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Ĉi tio estas uzata por priskribi vojojn kaj piedvojojn. For an introduction on its usage see the page titled Highways. See the page titled Restrictions for an introduction on access limitations by vehicles type, time, day, load and purpose, etc.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering carto Examples


These are the principal tags for the road network. They range from the most to least important.

highway motorway way A restricted access major divided highway, normally with 2 or more running lanes plus emergency hard shoulder. Equivalent to the Freeway, Autobahn, etc..
Rendering-highway motorway neutral.png
  • Auckland Northern Motorway, New Zealand
  • I-10, Houston, Texas, USA
highway trunk way La plej gravaj vojoj en la landa sistemo, kiuj ne estas aŭtovojoj. (Ne necesas esti dividita vojo.)
Rendering-highway trunk carto.png
  • L3005, Eschborn, Germany
  • Cat and Fiddle Road, England
highway primary way La sekvaj plej gravaj vojoj en la sistemo de lando. (Ofte ligas pli grandajn urbojn.)
Rendering-highway primary neutral.png
  • Hunsrückhöhenstraße, Kappel, Germany
  • Tanami Road, Australia
highway secondary way La sekvaj plej gravaj vojoj en la sistemo de lando. (Ofte ligas urbojn.)
Rendering-highway secondary neutral.png
  • L134, Meyenburg, Schwanewede, Germany
  • Vatnsnesvegur, Iceland
highway tertiary way La sekvaj plej gravaj vojoj en la sistemo de lando. (Ofte ligas pli malgrandajn urbojn kaj vilaĝojn)
Rendering-highway tertiary neutral.png
  • Bergedorfer Straße, Worpswede, Germany
  • Canol Road, Yukon, Canada
highway unclassified way La malplej grava tra vojoj en la sistemo de lando - t.e. negravaj vojoj de pli malalta klasifiko ol terciara, sed kiuj servas celon krom aliro al posedaĵoj. (Ofte ligas vilaĝojn kaj vilaĝetojn.)

The word 'unclassified' is a historical artefact of the UK road system and does not mean that the classification is unknown; you can use highway=road for that.

Rendering-highway unclassified.png
  • Sentiero 00, Cantagallo, Tuscany, Italy
  • Kuskealleen, Vordingborg, Denmark
highway residential way Vojoj kiuj servas kiel aliro al loĝejo, sen funkcio de ligado de setlejoj. Ofte kovrita per loĝejo.
Rendering-highway residential.png
  • Residential.jpg
  • Main Street, Elko, Nevada, USA

Link roads

highway motorway_link way The link roads (sliproads/ramps) leading to/from a motorway from/to a motorway or lower class highway. Normally with the same motorway restrictions.
Rendering-highway motorway link.png
A5 exit link to A672, Darmstadt, Germany
highway trunk_link way The link roads (sliproads/ramps) leading to/from a trunk road from/to a trunk road or lower class highway.
Rendering-highway trunk link.png
A7 / OAL23 interchange, Nesselwang, Germany
highway primary_link way The link roads (sliproads/ramps) leading to/from a primary road from/to a primary road or lower class highway.
Rendering-highway primary link.png
B20 exit and entrance to Brunn, Fridolfing, Germany
highway secondary_link way The link roads (sliproads/ramps) leading to/from a secondary road from/to a secondary road or lower class highway.
Rendering-highway secondary link.png
highway tertiary_link way The link roads (sliproads/ramps) leading to/from a tertiary road from/to a tertiary road or lower class highway.
Rendering-highway tertiary link.png

Special road types

highway living_street way For living streets, which are residential streets where pedestrians have legal priority over cars, speeds are kept very low and where children are allowed to play on the street.
Living street osm.png
beginning of a living street with a paving stones surface and some trees and cars parking at the sides
highway service way area For access roads to, or within an industrial estate, camp site, business park, car park, alleys, etc. Can be used in conjunction with service=* to indicate the type of usage and with access=* to indicate who can use it and in what circumstances.
Rendering-highway service.png
Alley leading from the High Street to Green Lane Shopping Centre - geograph.org.uk - 942796.jpg
highway pedestrian way area For roads used mainly/exclusively for pedestrians in shopping and some residential areas which may allow access by motorised vehicles only for very limited periods of the day. To create a 'square' or 'plaza' create a closed way and tag as pedestrian and also with area=yes.
Pedestrian with area osm.png
Cambridge Rd - geograph.org.uk - 1189572.jpg
highway track way Roads for mostly agricultural or forestry uses. To describe the quality of a track, see tracktype=*. Note: Although tracks are often rough with unpaved surfaces, this tag is not describing the quality of a road but its use. Consequently, if you want to tag a general use road, use one of the general highway values instead of track.
Rendering-highway track.png
  • Frühlingslandschft Aaretal Schweiz.jpg
  • Asphalt track.jpg
highway bus_guideway way A busway where the vehicle guided by the way (though not a railway) and is not suitable for other traffic. Please note: this is not a normal bus lane, use access=no, psv=yes instead!
Rendering-highway-bus guideway-mapnik.png
Bus track.jpg
highway escape way For runaway truck ramps, runaway truck lanes, emergency escape ramps, or truck arrester beds. It enables vehicles with braking failure to safely stop.
highway raceway way A course or track for (motor) racing
highway road way A road/way/street/motorway/etc. of unknown type. It can stand for anything ranging from a footpath to a motorway. This tag should only be used temporarily until the road/way/etc. has been properly surveyed. If you do know the road type, do not use this value, instead use one of the more specific highway=* values.
highway busway way A dedicated roadway for bus rapid transit systems
grade-seperated section of busway outside of station


highway footway way area For designated footpaths; i.e., mainly/exclusively for pedestrians. This includes walking tracks and gravel paths. If bicycles are allowed as well, you can indicate this by adding a bicycle=yes tag. Should not be used for paths where the primary or intended usage is unknown. Use highway=pedestrian for pedestrianised roads in shopping or residential areas and highway=track if it is usable by agricultural or similar vehicles.
Rendering-highway footway.png
Footway in Stowupland - geograph.org.uk - 1044849.jpg
highway bridleway way For horse riders. Pedestrians are usually also permitted, cyclists may be permitted depending on local rules/laws. Motor vehicles are forbidden.
Rendering-highway bridleway.png
highway steps way Por ŝtupoj (ŝtuparoj) sur piedvojoj. Uzi kun step_count=* por indiki la nombron da paŝoj
Rendering-highway steps.png
highway corridor way Por koridoro ene de konstruaĵo.
HK TST Star House mall corridor interior shop signs Sept-2012.JPG
highway path way Nespecifa vojeto. Uzu highway=footway por padoj ĉefe por promenantoj, highway=cycleway por unu uzebla ankaŭ de biciklantoj, highway=track por tiuj disponeblaj por ĉevalrajdantoj same kiel promenantoj kaj highway=track por tiuj, kiuj estas traireblaj per agrikulturo aŭ similaj veturiloj.
Path osm.png
Kiam trotuaro/krucvojo estas etikedita kiel aparta vojo 
footway sidewalk way Trotuaro kiu etendiĝas tipe laŭ loĝvojo. Uzu kombine kun highway=footwayhighway=path
Rendering-highway footway.png
200806 Berlin 91sidewalk.jpg
footway crossing way Crosswalk that connects two sidewalks on the opposite side of the road. Often recognized by painted markings on the road, road sign or traffic lights. Use in combination with highway=footway or highway=path. Useful information is presence of tactile_paving=*, wheelchair=* suitability and kerb=* represented as a node on the crosswalk way.
Rendering-highway footway.png
Zebra-crossing sm.jpg

Kiam trotuaro estas etikedita sur la ĉefvojo (vidu Sidewalks)

sidewalk both | left | right | no way Specifas ke la vojoj havas trotuarojn ambaŭflanke, unuflanke aŭ tute ne trotuaroj.
Sidewalk and zebra-crossing.jpg

Kiam biciklovojo estas desegnita kiel sia propra maniero (vidu Bicycle)

highway cycleway way For designated cycleways. Add foot=*, though it may be avoided if default-access-restrictions do apply.
Cycleway osm.png
Separated cycleway with traffic sign

Cycleway tagged on the main roadway or lane (see Bicycle)

cycleway lane way A lane is a route that lies within the roadway
Fietsstrook Herenweg Oudorp.jpg
cycleway opposite way Used on ways with oneway=yes where it is legally permitted to cycle in both directions. Used together with oneway:bicycle=no.
Sul bxl 01.JPG
cycleway opposite_lane way Used on ways with oneway=yes that have a cycling lane going the opposite direction of normal traffic flow (a "contraflow" lane). Used together with oneway:bicycle=no.
France road sign C24a-2.svg
cycleway track way A track provides a route that is separated from traffic. In the United States, this term is often used to refer to bike lanes that are separated from lanes for cars by pavement buffers, bollards, parking lanes, and curbs. Note that a cycle track may alternatively be drawn as a separate way next to the road which is tagged as highway=cycleway.
Cycle nexttoroad.jpg
cycleway opposite_track way Used on ways with oneway=yes that have a cycling track going the opposite direction of normal traffic flow. Used together with oneway:bicycle=no.
549c Spitzenkiel140923.jpg
cycleway share_busway way There is a bus lane that cyclists are permitted to use.
cycleway opposite_share_busway way Used on ways with oneway=yes that have a bus lane that cyclists are also permitted to use, and which go in the opposite direction to normal traffic flow (a "contraflow" bus lane). Used together with oneway:bicycle=no.
2010-01-02 15.19.16.jpg
cycleway shared_lane way Cyclists share a lane with motor vehicles, but there are markings indicating that they should share the lane with motorists. In some places these markings are known as "sharrows" ('sharing arrows') and this is the tag to use for those.
Sharrows Toronto 2011.jpg
busway lane way Bus lane on both sides of the road. (See also: Parallel scheme for bus/psv lane tagging lanes:bus=* / lanes:psv=*)
2010-01-02 15.19.16.jpg

Lifecycle (see also lifecycle prefixes)

highway proposed way For planned roads, use with proposed=* and a value of the proposed highway value.
highway construction way For roads under construction. Use construction=* to hold the value for the completed road.
Highway construction 200805041655.png
different colours
The T12 link road to Wilmore Road under construction - geograph.org.uk - 4452080.jpg


abutters commercial | industrial | mixed | residential | retail etc. way See Key:abutters for more details.
bicycle_road yes way A bicycle road is a road designated for bicycles. If residential streets get the status of bicycle roads, normally, by special signs, motor traffic is admitted with limited speed, often only for residents.
bus_bay both | left | right way A bus bay outside the main carriageway for boarding/alighting
change yes | no | not_right | not_left | only_right | only_left way Specify the allowed/forbidden lane changes
Only Only Only (49884679761).jpg
destination <place name of destination> way Destination when following a linear feature
Japanese Road sign (Direction and Lane A).svg
embankment yes | dyke way A dyke or a raised bank to carry a road, railway, or canal across a low-lying or wet area.
Green River Trail - Desimone Levee 01.jpg
embedded_rails yes | <type of railway> way A highway on which non-railway traffic is also allowed has railway tracks embedded in it but the rails are mapped as separate ways.
Ruusulankatu tram rails (at lat 60.18206, lon 24.92450) heading NW.jpg
ford yes node way La vojo transiras tra rivereto aŭ rivero, veturiloj devas eniri ajnan akvon.
Map feature ford.jpg
ice_road yes way Aŭtovojo estas metita sur frosta akvobaseno, certe ne ekzistas en somero.
Pechora crossing.jpg
incline Number % | ° | up | down node way Klinu krutecon kiel procentoj ("5%") aŭ gradoj ("20°"). Pozitivaj/negativaj valoroj indikas movon supren/malsupren en la direkto de la vojo.
junction roundabout way closed way Ĉi tio aŭtomate implicas oneway=yes, la unudirekta direkto estas difinita per la sinsekva mendado de nodoj ene de la Vojo. Ĉi tio validas laŭ vojo, jam etikedita kun highway=*.
2008 03 12 - UMD - Roundabout viewed from Art Soc Bldg 4b.JPG
lanes <number> way La nombro da trafiklenoj por ĝeneraluzebla trafiko, ankaŭ por busoj kaj aliaj specifaj klasoj de veturilo.
NLEx 6 Lanes.jpg
lit yes | no nodewayarea Street lighting
Berlin speer-leuchte.jpg
maxspeed <number> way Specifas la maksimuman laŭleĝan rapidelimon sur vojo, fervojo aŭ akvovojo.
Zeichen 274-60 - Zulässige Höchstgeschwindigkeit, StVO 2017.svg
motorroad yes | no way node The motorroad tag is used to describe highways that have motorway-like access restrictions but that are not a motorway.
Zeichen 331.1 - Kraftfahrstraße, StVO 2013.svg
mountain_pass yes node La plej alta punkto de montopasejo.
Mountain pass.jpg
mtb:scale 0-6 way Applies to highway=path and highway=track. A classification scheme for mtb trails (few inclination and downhill).
Difficulty gauge for the grants process.png
mtb:scale:uphill 0-5 way A classification scheme for mtb trails for going uphill if there is significant inclination.
Difficulty gauge for the grants process.png
mtb:scale:imba 0-4 way The IMBA Trail Difficulty Rating System shall be used for bikeparks. It is adapted to mtb trails with artificial obstacles.
mtb:description Text way Applies to highway=path and highway=track. A key to input variable infos related to mtbiking on a way with human words
oneway yes | no | reversible way Unudirektaj stratoj estas stratoj, kie oni rajtas veturi nur en unu direkto.
overtaking yes | no | caution | both | forward | backward way Specifying sections of roads where overtaking is legally forbidden. Use overtaking:forward=yes/no/caution and overtaking:backward=yes/no/caution when it depends on driving direction.
parking:condition free | ticket | disc | residents | customers | private way Specifante la parkumadkondiĉojn (kondiĉoj). Vidu parking:condition=* por pliaj detaloj.
parking:lane parallel | diagonal | perpendicular | marked | no_parking | no_stopping | fire_lane. way Specifante la parkumejon. Vidu parking:lane=* por pliaj detaloj.
passing_places yes way A way which has frequent passing places (See also: highway=passing_place)
priority_road designated | yes_unposted | end way Specifying roads signposted as priority roads.
Vienna Convention road sign B3-V1.svg
sac_scale hiking | mountain_hiking | demanding_mountain_hiking | alpine_hiking | demanding_alpine_hiking | difficult_alpine_hiking way Applies to highway=path and highway=footway. A classification scheme for hiking trails.
Mountain hiking.jpg
service alley | driveway | parking_aisle etc. way Vidu Key:service por pliaj detaloj.
Seattle - alley north from S Jackson between Western & 1st - A.jpg
smoothness excellent | good | intermediate | bad | very_bad | horrible | very_horrible | impassable way Vidu Key:smoothness por pliaj detaloj.
Jena Track roots.jpg
surface paved | unpaved | asphalt | concrete | paving_stones | sett | cobblestone | metal | wood | compacted | fine_gravel | gravel | pebblestone | plastic | grass_paver | grass | dirt | earth | mud | sand | ground way Vidu Key:surface por pliaj detaloj.
Transportation in Tanzania Traffic problems.JPG
tactile_paving yes | no node way area A paving in the ground to be followed with a blindman's stick. Not to be rendered on standard maps.
Tactile paving.jpg
tracktype grade1 | grade2 | grade3 | grade4 | grade5 way To describe the quality of the surface. See Key:tracktype for more information.
Surface grade1.jpg
traffic_calming bump | hump | table | island | cushion | yes | etc. node way Vidu Key:traffic calming por pliaj detaloj.
Ležeći policajac 016.jpg
trail_visibility excellent | good | intermediate | bad | horrible | no way Applies to highway=path, highway=footway, highway=cycleway and highway=bridleway. A classification for hiking trails visibility
Trail visibility good.jpg
trailblazed yes | no | poles | cairns | symbols way Applies to highway=*. Describing trail blazing and marking. See Key:trailblazed for more information.
Trail blazing 10.jpg
trailblazed:visibility excellent | good | intermediate | bad | horrible | no way Applies to trailblazed=*. A classification for visibility of trailblazing. See Key:trailblazed:visibility for more information.
turn left | slight_left | through | right | slight_right | merge_to_left | merge_to_right | reverse way The key turn can be used to specify the direction in which a way or a lane will lead.
Zeichen 297 - Richtungspfeile, StVO 1970.svg
width <number> way La larĝo de trajto.
Height demonstration diagram.png
winter_road yes way A highway functions during winter, probably can't be driven in summer.
Anuisk bilibino sever66.jpg

Other highway features

highway bus_stop node Malgranda bushaltejo. Optionally one may also use public_transport=stop_position for the position where the vehicle stops and public_transport=platform for the place where passengers wait.
Bus stop.12.svg
Průmyslová str3, Prague Štěrboholy.jpg
highway crossing node Krucvojo. Piemantoj povas transiri straton ĉi tie; e.g., zebra crossing
Zebra-crossing sm.jpg
highway elevator node way An elevator or lift, used to travel vertically, providing passenger and freight access between pathways at different floor levels.
highway emergency_bay node way Areo apud aŭtovojo, kie vi povas sekure haltigi vian aŭton en kazo de paneo aŭ krizo.
France road sign C8.svg
highway emergency_access_point node Signa nombro, kiu povas esti uzata por difini vian nunan pozicion en kazo de krizo. Uzu kun ref=NUMBER_ON_THE_SIGN
Anfahrpunkt für Rettungsfahrzeuge HP 108 Alter Lorscher Weg 102 1235.jpg
highway give_way node Signo "cedi"
Give way.jpg
emergency phone node Voka aparato povas esti uzata por sciigi vian nunan pozicion en kazo de krizo. Uzu kun ref=NUMBER_ON_THE_SIGN
Emergency push-button telephone, Warsaw.jpg
highway milestone node Aŭtovoja loksigno
highway mini_roundabout node Similar to roundabouts, but at the center there is either a painted circle or a fully traversable island. In case of an untraversable center island, junction=roundabout should be used.

Rendered as anti-clockwise by default direction=anticlockwise. To render clockwise add the tag direction=clockwise.

highway motorway_junction node Indicates a junction (UK) or exit (US). ref=* should be set to the exit number or junction identifier. (Some roads – e.g., the A14 – also carry junction numbers, so the tag may be encountered elsewhere despite its name)
Dscf0242 600.jpg
highway passing_place node La loko de preterpasanta spaco
highway platform node way area Kajo ĉe bushaltejo aŭ stacidomo.
Rendering-highway railway platform line.png
Bayview trstwy.jpg
highway rest_area node area Loko kie ŝoforoj povas forlasi la vojon por ripozi, sed ne benzinumi.
Wentworth terrain.jpg
highway speed_camera node Fiksa vojflanko aŭ supra rapidkamerao.
Speed camera.jpg
highway street_lamp node Strata lanterno, lanterno aŭ stratlampo estas levita lumfonto ĉe la rando de vojo, kiu estas ŝaltita aŭ ŝaltita je certa tempo ĉiunokte.
highway services node area Servostacio por akiri manĝaĵon kaj manĝi ion, ofte trovita ĉe aŭtovojoj
Mapping Features Motorway service area.jpg
De lucht.jpg
highway stop node Haltsignalo
STOP sign.jpg
highway traffic_mirror node Spegulo kiu reflektas la trafikon sur unu vojo kiam rekta vido estas blokita.
highway traffic_signals node Lumoj kiuj kontrolas la trafikon
Rendering-traffic singals.jpg
highway trailhead node Designated place to start on a trail or route
Ancient Lakes Trailhead - panoramio.jpg
highway turning_circle node A turning circle is a rounded, widened area usually, but not necessarily, at the end of a road to facilitate easier turning of a vehicle. Also known as a cul de sac.
Turning circle.jpg
highway turning_loop node A widened area of a highway with a non-traversable island for turning around, often circular and at the end of a road.
Turning circle - geograph.org.uk - 991834.jpg
highway toll_gantry node A toll gantry is a gantry suspended over a way, usually a motorway, as part of a system of electronic toll collection. For a toll booth with any kind of barrier or booth see: barrier=toll_booth
CR0344eRoad-MM4-TollGantry (29081629762).jpg
highway User Defined node way All commonly used values according to Taginfo

Ĉi tiu tabelo estas vikia ŝablono. Redaktebla ĉi tie.

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