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See on eestikeelne tõlge. Alles alustame tegemist.

Füüsilised nähtused

=== Teed ===

Teed ja tänavad. Seadusekohased definitsioonid vt Teeseadusest

Key Value Element Comment Rendering carto Examples

Teed ja tänavad

These are the principal tags for the road network. They range from the most to least important.

highway motorway way Kiirtee. Eestis neid ei ole.
Rendering-highway motorway neutral.png
  • Morgendlicher Berufsverkehr auf der BAB A8 beim Kreuz Stuttgart - panoramio.jpg
highway trunk way Esimese klassi tee, eri suundade vahel on eraldaja motorroad=yes.
Rendering-highway trunk carto.png
  • L3005, Eschborn, Germany
  • Cat and Fiddle Road, England
highway primary way Põhimaantee
Rendering-highway primary neutral.png
  • Hunsrückhöhenstraße, Kappel, Germany
  • Tanami Road, Australia
highway secondary way Tugimaantee
Rendering-highway secondary neutral.png
  • L134, Meyenburg, Schwanewede, Germany
  • Vatnsnesvegur, Iceland
highway tertiary way Kõrvalmaantee, Teeregistri numbriga. Eestis mõnel pool kruusateed, siis tähistada lisaks surface=unpaved. Külavaheteed (Teeregistri numbrita) on pigem unclassified.
Rendering-highway tertiary neutral.png
  • Bergedorfer Straße, Worpswede, Germany
  • Canol Road, Yukon, Canada
highway unclassified way Väiksemad muud teed, kontrolli kas ei või sobida ka highway=track. Kui kruusatee, siis surface=unpaved. Igasugused külavaheteed ja kruusateed käivad enamasti siia. NB! Kui vajab veel klassifitseerimist, siis märgi highway=road, mitte unclassified.
Rendering-highway unclassified.png
  • Sentiero 00, Cantagallo, Tuscany, Italy
  • Kuskealleen, Vordingborg, Denmark
highway residential way Asulasisene tee ehk tänav. Peab olema nimega. Asula on linn/alev/alevik, või ka küla, mis on tähistatud selgelt asula algus/lõpp liiklusmärgiga.
Rendering-highway residential.png
  • Residential.jpg
  • Main Street, Elko, Nevada, USA

Link roads

highway motorway_link way Kiirtee peale- ja mahasõiduteed, ühesuunalised
Rendering-highway motorway link.png
A5 exit link to A672, Darmstadt, Germany
highway trunk_link way Esimese klassi tee peale- ja mahasõidutee
Rendering-highway trunk link.png
A7 / OAL23 interchange, Nesselwang, Germany
highway primary_link way Põhimaantee peale- ja mahasõiduteed
Rendering-highway primary link.png
B20 exit and entrance to Brunn, Fridolfing, Germany
highway secondary_link way The link roads (sliproads/ramps) leading to/from a secondary road from/to a secondary road or lower class highway.
Rendering-highway secondary link.png
highway tertiary_link way The link roads (sliproads/ramps) leading to/from a tertiary road from/to a tertiary road or lower class highway.
Rendering-highway tertiary link.png

Special road types

highway living_street way Õueala teed, kiirus 20 km/h
Living street osm.png
beginning of a living street with a paving stones surface and some trees and cars parking at the sides
highway service way area Erinevad juurdesõiduteed linnas, nt parklasse, majade vahel jne. vaata täpsemalt service=*
Rendering-highway service.png
Alley leading from the High Street to Green Lane Shopping Centre - - 942796.jpg
highway pedestrian way area jalakäijate tänav
Pedestrian with area osm.png
Cambridge Rd - - 1189572.jpg
highway track way Metsatee, autoga vaevalt läbitav
Rendering-highway track.png
  • Frühlingslandschft Aaretal Schweiz.jpg
  • Asphalt track.jpg
highway bus_guideway way ühistranspordirada
Rendering-highway-bus guideway-mapnik.png
Bus track.jpg
highway escape way For runaway truck ramps, runaway truck lanes, emergency escape ramps, or truck arrester beds. It enables vehicles with braking failure to safely stop.
highway raceway way A course or track for (motor) racing
highway road way Muu tee. Tuleb veel klassifitseerida.
highway busway way A dedicated roadway for bus rapid transit systems
grade-seperated section of busway outside of station


highway footway way area Jalakäija tänav.
Rendering-highway footway.png
Footway in Stowupland - - 1044849.jpg
highway bridleway way Ratsutamisrada. Lisasildid vajaduse korral foot=no ja bicycle=no.
Rendering-highway bridleway.png
highway steps way Trepid
Rendering-highway steps.png
Escalinata del Calvario de Toluca.jpg
highway corridor way For a hallway inside of a building.
HK TST Star House mall corridor interior shop signs Sept-2012.JPG
highway path way Rada. Lisasildid jalgrada foot=designated, jalgrattarada bicycle=yes .
Path osm.png
highway via_ferrata way A via ferrata is a route equipped with fixed cables, stemples, ladders, and bridges in order to increase ease and security for climbers. These via ferrata require equipment : climbing harness, shock absorber and two short lengths of rope, but do not require a long rope as for climbing. not rendered in OSM-Carto
Mauerlaeufer ueberhang.jpg

When sidewalk/crosswalk is tagged as a separate way

footway sidewalk way Sidewalk that runs typically along residential road. Use in combination with highway=footway or highway=path
Rendering-highway footway.png
200806 Berlin 91sidewalk.jpg
footway crossing way Ülekäigurada
Rendering-highway footway.png
Zebra-crossing sm.jpg

When sidewalk (or pavement) is tagged on the main roadway (see Sidewalks)

sidewalk both | left | right | no way Specifies that the highways has sidewalks on both sides, on one side or no sidewalk at all
Sidewalk and zebra-crossing.jpg

When cycleway is drawn as its own way (see Bicycle)

highway cycleway way Jalgrattarada, kui vaid jalgrattale siis lisasilt foot=designated.
Cycleway osm.png
Separated cycleway with traffic sign

Cycleway tagged on the main roadway or lane (see Bicycle)

cycleway lane way A lane is a route that lies within the roadway
Fietsstrook Herenweg Oudorp.jpg
cycleway opposite way Used on ways with oneway=yes where it is legally permitted to cycle in both directions. Used together with oneway:bicycle=no.
Sul bxl 01.JPG
cycleway opposite_lane way Used on ways with oneway=yes that have a cycling lane going the opposite direction of normal traffic flow (a "contraflow" lane). Used together with oneway:bicycle=no.
France road sign C24a-2.svg
cycleway track way A track provides a route that is separated from traffic. In the United States, this term is often used to refer to bike lanes that are separated from lanes for cars by pavement buffers, bollards, parking lanes, and curbs. Note that a cycle track may alternatively be drawn as a separate way next to the road which is tagged as highway=cycleway.
Cycle nexttoroad.jpg
cycleway opposite_track way Used on ways with oneway=yes that have a cycling track going the opposite direction of normal traffic flow. Used together with oneway:bicycle=no.
549c Spitzenkiel140923.jpg
cycleway share_busway way There is a bus lane that cyclists are permitted to use.
cycleway opposite_share_busway way Used on ways with oneway=yes that have a bus lane that cyclists are also permitted to use, and which go in the opposite direction to normal traffic flow (a "contraflow" bus lane). Used together with oneway:bicycle=no.
2010-01-02 15.19.16.jpg
cycleway shared_lane way Cyclists share a lane with motor vehicles, but there are markings indicating that they should share the lane with motorists. In some places these markings are known as "sharrows" ('sharing arrows') and this is the tag to use for those.
Sharrows Toronto 2011.jpg
busway lane way Bus lane on both sides of the road. (See also: Parallel scheme for bus/psv lane tagging lanes:bus=* / lanes:psv=*)
2010-01-02 15.19.16.jpg

Street parking tagged on the main roadway (see Street parking)

parking:left / :right / :both
(hereafter: parking:side)
lane | street_side | on_kerb | half_on_kerb | shoulder | no | separate | yes way Primary key to record parking along the street. Desribes the parking position of parked vehicles in the street.
Darby Street Pre-Shared Space Change.jpg
parking:sideorientation=* parallel | diagonal | perpendicular way To specify the orientation of parked vehicles if there is street parking.

Lifecycle (see also lifecycle prefixes)

highway proposed way For planned roads, use with proposed=* and a value of the proposed highway value.
highway construction way For roads under construction. Use construction=* to hold the value for the completed road.
Rendering-highway construction tertiary carto.png
different colours
The T12 link road to Wilmore Road under construction - - 4452080.jpg


abutters commercial | industrial | mixed | residential | retail etc. way See Key:abutters for more details.
bicycle_road yes way A bicycle road is a road designated for bicycles. If residential streets get the status of bicycle roads, normally, by special signs, motor traffic is admitted with limited speed, often only for residents.
bus_bay both | left | right way A bus bay outside the main carriageway for boarding/alighting
change yes | no | not_right | not_left | only_right | only_left way Specify the allowed/forbidden lane changes
Only Only Only (49884679761).jpg
destination <place name of destination> way Destination when following a linear feature
Japanese Road sign (Direction and Lane A).svg
embankment yes | dyke way A dyke or a raised bank to carry a road, railway, or canal across a low-lying or wet area.
Green River Trail - Desimone Levee 01.jpg
embedded_rails yes | <type of railway> way A highway on which non-railway traffic is also allowed has railway tracks embedded in it but the rails are mapped as separate ways.
Ruusulankatu tram rails (at lat 60.18206, lon 24.92450) heading NW.jpg
ford yes node way The road crosses through stream or river, vehicles must enter any water.
Map feature ford.jpg
ice_road yes way A highway is laid upon frozen water basin, definitely doesn't exist in summer.
Pechora crossing.jpg
incline Number % | ° | up | down node way Kallak, mis piirab kiirust, vt Incline.
junction roundabout way closed way This automatically implies oneway=yes, the oneway direction is defined by the sequential ordering of nodes within the Way. This applies on a way, tagged with highway=* already.
2008 03 12 - UMD - Roundabout viewed from Art Soc Bldg 4b.JPG
lanes <number> way The number of traffic lanes for general purpose traffic, also for buses and other specific classes of vehicle.
NLEx 6 Lanes.jpg
lit yes | no nodewayarea Street lighting
Berlin speer-leuchte.jpg
maxspeed <number> way Specifies the maximum legal speed limit on a road, railway or waterway.
Zeichen 274-60 - Zulässige Höchstgeschwindigkeit, StVO 2017.svg
motorroad yes | no way node The motorroad tag is used to describe highways that have motorway-like access restrictions but that are not a motorway.
Zeichen 331.1 - Kraftfahrstraße, StVO 2013.svg
mountain_pass yes node The highest point of a mountain pass.
Mountain pass.jpg
mtb:scale 0-6 way Applies to highway=path and highway=track. A classification scheme for mtb trails (few inclination and downhill).
Difficulty gauge for the grants process.png
mtb:scale:uphill 0-5 way A classification scheme for mtb trails for going uphill if there is significant inclination.
Difficulty gauge for the grants process.png
mtb:scale:imba 0-4 way The IMBA Trail Difficulty Rating System shall be used for bikeparks. It is adapted to mtb trails with artificial obstacles.
mtb:description Text way Applies to highway=path and highway=track. A key to input variable infos related to mtbiking on a way with human words
oneway yes | no | reversible way Oneway streets are streets where you are only allowed to drive in one direction.
oneway:bicycle yes | no | way Used on ways with oneway=yes where it is legally permitted to cycle in both directions.
Sul bxl 01.JPG
overtaking yes | no | caution | both | forward | backward way Specifying sections of roads where overtaking is legally forbidden. Use overtaking:forward=yes/no/caution and overtaking:backward=yes/no/caution when it depends on driving direction.
parking:lane parallel | diagonal | perpendicular | marked | no_parking | no_stopping | fire_lane. way Deprecated variant to map parking along streets. See section on street parking above or the street parking page for more details.
parking:condition free | ticket | disc | residents | customers | private way Deprecated variant to map parking conditions along streets. See section on street parking above or the street parking page for more details.
2013.11.01.104926 Parking sign Kilauea Avenue Hilo Hawaii.jpg
passing_places yes way A way which has frequent passing places (See also: highway=passing_place)
priority forward | backward way Traffic priority for narrow parts of roads, e.g. narrow bridges.
Vienna Convention road sign B6.svg
priority_road designated | yes_unposted | end way Specifying roads signposted as priority roads.
Vienna Convention road sign B3-V1.svg
sac_scale hiking | mountain_hiking | demanding_mountain_hiking | alpine_hiking | demanding_alpine_hiking | difficult_alpine_hiking way Applies to highway=path and highway=footway. A classification scheme for hiking trails.
Mountain hiking.jpg
service alley | driveway | parking_aisle etc. way See Key:service for more details.
Seattle - alley north from S Jackson between Western & 1st - A.jpg
smoothness excellent | good | intermediate | bad | very_bad | horrible | very_horrible | impassable way See Key:smoothness for more details.
Jena Track roots.jpg
surface paved | unpaved | asphalt | concrete | paving_stones | sett | cobblestone | metal | wood | compacted | fine_gravel | gravel | pebblestone | plastic | grass_paver | grass | dirt | earth | mud | sand | ground way See Key:surface for more details.
Transportation in Tanzania Traffic problems.JPG
tactile_paving yes | no node way area A paving in the ground to be followed with a blindman's stick. Not to be rendered on standard maps.
Tactile paving.jpg
tracktype grade1 | grade2 | grade3 | grade4 | grade5 way To describe the quality of the surface. See Key:tracktype for more information.
Surface grade1.jpg
traffic_calming bump | hump | table | island | cushion | yes | etc. node way See Key:traffic calming for more details.
Ležeći policajac 016.jpg
trail_visibility excellent | good | intermediate | bad | horrible | no way Applies to highway=path, highway=footway, highway=cycleway and highway=bridleway. A classification for hiking trails visibility
Trail visibility good.jpg
trailblazed yes | no | poles | cairns | symbols way Applies to highway=*. Describing trail blazing and marking. See Key:trailblazed for more information.
Trail blazing 10.jpg
trailblazed:visibility excellent | good | intermediate | bad | horrible | no way Applies to trailblazed=*. A classification for visibility of trailblazing. See Key:trailblazed:visibility for more information.
turn left | slight_left | through | right | slight_right | merge_to_left | merge_to_right | reverse way The key turn can be used to specify the direction in which a way or a lane will lead.
Zeichen 297 - Richtungspfeile, StVO 1970.svg
width <number> way The width of a feature.
Height demonstration diagram.png
winter_road yes way A highway functions during winter, probably can't be driven in summer.
Anuisk bilibino sever66.jpg

Other highway features

highway bus_stop node A small bus stop. Optionally one may also use public_transport=stop_position for the position where the vehicle stops and public_transport=platform for the place where passengers wait.
Bus stop.12.svg
Průmyslová str3, Prague Štěrboholy.jpg
highway crossing node A.k.a. crosswalk. Pedestrians can cross a street here; e.g., zebra crossing
Zebra-crossing sm.jpg
highway cyclist_waiting_aid node Street furniture for cyclists that are intended to make waiting at esp. traffic lights more comfortable.
Cyclist footrest 01 Flickr SDOT Photos.jpg
highway elevator node way An elevator or lift, used to travel vertically, providing passenger and freight access between pathways at different floor levels.
highway emergency_bay node way An area beside a highway where you can safely stop your car in case of breakdown or emergency.
France road sign C8.svg
highway emergency_access_point node Sign number which can be used to define your current position in case of an emergency. Use with ref=NUMBER_ON_THE_SIGN. See also emergency=access_point
Anfahrpunkt für Rettungsfahrzeuge HP 108 Alter Lorscher Weg 102 1235.jpg
highway give_way node Anna teed märk
Give way.jpg
emergency phone node A calling device can be used to tell on your current position in case of an emergency. Use with ref=NUMBER_ON_THE_SIGN
Emergency push-button telephone, Warsaw.jpg
highway ladder nodeway A vertical or inclined set of steps or rungs intended for climbing or descending of a person with the help of hands.
Wooden ladder to the small cave, Hurkutstein.jpg
highway milestone node Highway location marker
highway mini_roundabout node Ringtee, vt ka highway=* ja junction=roundabout ning highway=mini_roundabout - kuidas täpsemini tähistada.
highway motorway_junction node Kiirtee mahasõit, kasutada koos name=* või ref=* tag-iga ja pannaks mahasõidu algusesse.
Dscf0242 600.jpg
highway passing_place node The location of a passing space
highway platform node way area A platform at a bus stop or station.
Rendering-highway railway platform line.png
Bayview trstwy.jpg
highway rest_area node area Place where drivers can leave the road to rest, but not refuel.
Wentworth terrain.jpg
highway services node area A service station to get food and eat something, often found at motorways
Mapping Features Motorway service area.jpg
De lucht.jpg
highway speed_camera node A fixed road-side or overhead speed camera.
Speed camera.jpg
highway stop node Stopp märk
STOP sign.jpg
highway street_lamp node A street light, lamppost, street lamp, light standard, or lamp standard is a raised source of light on the edge of a road, which is turned on or lit at a certain time every night
highway toll_gantry node A toll gantry is a gantry suspended over a way, usually a motorway, as part of a system of electronic toll collection. For a toll booth with any kind of barrier or booth see: barrier=toll_booth
CR0344eRoad-MM4-TollGantry (29081629762).jpg
highway traffic_mirror node Mirror that reflects the traffic on one road when direct view is blocked.
highway traffic_signals node Valgusfoor
Rendering-traffic singals.jpg
highway trailhead node Designated place to start on a trail or route
Ancient Lakes Trailhead - panoramio.jpg
highway turning_circle node A turning circle is a rounded, widened area usually, but not necessarily, at the end of a road to facilitate easier turning of a vehicle. Also known as a cul de sac.
Turning circle.jpg
highway turning_loop node A widened area of a highway with a non-traversable island for turning around, often circular and at the end of a road.
Turning circle - - 991834.jpg
highway User Defined node way All commonly used values according to Taginfo

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=== Energia ===These are used to map electrical power generation and distributions systems. See Power for an introduction on its usage.

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Tag Väärtus Element Kirjeldus Rendering Foto


amenity bar node area Bar is a purpose-built commercial establishment that sells alcoholic drinks to be consumed on the premises. They are characterised by a noisy and vibrant atmosphere, similar to a party and usually don't sell food. See also the description of the tags amenity=pub;bar;restaurant for a distinction between these.
amenity biergarten node area õlleaed
Hofbräukeller Arkaden.JPG
amenity cafe node area kohvik
Klagenfurt Wörthersee Strandbad Cafe Sunset Bar 11102008 65.jpg
amenity fast_food node area kiirtoit
Burger king kamen.jpg
amenity food_court node area söögihall (enamasti kaubanduskeskustes asuv suur ruum paljude toidulettidega)
amenity ice_cream node area Ice cream shop or ice cream parlour. A place that sells ice cream and frozen yoghurt over the counter
Ribnitzer Hafenfest, Ribnitz-Damgarten (P1060946).jpg
amenity pub node area kõrts
amenity restaurant node area restoran
Caprice Restaurant.JPG


amenity college node area
Cambridge Regional College main entrance.jpg
amenity dancing_school node area A dancing school or dance studio
Dancing lesson 16507650.jpg
amenity driving_school node area Driving School which offers motor vehicle driving lessons
Fahrschulauto VW Austria St Johann.JPG
amenity first_aid_school node area A place where people can go for first aid courses.
amenity kindergarten node area lasteaed
Story Time.jpg
amenity language_school node area Language School: an educational institution where one studies a foreign language.
Sede de Berlitz al norte de Bogotá.jpeg
amenity library node area raamatukogu
Guantanamo captives' library a.jpg
amenity surf_school node area A surf school is an establishment that teaches surfing.
Surfing School at Chapel Porth (2784337863).jpg
amenity toy_library node area A place to borrow games and toys, or play with them on site.
Toy Library storage.jpg
amenity research_institute node area An establishment endowed for doing research.
Aerial View of Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field - GPN-2000-002008.jpg
amenity training node area Public place where you can get training.
Sede de Berlitz al norte de Bogotá.jpeg
amenity music_school node area A music school, an educational institution specialized in the study, training, and research of music.
Music school from Rabnita (1980). (9196267787).jpg
amenity school node area kool
Williamstown school.jpg
amenity traffic_park node area Juvenile traffic schools
Lasten ajoharjoittelu rata Nordenskiöldinkatu - panoramio.jpg
amenity university node area ülikool
Brock University campus.JPG


amenity bicycle_parking node area jalgrattaparkla
amenity bicycle_repair_station node area General tools for self-service bicycle repairs, usually on the roadside; no service
Bicycle repair station-14.svg
amenity bicycle_rental node area jalgrattalaenutus
Rental Row (3561666697).jpg
amenity boat_rental node area Rent a Boat
Boat rental-14.svg
Münster, Boote am Aasee -- 2016 -- 2375.jpg
amenity boat_sharing node area Share a Boat
A Boat To Share.jpg
amenity bus_station node area bussijaam (bussipeatuse korral kasuta highway=bustop)
Bus station-14.svg
Manchester Piccadilly Bus Station.jpg
amenity car_rental node area autorent
Hertz car rental office Livonia Michigan.JPG
amenity car_sharing node area autojagamise punkt (Eestis neid veel pole.)
U Car Share Shattuck Hearst.jpg
amenity car_wash node area Wash a car
Car wash-14.svg
Wuppertal - Friedrich-Engels-Allee 130 02 ies.jpg
amenity compressed_air node area A device to inflate tires/tyres (e.g. motorcar, bicycle)
Bicycle pump in Korea.jpg
amenity vehicle_inspection node area Government vehicle inspection
Vehicle inspection-14.svg
TÜV SÜD-Hauptuntersuchung.jpeg
amenity charging_station node Charging facility for electric vehicles
Charging station.16.svg
amenity driver_training node area A place for driving training on a closed course
Skid pan at Mercedes-Benz World - Flickr - Supermac1961.jpg
amenity ferry_terminal node area praamiterminal
Ferry Reet.jpg
amenity fuel node area tankla(Tanklasse viivad teed tähistakse tavaliselt highway=service)
Preem Karlskrona.jpg
amenity grit_bin node liiva- või peenkruusakast
Grit Bin.jpg
amenity motorcycle_parking node area Parking for motorcycles
Motorradparkplatz Gifhorn Mühlenmuseum.jpg
amenity parking node area parkimisplats
P3030027ParkingLot wb.jpg
amenity parking_entrance node An entrance or exit to an underground or multi-storey parking facility. Group multiple parking entrances together with a relation using the tags type=site and site=parking. Do not mix with amenity=parking. Underground
Parking entrance-14.svg
Parking entrance multi-storey 14.svg
Christian Wirth - Tiefgarage Hauptplatz.jpg
amenity parking_space node area A single parking space. Group multiple parking spaces together with a relation using the tags type=site and site=parking. Do not mix with amenity=parking.
Rendering-parking space.png
Israel Batch 2 (149).JPG
amenity taxi node area taksopeatus
Hong Kong Taxi - 1-12-2006 - Shatin Taxi Stand.jpg
amenity weighbridge node area A large weight scale to weigh vehicles and goods
Lorry on weighbridge, Douglas, Isle of Man - - 352285.jpg


amenity atm node Pangaautomaat
ATM 750x1300.jpg
amenity payment_terminal node Self-service payment kiosk/terminal
Payment terminal photo.jpg
amenity bank node area Pank. Panga puhul, kus asub ka sularahaautomaat kasuta silte järgmiselt amenity=bank ja atm=yes)
amenity bureau_de_change node valuutavahetus
Bureau de change-14.svg
Bureau de change electronic sign.jpg


amenity baby_hatch node area Lapse mähkimise võimalus
Babybox - venkovní strana.jpg
amenity clinic node area A medium-sized medical facility or health centre.
Bristol , Central Health Clinic - - 1360619.jpg
amenity dentist node area hambaravi
Military dentists in Guatemala.jpg
amenity doctors node area arstipunkt
Doctors stethoscope 2.jpg
amenity hospital node area haigla
Guantanamo captive's hospital beds -c.jpg
amenity nursing_home node area Discouraged tag for a home for disabled or elderly persons who need permanent care. Use amenity=social_facility + social_facility=nursing_home now.
Social amenity darken 80-16.svg
Hora Svate Kateriny - nursing home.jpg
amenity pharmacy node area apteek.Märkida kas retseptiravimeid väljastab. Eestis enamus (peaaegu kõik?) apteegid väljastavad.
Boots The Chemist At Gunwharf Quays.jpg
amenity social_facility node area A facility that provides social services: group & nursing homes, workshops for the disabled, homeless shelters, etc.
Social facility-14.svg
Salvation Army Citadel, Hill Street , Newport - - 1585015.jpg
amenity veterinary node area loomaarst
Veterinary Surgeon.jpg

Entertainment, Arts & Culture

amenity arts_centre node area Kunstikeskus
Arts centre.svg
Alhamra Art Centre.JPG
amenity brothel node area lõbumaja, bordell
Walletjes 001.jpg
amenity casino node area A gambling venue with at least one table game(e.g. roulette, blackjack) that takes bets on sporting and other events at agreed upon odds.
Sahara Hotel and Casino.jpg
amenity cinema node area kino
Palace cinéma beaumont.JPG
amenity community_centre node area A place mostly used for local events, festivities and group activities; including special interest and special age groups. .
Community centre-14.svg
Greasby Community Centre.JPG
amenity conference_centre node area A large building that is used to hold a convention
Irving Convention Center Exterior.JPG
amenity events_venue node area A building specifically used for organising events
Ludwigsfelde asv2021-03 img08 Klubhaus.jpg
amenity exhibition_centre node area An exhibition centre
Shanghai new international expo centre.jpg
amenity fountain node area purskkaev
Fountain at Milan citadel.JPG
amenity gambling node area A place for gambling, not being a shop=bookmaker, shop=lottery, amenity=casino, or leisure=adult_gaming_centre.

Games that are covered by this definition include bingo and pachinko.

Bingo cards.jpg
amenity love_hotel node area A love hotel is a type of short-stay hotel operated primarily for the purpose of allowing guests privacy for sexual activities.
Hotel portodiMare Himeji.jpg
amenity music_venue node area An indoor place to hear contemporary live music.
amenity nightclub node area ööklubi
amenity planetarium node area A planetarium.
Planetarium WPKiW.jpg
amenity public_bookcase node area A street furniture containing books. Take one or leave one.
Public bookcase-14.svg
Hannover, public bookcase.jpg
amenity social_centre node area A place for free and not-for-profit activities.
Governor Hotel, Rotary Club of Portland plaque.JPG
amenity stripclub node A place that offers striptease or lapdancing (for sexual services use amenity=brothel).
Seattle - Deja Vu 01.jpg
amenity studio node area tele- või raadiostuudio
amenity swingerclub node area A club where people meet to have a party and group sex.
Swingerclub Cäsars Palace. Spröckhövel.JPG
amenity theatre node area teater
Sydney opera.jpg

Public Service

amenity courthouse node area kohtumaja
amenity fire_station node area päästedepoo, tuletõrje
Fire station.jpg
amenity police node area politsei
Ploizeiautos Davidwache.jpg
amenity post_box node postkast
Post box-12.svg
Post Box.JPG
amenity post_depot node area Post depot or delivery office, where letters and parcels are collected and sorted prior to delivery.
Post office delivery office, Mablethorpe - - 1186977.jpg
amenity post_office node area postkontor
Post office-14.svg
100px-Pošta Praha 025.jpg
amenity prison node area vangla
Osaka keimusho.jpg
amenity ranger_station node area National Park visitor headquarters: official park visitor facility with police, visitor information, permit services, etc
Talkeetna Ranger Station.jpg
amenity townhall node area raekoja hoone, silmapaistev, vahel ajalooline linnavalitsuse asukoht


amenity bbq node BBQ or Barbecue is a permanently built grill for cooking food, which is most typically used outdoors by the public. For example these may be found in city parks or at beaches. Use the tag fuel=* to specify the source of heating, such as fuel=wood;electric;charcoal. For mapping nearby table and chairs, see also the tag tourism=picnic_site. For mapping campfires and firepits, instead use the tag leisure=firepit.
amenity bench node Pink
amenity dog_toilet node area Area designated for dogs to urinate and excrete.
amenity dressing_room node area Area designated for changing clothes.
Korpilahti beach - changing room.jpg
amenity drinking_water node
Basler Trinkwasser 1341.jpg
amenity give_box node area A small facility where people drop off and pick up various types of items in the sense of free sharing and reuse.
GiveBox an der Schwarztorstrasse 96 im Januar 2020.jpg
amenity mailroom node area A mailroom for receiving packages or letters.
Mailroom of the New York Times newspaper.8d22741v.jpg
amenity parcel_locker node area Machine for picking up and sending parcels
Polish Packstation.jpg
amenity shelter node area varjualune, näiteks jalgratturitele või matkajatele.
Réunion Maïdo kiosque pique-nique.JPG
amenity shower node area Public shower.
Znak D-26d.svg
amenity telephone node taksofon
amenity toilets node area avalik tualett
amenity water_point node Place where you can get large amounts of drinking water
Aire de Valuejols.JPG
amenity watering_place node Place where water is contained and animals can drink
Drinking Water For Humans and Animals.jpg

Waste Management

amenity sanitary_dump_station node area A place for depositing human waste from a toilet holding tank.
Aire de Valuejols.JPG
amenity recycling node area taaskasutuspunkt
amenity waste_basket node A single small container for depositing garbage that is easily accessible for pedestrians.
amenity waste_disposal node prügi ladustamise koht
Waste disposal-14.svg
Waste container.jpg
amenity waste_transfer_station node area A waste transfer station is a location that accepts, consolidates and transfers waste in bulk.


amenity animal_boarding node area A facility where you, paying a fee, can bring your animal for a limited period of time (e.g. for holidays)
Holmbyre Cattery - - 167661.jpg
amenity animal_breeding node area relation A facility where animals are bred, usually to sell them
Brickfields Horse Centre - - 135890.jpg
amenity animal_shelter node area A shelter that recovers animals in trouble
Kennel 2.jpg
amenity animal_training node area A facility used for non-competitive animal training
MTAPD Canine Training Facility (26942355044).jpg
amenity baking_oven node An oven used for baking bread and similar, for example inside a building=bakehouse.
Backofen Emstal.JPG
amenity clock node A public visible clock
Houses Of Parliment Clock Tower (Big Ben).jpg
amenity crematorium node area krematoorium
Bushbury Crematorium - - 259876.jpg
amenity dive_centre node area A dive center is the base location where sports divers usually start scuba diving or make dive guided trips at new locations.
Diving Center in Marsalforn.JPG
amenity funeral_hall node area A place for holding a funeral ceremony, other than a place of worship.
Okriftel Trauerhalle 08 001.jpg
amenity grave_yard node area surnuaed(väiksemat sorti, tavaliselt on seal ka kirik). Suuremate puhul tuleks kasutada landuse=cemetery.
Odenbuell Nordstrand St Vinzenz IMGP2940 wp crop.jpg

amenity hunting_stand node area jahitorn
A rised hide closed quadrat.jpg
amenity internet_cafe node area A place whose principal role is providing internet services to the public.
Internet cafe-14.svg
Cafe internet uninorte.JPG
amenity kitchen node area A public kitchen in a facility to use by everyone or customers
Montague Burton Residences Kitchen.jpg
amenity kneipp_water_cure node area Outdoor foot bath facility. Usually this is a pool with cold water and handrail. Popular in German speaking countries.
Wassertreten 1.jpg
amenity lounger node An object for people to lie down.
Coulée Verte du 14ème @ Paris (28484238796).jpg
amenity marketplace node area A marketplace where goods and services are traded daily or weekly.
Marche berlin002.jpg
amenity monastery node area Monastery is the location of a monastery or a building in which monks and nuns live.
Kloster Eibingen01.JPG
amenity photo_booth node A stand to create instant photos.
amenity place_of_mourning node area A room or building where families and friends can come, before the funeral, and view the body of the person who has died.
Funérarium de Wasquehal.jpg
amenity place_of_worship node area kirikud, kabelid, muud pühakojad. Määrata ka religioon (Eestis enamasti ristiusk, täpsemalt luteri või ortodoksi.) Christian-16.svg Muslim-16.svg Jewish-16.svg Taoist-16.svg Buddhist-16.svg Hinduist-16.svg Shintoist-16.svg Sikhist-16.svg Place-of-worship-16.svg
Place of worship.png
amenity public_bath node area A location where the public may bathe in common, etc. japanese onsen, turkish bath, hot spring
Public bath.svg
Blue Lagoon 2012-08-23 (4).JPG
amenity public_building node area muud ühiskondlikud hooned, näiteks rahvamajad
amenity refugee_site node area A human settlement sheltering refugees or internally displaced persons
An Aerial View of the Za'atri Refugee Camp.jpg
amenity vending_machine node müügiautomaat
Vending machines at Haeundae.jpg
amenity node area

This table is a wiki template with a default description in English. Editable here.


võti väärtus kirjeldus renderdus foto

Food, beverages

shop alcohol Riikliku monopoliga alkoholipood. Vaata ka shop=beverages
Liquor store in Breckenridge Colorado.jpg
shop bakery pagariäri
Bread in Boudin.jpg
shop beverages Alkoholipood, kus müüakse ka karastusjooke. Kui on tegemist riikliku monopoliga, siis shop=alcohol
Coca Cola Kisten.jpg
shop brewing_supplies Shop focused on selling supplies for home brewing of beer, wine and spirits (where permitted).
Home-brewing set with 5-gallon containers.jpg
shop butcher lihunik, lihapood
Butcher's shop Hong kong.jpg
shop cheese Shop focused on selling cheese.
Cheese shop P1010071.JPG
shop chocolate Shop focused on selling chocolate.
Chocolate shop.jpg
shop coffee Shop focused on selling coffee.
Ahrre's Coffee Roastery in Summit NJ interior view.jpg
shop confectionery kommipood
Sweet Shop, Chester.JPG
shop convenience Väiksem pood, tavaliselt külapood, mis müüb lisaks väikesele valikule toidukaupadele ka esmatarbekaupu.
Food and wine shop.jpg
shop deli Shop focused on selling delicatessen (fine foods, gourmet foods), possibly also fine wine. Not to be confused with the US delis.
Rome Italian deli.jpg
shop dairy Shop focused on selling dairy products.
Milk Aisle.jpg
shop farm Talutoodangut müüv kauplus.
Chatsworth farm shop - - 24050.jpg
shop frozen_food Shop focused on selling frozen food.
shop greengrocer juur-ja puuviljad
Greenrocer's Interior.jpg
shop health_food A health food shop; selling wholefoods, vitamins, nutrition supplements and meat and dairy alternatives.
Holland & Barrett, King Street, Hammersmith.jpg
shop ice_cream jäätisepood
Ice Cream Parlour - - 1773794.jpg
shop pasta Shop focused on selling (fresh) pasta, ravioli, etc.
Ravioli 2.jpg
shop pastry Shop focused on selling baked sweets like cakes, biscuits, strudel and pies.
Pasticceria displaying cannoli siciliani.jpg
shop seafood Shop focused on selling fish/seafood.
Seafood chijin.jpg
shop spices Shop focused on selling spices.
Old city, best spice shop (498280882).jpg
shop tea Shop focused on selling tea.
Tea shop by matsuyuki in Nishiki Ichiba, Kyoto.jpg
shop wine Shop selling wine.
Wine Shop.JPG
shop water Shop focused on selling drinking water.
Water bottles in Dia.jpg
shop food Shop focused on selling food, more specific value should be used if possible.

shop=food + food=prepared_meals was also proposed/used for type of shop selling prepared meals, not ready for eating immediately (and requiring for example heating/boiling or other simple preparation).

Shop with prepared meals.jpg

General store, department store, mall

shop department_store kaubamaja, kaubanduskeskus
Department store-16.svg
Takeshimaya Times Square in the evening.jpg
shop general Kauplus, mis müüb erinevat sorti kaupu. (Kasuta shop=convenience juhul, kui müüakse ka toidukaupu.)
Feinkost Weber Hernals 1994.jpg
shop kiosk kiosk
Kiosk germany.jpg
shop mall kaubanduskeskus
Dalian large Shopping Mall 2005.jpg
shop supermarket supermarket
Supermarket check out.JPG
shop wholesale Wholesale/warehouse club or cash and carry - a store that sells items in bulk to retailers. The branch of industry can be defined with wholesale=*.
Birmingham Wholesale Markets.jpg

Clothing, shoes, accessories

shop baby_goods Shop focused on selling objects for babies (clothes, prams, cots, toys).
shop bag Shop focused on selling bags.
Shop bag berlin.jpg
shop boutique butiik
Inside Sttilo.jpg
shop clothes riidepood
shop fabric Shop focused on selling fabric and other materials for the purpose of making clothes and other products, eg dress making.
Shop fabric.JPG
shop fashion Shop focused on selling fashion. This is deprecated, please use shop=clothes.
Shop fashion berlin.jpg
shop fashion_accessories Shop focused on selling fashion accessories.
shop jewelry juveeliäri
shop leather Shop focused on selling products made out of leather.
Lewis Leathers shop.jpg
shop sewing A shop that sells sewing supplies (fabric, thread, yarn, knitting needles, sewing machines, etc.)
W. Wächtershäuser - II.jpg
shop shoes kingapood
shop shoe_repair Shop focused on repairing shoes.
Swanson Shoe Repair.jpg
shop tailor A place where clothing is made, repaired, or altered professionally, especially suits and men's clothing
shop watches Shop focused on selling watches.
Paris Forum des Halles 2012 09.jpg
shop wool Shop selling wool for making of clothes or other products.
So called baby merino in a store.jpg

Discount store, charity

shop charity heategevus
Cancer Research, Armagh, November 2009.JPG
shop second_hand kasutatud kaubad
Second hand-14.svg
HK Sheung Wan 2nd hand market Tung Street 上環東街.JPG
shop variety_store lai valik odavaid kaupu
Variety store-14.svg

Health and beauty

shop beauty Ilusalong (selline, mis ei ole ainult juuksur), spaa, küünetehnik jne. Vaata ka shop=hairdresser
Hair and Beauty, Strabane, January 2010.JPG
shop chemist apteek
Kelly Chemist, Omagh - - 103193.jpg
shop cosmetics Shop focused on selling cosmetics
Cosmetics at Central Ladprao.JPG
shop erotic Shop focused on selling erotic toys, -clothes or other erotic stuff.
Sex shops (Paris)-01.jpg
shop hairdresser juuksur
Belfast (187), October 2009.JPG
shop hairdresser_supply A shop, where you can buy hairdressing supplies.
Zeeb GmbH Friseurbedarf Mannheim S1.jpg
shop hearing_aids kuulmisaparaatide pood
Shop audiologist.jpg
shop herbalist Shop focused on selling herbs, often for medical purposes. (See also: healthcare:speciality=herbalism and healthcare=alternative).
Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences, The Herbalist Shop.jpg
shop massage massaažisalong
shop medical_supply Shop focused on selling medical supplies.
Medical supply.svg
Jt medical supply.jpg
shop nutrition_supplements Shops that sells one or more nutritional supplements (of vitamins, minerals and/or herbs)
shop optician prillipood
US Navy 021029-N-3228G-001 Adjusting a customer's eyeglasses.jpg
shop perfumery Shop focused on selling perfumery
301 perfumery and drugstore in Cala Millor.jpg
shop tattoo tätoveerimine

Do-it-yourself, household, building materials, gardening

shop agrarian Shop focused on selling agrarian products, like seeds, agricultural machinery, animal feed, etc.
Shop Buena in Szamotuły.jpg
shop appliance Shop focused on selling large electrical items (aka white goods) washing machines, fridges, cookers, ovens, fans, etc.
Small appliance shop in North London.jpg
shop bathroom_furnishing Shop focused on selling bathroom furniture and accessories
Villa Tugendhat - Badezimmer.JPG
shop doityourself Sisuliselt ehitus- või tööriistapood. Väga sarnane sildiga shop=hardware.
Inside BandQ - - 649798.jpg
shop electrical Shop focused on selling electrical supplies and devices
Old electrical shop, Paris March 2015.jpg
shop energy Shop focused on selling energy
Carrefour Market de Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse le 1er avril 2013 - 08.jpg
shop fireplace Shop focused on selling electric fireplaces, stoves or masonry heaters and required fuels
Kaminofen in Betrieb IMG 6067.jpg
shop florist Väiksem müügikoht, mis müüb eelkõige lõikelilli ja lillekimpe. (Suurem pood, mis keskendub eelkõige potililledele, on shop=garden_centre)
Butler's Wharf Flower Shop.jpg
shop garden_centre Aianduskeskus, kus müüakse potililli jt elus taimi (vaata ka shop=florist lõikelilli ja kimpe müüva poe jaoks).
Garden centre-14.svg
shop garden_furniture Shop focused on selling garden furniture (sheds, outdoor tables, gates, fences, ...). See shop=garden_centre if also plants are sold.
shop gas Shop focused on selling technical gas, such as argon, oxygen, acetylene, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc. in pressurized containers
2008-07-24 Bundle of compressed gas bottles.jpg
shop glaziery aknaklaasija
Double glazed Units.JPG
shop groundskeeping Shop focused on selling outdoor groundskeeping equipment (lawnmowers, chainsaws, small tractors, ...
Groundskeeping Store.jpg
shop hardware ehituskaubad
Tweedy and Popp 03.jpg
shop houseware Shop focused on selling crockery, cutlery, kitchenware, small household appliances.
shop locksmith Shop focused on selling keys, see also craft=locksmith and craft=key_cutter
shop paint Shop focused on selling paints.
Artists paints.jpg
shop pottery Shop focused on selling earthenware, stoneware and porcelain and other ceramic ware.
Ceramics shop in Bát Tràng, Hanoi (1 March 2018) 74.jpg
shop security Shop focused on selling security items like burglar alarms, vaults, locking systems, video surveillance cameras, firefighting equipment, alarm systems, warning systems, etc.
shop trade Shop focused on selling one or more building supplies such as timber/wood, cement etc. See also shop=doityourself
Timber yard of Travis Perkins builders merchants - - 1025761.jpg

Furniture and interior

shop antiques Shop focused on selling antiques.
Antique shop - stock photo.jpg
shop bed Shop focused on selling beds, mattresses and other bedding products.
Bed Shop, Omagh - - 129722.jpg
shop candles Shop focused on selling candles and candle accessories (holders, etc)
Candle shop, Liberty of London (8370788712).jpg
shop carpet Shop focused on selling carpets
A carpet seller in Jaipur.jpg
shop curtain Shop focused on selling curtains or drapes (see also shop=fabric)
Commerciante di tessuti.jpg
shop doors Shop focused on selling doors
shop flooring Shop focused on selling floorings
Fake wood flooring.jpg
shop furniture mööblipood
Small furniture shop.jpg
shop household_linen Shop focused on selling household linen.
Shop with table-cloths and bedding textiles at ulica Starowiejska, Gdynia 2.jpg
shop interior_decoration Shop focused on selling interior decorations.
Interior decoration-14.svg
LA Showroom1 dakota jackson.jpg
shop kitchen A shop where you can plan and buy your kitchen. (Sometimes called "kitchen studio" and the like, but plain kitchen is the most frequently used tag so far.)
Kitchen shop in "The Boulevard" - - 1368775.jpg
shop lighting A shop selling lighting fixtures and lamps.
Lamp Shop in Bigastro.jpg
shop tiles Shop focused on selling tiles.
2.2 Jura Gelb geschliffen.JPG
shop window_blind Shop focused on selling window blinds.
Some window blinds.JPG


shop computer arvutipood
Computer shop, Crossens.JPG
shop electronics Elektroonikapood
Currys Digital.jpg
shop hifi elektroonikapood, mis müüb eelkõige muusikakeskusi, kodukinosid jms.
JB Hi-Fi Wagga Wagga.jpg
shop mobile_phone Shop focused on selling mobile phones and accessories
3G Mobile Phones fot China Mobile.jpg
shop radiotechnics Shop focused on selling electronic components, electrical products, radio measuring devices, supplies for radio and electronics.
Tokyo Akihabara electronic parts shop.jpg
shop telecommunication Shop selling internet, television or similar services, and related hardware.
T-Mobile US Retail Store in Waterbury, CT.jpg
shop vacuum_cleaner Shop focused on selling vacuum cleaners and associated products.
Panasonic MCE8013 vacuum cleaner close.jpg
shop printer_ink A shop that sells or refills printer ink cartridges.
Epson ink cartridges.JPG

Outdoors and sport, vehicles

shop atv Shop focused on selling  atvs (quads), atv equipment and may rent or repair them
Honda FourTrax Rancher.jpg
shop bicycle Rattapood. Jalgrataste ja rattavarustuse müük/rent/parandamine
shop boat Shop focused on selling boats, boat equipment and may rent or repair them
2018-10-14 Yacht Grot shopfront.jpg
shop car Autopood. Autode müük ja parandus.
shop car_repair autoparandus
Car repair-14.svg
Colourful Shops Places In Onehunga II.jpg
shop motorcycle_repair autoparandus
Motorcycle repair shop in Thailand.jpg
shop car_parts Shop focused on selling auto parts, auto accessories, motor oil, car chemicals, etc.
Car parts-14.svg
Auto Parts Store.jpg
shop caravan A shop for caravans, motorhomes & similar recreational vehicles.
shop fuel Shop selling fuels (motor fuel, wood, coal, gas) that can't be considered a amenity=fuel (fuel station). Use fuel:*=yes/no to indicate which fuels are available.
Barreled fuel shop.jpg
shop fishing Shop focused on selling fishing equipment.
M.A. Wickham, East Grinstead (15538910361).jpg
shop surf Shop selling surfboards, sailboards, wakeboards, and other types of surf style boards. and/or related accessories, clothes, parts, repair and rental services.
The Surfboards (8422914814)
shop golf Shop focused on selling golf equipment.
Pro shop - East Potomac Golf Course - East Potomac Park - 2013-08-25.jpg
shop hunting Shop focused on selling gun and hunting equipment.
Artegon Marketplace 07.jpg
shop [[ Too many Data Items entities accessed. | jetski ]] Shop focused on selling jetskis, jetski equipment and may rent or repair them
Offshore Aquabike.jpg
shop military_surplus Shop selling used military equipment
Military surplus2.jpg
shop motorcycle mootorrattad
Shop motorcycle.svg
shop outdoor matkatarbed (ka kalastusvahendid)
Winfield's Camping Shop - - 267174.jpg
shop scuba_diving Shop focused on selling scuba diving equipment.
Paradise Dive Shop.jpg
shop ski Shop focused on selling skis, ski equipment and may rent or repair them
shop snowmobile Shop focused on selling snowmobiles, snowmobile equipment and may rent or repair them
Snowmobiling in New Brunswick, Canada 2010.jpg
shop sports spordikaubad
HK TST East Mody Road Wing On Plaza Shop Kettler Sport Fitness.JPG
shop swimming_pool A store that sells swimming pool equipment and supplies.
Circuit tuyauterie robot hydraulique.jpg
shop trailer Shop focused on selling trailers and parts and/or repairing / renting them
shop tyres Shop focused on selling tyres.
Istanbul Continental tyre shop.jpg

Art, music, hobbies

shop art Shop which sells works of art. May be paintings, sculpture, or other types of art
Ruiz gallery.jpg
shop camera A shop mainly selling cameras and lenses
Nikkor Lens Showcase @ Berjaya Times Square's Nikon Centre.jpg
shop collector A shop for different collector's items like stamps, coins, action figures, etc.
Shop collector.jpg
shop craft An arts and crafts supply store. Commonly sold items are paper, canvas, paint, pencils, crafting wood, crafting tools, etc. - look at craft=*
Studio Arts Crafts and Graphics interior - panoramio (1).jpg
shop frame Shop focused on selling frames.
Shop frames berlin.jpg
shop games Shop focused on selling board games, card games and/or role-playing games.
Essen 2008 0251.jpg
shop model Shop specialising in the sale of scale models.
shop music Shop focused on selling recorded music (vinyl/CDs/...)
Shop music.svg
Music shop.JPG
shop musical_instrument Shop focused on selling musical instruments, lyrics, scores. If focused on a specific instrument, specify with musical_instrument=*
Musical instrument-14.svg
Portadown (66), September 2009.JPG
shop photo Shop focused on selling products or services related with photography.
Fujifilm photo shop.jpg
shop trophy Store selling trophies, awards, plaques etc.
shop video videolaenutus, tavaliselt ka videote ja DVDde müük
Video shop.jpg
shop video_games Shop focused on selling video games.
Video games-14.svg
GameStop on Powell Street in San Francisco, California.

Stationery, gifts, books, newspapers

shop anime Shop focused on selling anime stuff.
2013TIBE Day4 Hall2 Greenwood 20130202.JPG
shop books raamatupood
Strand basement jeh.jpg
shop gift kingitused ja suveniirid
Gift shop interior.jpg
shop lottery A shop of which the main or only purpose is the sale of lottery tickets.
12 Kościuszki Street in Sanok (2015), Lotto.jpg
shop newsagent ajalehed, ajakirjad, sigaretid jms
HK Sheung Wan Po Yan Street 7-11 Shop Newspaper Stand.JPG
shop stationery kontorikaubad
shop ticket Shop focused on selling tickets for concerts, events, public transport, …
Box office of Shosha station.jpg


shop bookmaker A shop that takes bets on sporting and other events at agreed upon odds.
Ladbrokes - 263 Park Lane (2299743817).jpg
shop cannabis a shop primarily and legally selling non-medical cannabis products
Venta de cannabis, Ketchikan, Alaska, Estados Unidos, 2017-08-16, DD 58.jpg
shop copyshop Shop focused on selling photocopying and printing services.
HK 上環 Sheung Wan 蘇杭街 Jervois Street 24 photo copy print co shop.JPG
shop dry_cleaning keemiline puhastus
Dry clean rack.jpg
shop e-cigarette Shop focused on selling electronic cigarettes.
510N e-cigarette and e-liquids.jpg
shop funeral_directors surnumatja
shop insurance A shop selling insurance services from one or more insurance carriers.
UK Insurance Solutions Ltd - King Cross Road - - 1889256.jpg
shop laundry pesumaja
Polarstern laundry hg.jpg
shop money_lender raha laenamine
Money lender Palmers Green.jpg
shop outpost Shop primarily used to pick-up items ordered online.
Coles Supermarket Click & Collect service, Corinda, Queensland, 2021.jpg
shop party A shop for party and festival supplies, like costumes, etc.
Shop party.jpg
shop pawnbroker pandimaja
Pawnbroker Oulu 20090906.JPG
shop pest_control Shop selling pest control goods to exterminate rats, insects etc.
Atomic Pest Control 2371 Elvis-Presley-Blvd Memphis TN.jpg
shop pet A shop for pets, animals and toys or food for them.
Baby parrots in a pet shop-8a.jpg
shop pet_grooming A shop offering grooming services for pets (most frequently dogs)
Psi fryzjer.jpg
shop pyrotechnics Store of pyrotechnics: fireworks, firecrackers, sparklers etc.
TNT Fireworks Supercenter, Jennings (East face).JPG
shop religion Shop focused on selling religious articles, church shop. See also religion=*
Shop religion.jpg
shop storage_rental self storage
Self storage units.jpg
shop tobacco Shop focused on selling tobacco, cigarettes and their related accessories.
Fachgeschäft für Tabakwaren.JPG
shop toys mänguasjakauplus
HK Toys R Us.JPG
shop travel_agency reisifirma
Travel agency-14.svg
Shop travel agency berlin.jpg
shop weapons Shop focused on selling weapons like knives, guns etc.
Welcome to America - Supermarket with guns.jpg
shop vacant An unused vacant shop. Can be used for an empty or abandoned retail space that seems to be available for lease or purchase where a retail store (or similar businesses) may be opened. No store is being operated in a vacant shop, and neither goods nor services are being offered. This tag can be used after a store was closed or for a newly built shop before any busisness was operated in the shop.
2012-05-02 Carrera de San Jeronimo anagoria.JPG
shop yes - use more specific value if possible A shop of unspecified type - it is always better to use another value that gives info about shop type, if possible. Used also as indicator that feature such as fuel station has shop.

This table is a wiki template with a default description in English. Editable here.