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Single symbols denote several kinds of points of interest or describe a larger area. If the map feature in question has a name, it is written below the symbol most of the time, in the same color of the symbol.

Icon Description Tags


Restaurant-14.svg Restaurant (except fast food) / food court amenity=restaurant / amenity=food_court
Cafe-16.svg Cafe amenity=cafe
Fast-food-16.svg Fast food restaurant or snack bar or sandwich bar or similar amenity=fast_food
Bar-16.svg Bar amenity=bar
Pub-16.svg Pub amenity=pub
Ice-cream-14.svg Ice cream shop amenity=ice_cream
Biergarten-16.svg Biergarten (traditional sense) amenity=biergarten
Outdoor seating-14.svg An outdoor seating area, usually for the consumption of food and drink from neighbouring cafes and restaurants leisure=outdoor_seating

Culture, entertainment and arts

Artwork-14.svg Artwork tourism=artwork
Community centre-14.svg Community centre amenity=community_centre
Library.14.svg Library amenity=library
Museum-16.svg Museum tourism=museum
Theatre-16.svg Theatre amenity=theatre
Cinema-16.svg Cinema amenity=cinema
Nightclub-16.svg Nightclub amenity=nightclub
Arts centre.svg Arts centre amenity=arts_centre
Gallery-14.svg Art gallery, art museum tourism=gallery
Internet cafe-14.svg Internet cafe amenity=internet_cafe
Casino-14.svg Casino amenity=casino
Public bookcase-14.svg Public bookcase amenity=public_bookcase
Amusement arcade-14.svg A venue with pay-to-play games leisure=amusement_arcade

Historical objects

Memorial-16.svg Memorial (standard size) historic=memorial
Archaeological-site-16.svg Place in which objects of historic interest are preserved historic=archaeological_site
Carto shrine.svg Historical shrine historic=wayside_shrine
Monument-16.svg Monument historic=monument
Castle-14.svg Castle historic=castle
Plaque.svg Memorial plaque / Blue plaque historic=memorial + memorial=plaque / historic=memorial + memorial=blue_plaque
Statue-14.svg Statue historic=memorial + memorial=statue / tourism=artwork + artwork_type=statue
Stone-14.svg Memorial as a stone historic=memorial + memorial=stone
Palace-14.svg Palace / Stately home historic=castle + castle_type=palace / historic=castle + castle_type=stately
Fortress-14.svg Defensive castle / Fortress / Castra / Shiro / Kremlin historic=castle + castle_type=* =>defensive / =>fortress / =>castrum / =>shiro / =>kremlin
Historic-fort.svg Military historic fort historic=fort
Bust-14.svg Bust historic=memorial + memorial=bust / tourism=artwork + artwork_type=bust
City-gate-14.svg City gate historic=city_gate
Manor-14.svg Manor house historic=castle + castle_type=manor
Obelisk-14.svg Obelisk man_made=obelisk

Leisure, recreation and sports

Playground-16.svg Playground leisure=playground
Fitness.svg Fitness centre / fitness station leisure=fitness_centre / leisure=fitness_station
Golf-icon.svg Golf course leisure=golf_course
Swimming-16.svg Water park / swimming area / (indoor or outdoor) swimming pool leisure=water_park / leisure=swimming_area / leisure=sports_centre + sport=swimming
Massage-14.svg Massage shop shop=massage
Sauna-14.svg Sauna leisure=sauna
Public bath.svg A location where the public may bathe in common amenity=public_bath
Miniature golf.svg Miniature golf course leisure=miniature_golf
Beach resort-14.svg A managed beach leisure=beach_resort
Fishing-14.svg A public place for fishing leisure=fishing
Bowling alley-14.svg Bowling centre leisure=bowling_alley
Dog park.svg Dog park leisure=dog_park
Leisure-golf-pin.svg Hole of a golf course golf=pin

Waste management

Toilets-16.svg Public toilets amenity=toilets
Recycling-16.svg Recycling container or recycling centre amenity=recycling
Waste-basket-12.svg Waste basket amenity=waste_basket
Waste disposal-14.svg Disposal bin (medium size), for bagged up household or industrial waste amenity=waste_disposal
Excrement bags-14.svg Excrement bag dispenser amenity=vending_machine + vending=excrement_bags


Bench-16.svg Bench amenity=bench
Shelter-14.svg Shelter (e.g. weather shelter) amenity=shelter
Drinking-water-16.svg Drinking water, bubbler, drinking fountain amenity=drinking_water
Picnic site.svg Picnic site tourism=picnic_site
Fountain-14.svg Fountain (recreational/decorational) amenity=fountain
Camping.16.svg Campsite, campground tourism=camp_site
Table-16.svg Picnic table leisure=picnic_table
Caravan-16.svg Caravan site, caravan park, RV park tourism=caravan_site
Bbq-14.svg Barbeque amenity=bbq
Shower-14.svg Shower amenity=shower
Firepit.svg Fireplace leisure=firepit
Bird hide-14.svg Bird hide leisure=bird_hide

Tourism and accommodation

Guidepost-14.svg Guidepost tourism=information + information=guidepost
Board-14.svg Information board tourism=information + information=board
Map-14.svg Board with a map / Information map as 3D-model tourism=information + information=map / tourism=information + information=tactile_map
Office-14.svg Tourism-Information tourism=information + information=office
Terminal-14.svg Information terminal tourism=information + information=terminal
Audioguide-14.svg Audioguide tourism=information + information=audioguide
Viewpoint-16.svg Viewpoint tourism=viewpoint
Hotel-16.svg Hotel tourism=hotel
Tourism guest house.svg Guest house tourism=guest_house
Hostel-16.svg Hostel tourism=hostel
Chalet.svg Chalet (holiday cottage) tourism=chalet
Motel-16.svg Motel tourism=motel
Apartment.svg Apartment tourism=apartment
Alpinehut.svg Alpine hut tourism=alpine_hut
Wilderness hut.svg Wilderness hut tourism=wilderness_hut


Bank-16.svg Bank amenity=bank
Atm-14.svg ATM or cash point amenity=atm
Bureau de change-14.svg Bureau de change amenity=bureau_de_change


Pharmacy-14.svg Pharmacy amenity=pharmacy
Hospital-14.svg Hospital (for stationary treatment) amenity=hospital
Doctors-14.svg surgery or a small clinic (for ambulant treatment) / Doctor's practice amenity=clinic / amenity=doctors
Dentist-14.svg Dentist amenity=dentist
Veterinary-14.svg Veterinary amenity=veterinary


Post box-12.svg Post box amenity=post_box
Post office-14.svg Post office amenity=post_office
Parcel locker.svg Machine for picking up and sending parcels amenity=parcel_locker
Telephone.16.svg Public telephone amenity=telephone
Emergency-phone.16.svg Emergency phone emergency=phone


Parking-16.svg Car parking amenity=parking
Parking-subtle.svg Car parking on the carriageway / Car parking adjacent to the carriageway amenity=parking + parking=lane / amenity=parking + parking=street_side
Bus-stop-12.svg Bus stop highway=bus_stop
Fuel-16.svg Gas station or petrol station or similar amenity=fuel
Parking-bicycle-16.svg Bicycle parking amenity=bicycle_parking
Rendering-railway-tram stop-mapnik.png.png Railway station / Railway stop point / Tram stop point railway=station / railway=halt / railway=tram_stop
Amenity bus station.svg Bus station amenity=bus_station
Helipad.16.svg Helipad aeroway=helipad
Aerodrome.svg Airport aeroway=aerodrome
Rental-bicycle-16.svg Bicycle-sharing/rental station amenity=bicycle_rental
Transport slipway.svg Slipway for boats leisure=slipway
Taxi.16.svg Taxi rank amenity=taxi
Parking tickets-14.svg A machine selling tickets for parking amenity=vending_machine + vending=parking_tickets
Subway-entrance-12.svg Subway entrance railway=subway_entrance
Charging station.16.svg Charging station amenity=charging_station
Elevator-12.svg Elevator highway=elevator
Rental-car-16.svg Rent a car amenity=car_rental
Parking entrance-14.svg Underground parking entrance amenity=parking_entrance + parking=underground
Public transport tickets-14.svg A machine vending bus, tram, train... tickets amenity=vending_machine + vending=public_transport_tickets
Ferry-icon.svg Ferry terminal amenity=ferry_terminal
Parking-motorcycle-16.svg Motorcycle parking amenity=motorcycle_parking
Bicycle repair station-14.svg Bicycle repair station amenity=bicycle_repair_station
Boat rental-14.svg Boat rental amenity=boat_rental
Parking entrance multi-storey 14.svg Multi-storey parking entrance amenity=parking_entrance + parking=multi-storey

Road features

Oneway.svg One-way oneway=yes
Barrier gate.svg Gate barrier=gate
Traffic light-16.svg Traffic lights highway=traffic_signals
Level crossing2.svg Railroad crossing, zoom >=16 railway=level_crossing / railway=crossing
Level crossing.svg Railroad crossing, zoom <=15 railway=level_crossing / railway=crossing
Barrier.svg Barriers (bollard / large block / turnstile / log) barrier=bollard / barrier=block / barrier=turnstile / barrier=log
Liftgate-7.svg Boom barrier barrier=lift_gate / barrier=swing_gate
Cycle barrier-14.svg Barriers to bicycle traffic barrier=cycle_barrier
Barrier stile-14.svg Stile barrier=stile
Highway mini roundabout.svg Mini roundabout highway=mini_roundabout
Toll booth.svg Tollbooth barrier=toll_booth
Barrier cattle grid-14.svg Cattle grid barrier=cattle_grid
Kissing gate-14.svg A gate which allows people to cross, but not livestock. barrier=kissing_gate
Full-height turnstile-14.svg A full-height turnstile barrier=full-height_turnstile
Motorcycle barrier-14.svg Motorcycle barrier barrier=motorcycle_barrier
Ford.16.svg Ford / Ford with stepping stones ford=yes / ford=stepping_stones
Mountain pass-8.svg Saddle on a course of a way mountain_pass=yes
Dam node.svg Dam waterway=dam
Weir node.svg Weir waterway=weir
Lock gate node.svg Gate of a lock waterway=lock_gate
Turning circle on highway track-16.svg Turning circle at agricultural or forestry roads Node with highway=turning_circle at way with highway=track


Tree-16.svg Tree natural=tree
Peak-8.svg Peak, summit, etc. natural=peak
Spring-14.svg Spring natural=spring
Cave.14.svg Cave entrance natural=cave_entrance
Waterfall-14.svg Waterfall waterway=waterfall
Saddle-8.svg Topographic saddle natural=saddle
Volcano-8.svg Volcano natural=volcano

Administrative facilities

Police-16.svg Police station amenity=police
Town-hall-16.svg Townhall amenity=townhall
Fire-station-16.svg Fire station amenity=fire_station
Social facility-14.svg Social facility amenity=social_facility
Courthouse-16.svg Court house amenity=courthouse
Diplomatic.svg Embassy office=diplomatic + diplomatic=embassy
Office-diplomatic-consulate.svg Consulate office=diplomatic + diplomatic=consulate
Prison-16.svg Prison amenity=prison

Religious place

Christian-16.svg Christian (except Jehovah's Witnesses, La Luz del Mundo, Iglesia ni Cristo and Mormons) amenity=place_of_worship + religion=christian
Jewish-16.svg Jewish amenity=place_of_worship + religion=jewish
Muslim-16.svg Muslim amenity=place_of_worship + religion=muslim
Taoist-16.svg Taoist amenity=place_of_worship + religion=taoist
Hinduist-16.svg Hindu amenity=place_of_worship + religion=hindu
Buddhist-16.svg Buddhist amenity=place_of_worship + religion=buddhist
Shintoist-16.svg Shinto amenity=place_of_worship + religion=shinto
Sikhist-16.svg Sikh amenity=place_of_worship + religion=sikh
Place-of-worship-16.svg Unspecified or other religion amenity=place_of_worship + without or other religion=* value

Shops and services

Marketplace-14.svg Marketplace amenity=marketplace
Convenience-14.svg Convenience store shop=convenience
Supermarket-14.svg Supermarket shop=supermarket
Clothes-16.svg Clothes shop / Fashion shop shop=clothes / shop=fashion
Hairdresser-16.svg Hairdresser's and/or barber's shop=hairdresser
Bakery-16.svg Bakery shop=bakery
Car repair-14.svg Car repair service shop=car_repair
Doityourself-16.svg Do-It-Yourself store / Hardware store shop=doityourself / shop=hardware
Purple-car.svg Car store shop=car
Newsagent-14.svg Kiosk / Newsstand shop=kiosk / shop=newsagent
Beauty-14.svg Beauty services except hairdressing shop=beauty
Car wash-14.svg Car wash amenity=car_wash
Butcher.svg Butcher shop=butcher
Alcohol-16.svg Shop selling alcohol / Wine shop shop=alcohol / shop=wine
Furniture-16.svg Furniture store shop=furniture
Florist-16.svg Florist shop=florist
Mobile-phone-16.svg Shop selling mobile phones and accessories shop=mobile_phone
Electronics-16.svg Shop selling consumer electronics shop=electronics
Shoes-16.svg Shoe store shop=shoes
Car parts-14.svg Car parts shop shop=car_parts
Greengrocer-14.svg Greengrocer / Farm shop shop=greengrocer / shop=farm
Laundry-14.svg Laundry shop / Clothes dry cleaning service shop=laundry / shop=dry_cleaning
Optician-16.svg Optician shop=optician
Jewellery-16.svg Jewellery shop=jewelry / shop=jewellery
Books-16.svg Book store shop=books
Gift-16.svg Gift or souvenier shop shop=gift
Department store-16.svg Department store shop=department_store
Bicycle-16.svg Bicycle shop, retail, repair and/or rental shop=bicycle
Confectionery-14.svg Confectionery / Chocolate shop / Patisserie shop=confectionery / shop=chocolate / shop=pastry
Variety store-14.svg Variety store shop=variety_store
Travel agency-14.svg Travel agency shop=travel_agency
Sports-14.svg Sports equipment shop shop=sports
Chemist-14.svg Chemist shop=chemist
Computer-14.svg Computer store shop=computer
Stationery-14.svg Stationery shop shop=stationery
Pet-16.svg Pet shop shop=pet
Beverages-14.svg Shop selling beverages shop=beverages
Perfumery-14.svg Cosmetics shop / Perfumery shop=cosmetics / shop=perfumery
Tyres.svg Tyres shop shop=tyres
Shop motorcycle.svg Motorcycle shop shop=motorcycle
Garden centre-14.svg Garden centre shop=garden_centre
Copyshop-14.svg Copy shop shop=copyshop
Toys-14.svg Toy shop shop=toys
Deli-14.svg Shop selling delicatessen (gourmet foods) shop=deli
Tobacco-14.svg Tobacco shop shop=tobacco
Seafood-14.svg Shop selling fish and/or seafood shop=seafood
Interior decoration-14.svg Shop selling interior decorations shop=interior_decoration
Ticket-14.svg A shop selling tickets for concerts, events, public transport shop=ticket
Photo-14.svg Photo shop or photo studio shop=photo / shop=photo_studio / shop=photography
Trade-14.svg A place of business that sells to a particular trade or trades / Wholesale shop=trade / shop=wholesale
Outdoor-14.svg Shop selling outdoor equipment shop=outdoor
Houseware-14.svg Shop selling houseware shop=houseware
Art-14.svg Art shop shop=art
Paint-14.svg Shop selling paints shop=paint
Fabric-14.svg Shop that sells fabric shop=fabric
Bookmaker-14.svg Bookmaker shop=bookmaker
Second hand-14.svg A shop selling second hand goods shop=second_hand
Charity-14.svg Charity store shop=charity
Bed-14.svg Shop selling mattresses shop=bed
Medical supply.svg A store where you can buy medical equipment shop=medical_supply
Hifi-14.svg Hi-fi store shop=hifi
Shop music.svg Shop selling recorded music shop=music
Coffee-14.svg Coffee shop shop=coffee
Musical instrument-14.svg Shop selling musical instruments shop=musical_instrument
Tea-14.svg Tea shop shop=tea
Video-14.svg Shop selling or renting videos/DVDs shop=video
Bag-14.svg Bag shop shop=bag
Carpet-14.svg Shop selling carpets shop=carpet
Video games-14.svg Shop selling video games shop=video_games
Vehicle inspection-14.svg Government vehicle inspection amenity=vehicle_inspection
Dairy.svg Shop selling dairy products shop=dairy
Shop-other-16.svg Shop (specified and other, not listed above) / Driving school Any shop=* value (except 'yes', 'no', 'vacant', 'closed', 'disused', 'empty')
/ amenity=driving_school
Office-16.svg Office, department, bureau (all) office=*
Social amenity darken 80-16.svg Nursing home care / Childcare amenity=nursing_home / amenity=childcare

Landmarks, man-made infrastructure, masts and towers

Storage tank-14.svg Storage tanks / Silo man_made=storage_tank / man_made=silo
Tower freestanding.svg Tower in general man_made=tower
Tower cantilever communication.svg Communication towers man_made=tower + tower:type=communication
Generator wind-14.svg Wind turbine power=generator + generator:source=wind ( + generator:method=wind_turbine)
Hunting-stand-16.svg Hunting stand amenity=hunting_stand
Christian.9.svg Wayside cross / Summit cross or similar historic=wayside_cross / man_made=cross
Water-tower-16.svg Water tower man_made=water_tower
Mast general.svg Mast in general man_made=mast
Bunker-osmcarto.svg Bunker military=bunker
Chimney-14.svg Chimney man_made=chimney
Tower observation.svg Observation tower / Watch tower man_made=tower + tower:type=observation / man_made=tower + tower:type=watchtower
Tower bell tower.svg Bell tower man_made=tower + tower:type=bell_tower
Tower lighting.svg Towers for lighting man_made=tower + tower:type=lighting
Lighthouse-16.svg Lighthouse man_made=lighthouse
Column-14.svg Advertising column advertising=column
Crane-14.svg Crane (stationary) man_made=crane
Windmill-16.svg Windmill man_made=windmill
Tower lattice communication.svg Lattice communication towers man_made=tower + tower:type=communication + tower:construction=lattice
Mast lighting.svg Poles for lighting man_made=mast + tower:type=lighting
Mast communications.svg Mast with transmitters man_made=mast + tower:type=communication
Communication tower-14.svg A huge tower for transmitting radio applications man_made=communications_tower
Tower defensive.svg Fortified defensive tower man_made=tower + tower:type=defensive
Tower cooling.svg Cooling tower man_made=tower + tower:type=cooling
Tower lattice.svg The tower is constructed from steel lattice man_made=tower + tower:construction=lattice
Tower lattice lighting.svg Tower is constructed from steel lattice for lighting man_made=tower + tower:type=lighting + tower:construction=lattice
Tower dish.svg The 'communication tower' is a dish man_made=tower + tower:construction=dish
Tower dome.svg The 'communication tower' is a dome man_made=tower + tower:construction=dome
Telescope dish-14.svg Radio telescope man_made=telescope + telescope:type=radio
Telescope dome-14.svg Optical telescope man_made=telescope + telescope:type=optical


Power tower.svg Big electricity pylon, carrying high voltage electricity cables power=tower
Power pole.svg Small electricity pole, carrying low voltage electricity cables power=pole


Place-6.svg City place=city
Place-capital-8.svg Capital capital=*
Rect.svg Entrance (exit) of a building entrance=yes
Entrance main.svg Main entrance (exit) of a building entrance=main
Entrance.svg A backdoor of a building entrance=service
Rectdiag.svg Any door of a building and access is not allowed entrance=* + access=no

(no alphabetic order, order based on database units)

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