixed.png (no symbol) Mixed woodland No natural=wood + leaf_type=mixed
Leaftype leafless.png (no symbol) Leafless vegetation No natural=wood + leaf_type=leafless
Natural-Grassland.png (no symbol) Natural grassland No natural=grassland
Rendering-area-natural-scrub.png (no symbol) Bushes and small trees No natural=scrub
Rendering-area-natural-heath-yellow.png (no symbol) Dwarf scrubs No natural=heath
Rendering-area-natural-beach.png (no symbol) Generic beach / Shoal No natural=beach / natural=shoal
Rendering-area-sand.png (no symbol) Generic sand area No natural=sand
Rendering-area-beach-sand.png (no symbol) Beach with sand surface / shoal with sand surface No natural=beach + surface=sand / natural=shoal + surface=sand
Rendering-area-beach-gravel.png (no symbol) Beach with coarse sand surface / shoal with coarse sand surface No natural=beach + surface=gravel / natural=shoal + surface=gravel
Bare rock-125.png (no symbol) Bare rock surface No natural=bare_rock
Scree render-125.png (no symbol) Scree / Shingle No natural=scree / natural=shingle
Rendering-area-natural-marsh-osmarender.png (no symbol) Wetland (generic) Yes natural=wetland
Rendering-natural-mud-mapnik.png (no symbol) Mud No natural=mud
Natural wetland marsh-125.png (no symbol) Marsh / Semi-wetland meadow / Fen Yes natural=wetland + wetland=marsh / natural=wetland + wetland=wet_meadow / natural=wetland + wetland=fen
Natural wetland reed-125.png (no symbol) Reedbed Yes natural=wetland + wetland=reedbed
Saltmarsh water.png (no symbol) Salt marsh Yes natural=wetland + wetland=saltmarsh
Natural wetland swamp-125.png (no symbol) Swamp Yes natural=wetland + wetland=swamp
Natural wetland mangrove-125.png (no symbol) Mangrove Yes natural=wetland + wetland=mangrove
Natural wetland bog-125.png (no symbol) Bog / String bog Yes natural=wetland + wetland=bog / natural=wetland + wetland=string_bog
Natural wetland water.png (no symbol) Tidalflat, Mudflat Yes natural=wetland + wetland=tidalflat
Natural wetland saltern.png (no symbol) Saline for salt production Yes natural=wetland + wetland=saltern
Rendering-landuse-salt-pond.png (no symbol) Salt pond Yes landuse=salt_pond
Glacier-area.png (no symbol) Glacier No natural=glacier

City planning

Rendering-area-landuse-residential.png (no symbol) Residential area No landuse=residential
Landuse-commercial.png (no symbol) Commercial area or business park (predominantly offices) No landuse=commercial
Landuse-retail.png (no symbol) Retail area (predominantly shops) / Shopping mall No landuse=retail / shop=mall
Landuse-retail.png Marketplace-14.svg A marketplace where trade is regulated No amenity=marketplace
Landuse-industrial.png (no symbol) Industrial area / Area for railway usage / Waterworks / Wastewater plant No landuse=industrial / landuse=railway / man_made=water_works / man_made=wastewater_plant
Landuse-industrial.png Rendering-railway-tram stop-mapnik.png.png Railway station No railway=station
Garages-area.png (no symbol) Garages area No landuse=garages
Landuse cemetery christian.png (no symbol) Christian cemetery / Christian grave yard No landuse=cemetery + religion=christian / amenity=grave_yard + religion=christian
Landuse cemetery jewish.png (no symbol) Jewish cemetery / Jewish grave yard No landuse=cemetery + religion=jewish / amenity=grave_yard + religion=jewish
Landuse-cemetery muslim.png (no symbol) Muslim cemetery / Muslim grave yard No landuse=cemetery + religion=muslim / amenity=grave_yard + religion=muslim
Landuse-cemetery.png (no symbol) Cemetery with unknown, other or no specific religious background / Grave yard with unknown, other or no specific religious background No landuse=cemetery / amenity=grave_yard
Construction-area.png (no symbol) Brownfield / Construction yard No landuse=brownfield / landuse=construction
Landuse-brownfield.png (no symbol) Landfill No landuse=landfill


Area building=yes.png (no symbol) Non-specific building No building=*
Area amenity=place of worship.png (no symbol) Airport terminal / Train station / Aerialway station / Bus station No aeroway=terminal + building=* / building=train_station / aerialway=station + building=* / public_transport=station + building=*
Area amenity=place of worship.png Christian-16.svg Muslim-16.svg Jewish-16.svg

Taoist-16.svg Buddhist-16.svg Hinduist-16.svg
Shintoist-16.svg Sikhist-16.svg Place-of-worship-16.svg

Place of worship where religious practices are held, i.e. church, synagogue, mosque, temple. No amenity=place_of_worship + building=*


Area parking.png Parking-16.svg
Car parking lot / Bicycle parking / Motorcycle parking / Taxi rank No amenity=parking / amenity=bicycle_parking / amenity=motorcycle_parking / amenity=taxi
Area transportation.png Aerodrome.svg
Amenity bus station.svg
Airport / Ferry terminal / Bus station No aeroway=aerodrome / amenity=ferry_terminal / amenity=bus_station
Rendering-highway services.png (no symbol) Place where drivers can leave a road to refuel, rest, or take refreshments / Place where drivers can leave the road to rest, but not refuel No highway=services / highway=rest_area
Rendering-highway railway platform area.png (no symbol) Platform at a bus stop or station / Railway platform No highway=platform / railway=platform
Rendering-man made bridge.png (no symbol) Bridge No man_made=bridge
Osmarender-apron.png (no symbol) Apron No aeroway=apron
Highway service residential unclassified area.png (no symbol) Service, residential, unclassified highway as a freely routable area No highway=service + area=yes / highway=residential + area=yes / highway=unclassified + area=yes
Highway living street area.png (no symbol) Living street as an freely routable area No highway=living_street + area=yes
Highway pedestrian footway path area.png (no symbol) Pedestrian street, footway or path as a freely routable area No highway=pedestrian + area=yes / highway=footway + area=yes / highway=path + area=yes
Highway track area.png (no symbol) Agricultural, forestry road (track) as a place No highway=track + area=yes

Agriculture and industry

Rendering-landuse-farm-mapnik.png (no symbol) Farmland / Land area used for growing plants in greenhouses No landuse=farmland / landuse=greenhouse_horticulture
Rendering-area-landuse farmyard-mapnik.png (no symbol) Farmyard No landuse=farmyard
Landuse-allotments.png (no symbol) Allotments No landuse=allotments
Orchard.png (no symbol) Orchard No landuse=orchard
Landuse plant nursery.png (no symbol) Plant nursery No landuse=plant_nursery
Leisure garden.png (no symbol) Garden No leisure=garden
Landuse-forest.png (no symbol) Managed forest No landuse=forest
Leaftype broadleaved.png (no symbol) Broadleaved woodland No landuse=forest + leaf_type=broadleaved
Leaftype needleleaved.png (no symbol) Needleleaved woodland No landuse=forest + leaf_type=needleleaved
Leaftype mixed.png (no symbol) Mixed woodland No landuse=forest + leaf_type=mixed
Leaftype leafless.png (no symbol) Leafless vegetation No landuse=forest + leaf_type=leafless
Landuse-vineyard.png (no symbol) Vineyard No landuse=vineyard
Rendering-landuse-quarry-mapnik.png (no symbol) Quarry No landuse=quarry
Rendering-waterway-dam-area.png (no symbol) Dam No waterway=dam


Area power.png (no symbol) Generator / Substation / Plant No power=generator / power=substation / power=plant

Leisure and recreation

Rendering-area-leisure-park.png (no symbol) Park No leisure=park
Landuse-recreation ground.png (no symbol) Recreation ground No landuse=recreation_ground / leisure=recreation_ground
Area leisure=playground.png Playground-16.svg Playground No leisure=playground
Area leisure=playground.png Fitness.svg Fitness station No leisure=fitness_station
Landuse grass.png (no symbol) (managed) Grassland / (managed) Meadow / Village green No landuse=grass / landuse=meadow / landuse=village_green
Area tourism=campsite.png Camping.16.svg
Campsite / Caravansite No tourism=camp_site / tourism=caravan_site
Rendering-leisure dog park.png Dog park.svg Dog park No leisure=dog_park


Area leisure=playground.png (no symbol) Sports centre / Stadium No leisure=sports_centre / leisure=stadium
Rendering-leisure-pitch.png (no symbol) Sports pitch (i.e. soccer field, basketball field, etc.) / Running track No leisure=pitch / leisure=track
Rendering-leisure ice rink.png (no symbol) A place where you can skate and play bandy or ice hockey No leisure=ice_rink
Area golf minigolf.png Golf-icon.svg Golf course No leisure=golf_course
Area golf minigolf.png Miniature golf.svg Miniature golf course No leisure=miniature_golf

Institutional areas

Rendering-area-amenity-school.png (no symbol) Area which belongs to a kindergarten / school / college / university No amenity=kindergarten / amenity=school / amenity=college / amenity=university
Rendering-area-amenity-school.png Community centre-14.svg
Social facility-14.svg
Arts centre.svg
Area which belongs to a community centre / social facility / arts centre No amenity=community_centre / amenity=social_facility / amenity=arts_centre
Rendering-area-amenity-school.png Hospital-14.svg Area which belongs to a hospital No amenity=hospital
Area police fire station.png Police-16.svg
Police station / Fire station No amenity=police / amenity=fire_station
Area amenity=prison.png Prison-16.svg Prison ground Yes amenity=prison
Place of worship area.png (no symbol) Religious ground No landuse=religious
Place of worship area.png Christian-16.svg Muslim-16.svg Jewish-16.svg

Taoist-16.svg Buddhist-16.svg Hinduist-16.svg
Shintoist-16.svg Sikhist-16.svg Place-of-worship-16.svg

Place of worship where religious practices are held (other than building). No amenity=place_of_worship


Rendering-landuse-military-mapnik.png (no symbol) Land used by the military. Yes landuse=military
Area military equals danger area.png (no symbol) A military zone which has been be declared to be dangerous for some reason (i.e. a firing range, bombing range, etc.). Yes military=danger_area

Miscellaneous - framed areas

National park.png (no symbol) National park / Nature reserve Yes boundary=national_park / leisure=nature_reserve
Area tourism=zoo.png (no symbol) Zoo Yes tourism=zoo
Rendering-leisure marina.png (no symbol) Marina Yes leisure=marina
Rendering-theme park.png (no symbol) Theme park, Amusement park, Discovery park, Open-air museum, Miniature park Yes tourism=theme_park
Rendering-parking space.png (no symbol) single parking space on a parking lot Yes amenity=parking_space

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